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4 Easy Techniques To Boost Your Positivity

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1. Don't take yourself too seriously.

A good sense of humor has been found in studies to make you friendlier and sexier, says the "Scientific American"! Who doesn't want to feel happy and desirable?! Not really feeling it?? All you have to do is pretend to laugh, force a smile, or fake being amused.  

Yes even faking it can make you sexier, faking a smile or amusement that is. Once you start "pretending" your body sends out signals that actually induce the chemical bath that creates the upward spiral of the happiness emotion. No joke! You can force a smile or even anticipate or imagine something funny and it will have the same positive benefits and chemical effects on your mood. 

2. Take naps.

The benefits of making time for naps in your daily routine can be exponential! Naps not only boost your energy levels, research shows they increase your memory skills, your cognitive skills, and creativity. 20 minutes is all it takes, set your timer on your phone with a non-jarring alarm tone. I find that if I'm really struggling with a problem, taking a nap "on it" can help me have insightful breakthroughs and receive inspiration that I couldn't have received otherwise. 

Naps have become instrumental in my problem resolution process. What happens if you nap for more than 20 minutes? Research shows longer naps help boost memory and enhance creativity. Napping for approximately 30 to 60 minutes -- is good for decision-making skills. Getting rapid eye movement or REM sleep, usually 60 to 90 minutes of napping, plays a key role in making new connections in the brain and solving creative problems. Napping is a great technique to quickly increase your energy during the day, reduce  stress and reset your mindset for positivity.

3. Calm your breathing.

One of my favorite techniques to calm my nerves and become instantly centered has to do with the observation of the breath.   Single nostril breathing is the best way to instantly center, become present, and reduce anxiety drastically.  

Use your thumb and middle finger, hold your thumb to the right side of your nose and breath in and breath out through your left nostril. When you have completed one breath (both in and out) release your thumb from your right nostril and place your middle finger on your left nostril and complete one full in breath and out breath. You can use this technique anywhere anytime anxiety arises. Useful while driving!

4. Up your hug count or spend time cuddling to boost your positivity, reduce self-doubt, and banish procrastination. 

Hug someone (even a stranger) or spend some time petting or snuggling your pet and boost your immune system. Reaching out and hugging releases endorphins dopamine and serotonin into the bloodstream, these chemicals are proven to reduce sadness, balance your nervous system, and boost your immune response. 

Hugging for an extended time or cuddling with your pet instantly elevates serotonin levels that create feelings of happiness. Not to mention procrastination, self-doubt, and lack of enthusiasm are linked with low levels of dopamine and hugs are said to boost these levels. Dopamine is responsible for giving us that feel-good feeling, and it's also responsible for motivation! Go HUG somebody!!!

If you've never seen the "Free Hugs Campaign" Video before, I highly recommend you watch this video to boost your positivity right now. Smile....

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