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8 Things Nobody Tells You About Growing Up

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This was taken at one of my favorite PNW surfer hangouts The Tinderbox, in Westport Washington. Explore Deeply©

There are things you should know, that they don't tell you about growing up, what makes you special, how to discover your life purpose, and what it means to be happy....

1) The only way to find yourself is to completely lose your way.

You might even feel like you're losing your mind when you begin to come alive in your life and discover that what you had been doing, just isn't going to cut it any longer. You might actually end up losing the things you worked so hard for, you might stand to lose a few of the most precious things.... From where you came everything made sense, to where you're going nothing makes sense… this is life. This is the way.

2) When you are lost, the things that worked for your once, will stop working for you.

They say, "You can always go back". That's bullshit.  Ever heard the expression, jump and the net will appear? The real story goes a bit more like this: As you jump from the cliff, take the leap of faith, risk everything, and go for it, you trip, fall, stumble, scuff up your elbows, cut up your hands, grasp, clutch, and scream on the way down, wondering if you're going to survive the fear of the fall. Then after breaking through every safety net, falling into deepest darkness of the abyss, you enter into the complete unknown.  This is scarier than the darkness.

3) You will have to find a new way. Your way.

You will try other ways, they won't work for you. You will find your way, the way that is meant for you. Uniquely designed for you. Only you can find this way.

4) People with seemingly good advice and sound ten (or 8) step strategies- are not to be trusted.

Chances are, they never had the guts to do the great thing in their life that you're attempting to do, and they're scared of what it means if you accomplish what you’ve set out to do, because that means they might still have to do the thing that they were meant to do and that is too scary.  Or they know that ten step strategies are total bullshit and you have to find your own way just like they had to find theirs, and now they're just selling you their half truth because that's marketing strategy, NOT to be confused with strategy to live your OWN PURPOSE.

5) Do not expect perfection.

Do not aim for perfection. The expectation of perfection, of total security, of knowing all things before they happen, and how your life will unfold, if achieved, would create a state of stagnancy beyond which there is would be NO future growth, and no such state exists.

6) True wealth, is an absolute knowing that everything you need is within you. 

How we become really wealthy, is different for each and everyone one of us, and how we define our own personal wealth is incredibly important to spend time defining, so that we may make sure we are in alignment with our own personal truth while making money so that we have the capacity to sustain it while enjoying ourselves. This is freedom.

7) The ability to reframe failure and not take yourself so seriously, at times, will be exactly what propels you toward living a more extraordinary life.

It will be what will set you apart from the rest who are too afraid to try and fail, and therefore will never truly know or understand who they are and what makes them happy.

8) Arriving at your destination is not the point.

You will come to learn that fulfillment, life purpose, and happiness is in WHO YOU BECOME as a result of following your heart and the process of making welcome in your life your unique destiny and fulfilling that which you and only you were meant to fulfill in the first place.


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