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Literally jumping for joy in Peru! Join me there this fall.  Sacred journey to Cusco & Machu Picchu Oct 9th-14th.

Literally jumping for joy in Peru! Join me there this fall.  Sacred journey to Cusco & Machu Picchu Oct 9th-14th.

She’s turning her life into something sacred: Each breath, a new birth. Each moment, a new chance. She bows her head, gathers her dreams from a pure, deep stream and stretches her arms towards the sky.
— Monique Duval

Jumping for joy in Peru!

Photographs of my Shamanic Initiation in Peru "The Mountains are speaking to You." And for the first time in my life I understood what the Shaman said was true. The Incas call the spirit of the mountains Apu, and consider Apu to be the most powerful of all nature spirits; the mountains remain extremely sacred in the Andean regions of modern Peru.

Happiness, joy, IN-joying life, these aren't topics I take lightly, nor am I flippant about the real life dark places that we find ourselves in, even after doing all the right things, following all the rules, and "working on ourselves"...

Most of you know that I battled with fairly serious depression for over 30 years, and as a young person suicide had been a daily consideration, and as I aged things became tolerable, but not necessarily better. Then again, in my mid thirties I began to seriously question if I had a reason to keep living. 

I wondered why anyone would bother to keep going when it seemed life never really got any better, and most of my experiences had only deepened my sadness and loneliness, so what the fuck was the point?

This weekend I'm preparing to leave for Cuzco Peru to join my friend and colleague and begin our live program The Collective Feminine Wisdom: A New way of Knowing where we will be sharing our knowledge of the Ancient wisdoms of indigenous cultures and how this wisdom saved our lives, helped us to discover our life purpose and reason for living, and heal from depression.

I'm going to be spending the next 7 weeks in Peru, and I'm taking my lap top to exotic places and working, and in-joying the experience of being.

I'm sharing all of this with you with the intention that it will bring you HOPE.

HOPE, that you too, can find your way, WILL FIND YOUR WAY to happiness and joy. Come to terms with the "failures" of your life, and begin to see that some of the heartbreak was in service to your heart opening.

My entire BEing is now dedicated to the revolution of the human spirit. 

My "work" is an extension of who I am, everything I do is an expression of living life the best I know how, and then opening to receive more joy.

Depression is not a joke, it's not something that leaves over night after you read a good book.

I started with simple things, the only things I knew to do that would keep me from my self destructive behaviors, I started spending any free time I had in nature.  I started sheltering myself from people who meant well, but ultimately didn't know what was best for my well-being...I devoured books about real people who had recovered from great challenges and were now leading extraordinary lives.

I started taking risks, I started listening to my heart as it started speaking up.

As the beauty and real abundance of nature started to seep into my bones and cleanse me of my toxic thoughts, Life began to dialogue with me... in ways I'd never heard spoken before, and messages I'd never seen... and I LISTENED.

When you find yourself thinking there must be more to life than this and longing to experience something greater in life, then most likely you are ready to begin exploring deeply your own purpose for existence. When you begin to explore deeply, you learn to uncover your true power & gifts, and are able to find meaning in your past failures.  This is when come to believe in yourself again. Then you become powerful beyond belief.

As you turn inward and fall in love with the truth of who you really are, you become whole despite the brokenness.
— Chloë Rain

Jessica Cornejo Gallegos & I have created The New Way of Knowing Program as a total love offering, and we are sharing our own experience with this wisdom and how your relationship to the Earth, nature spirits, and spirits of our Ancestors is a practical and real way to heal as a modern Westernized person.

If you are finding yourself in a place where you are curious about a new way of doing things in your life, I invite you to join me here: Collective Feminine Wisdom: A New Way of Knowing

Join us virtually for the live program from the comfort of your own home and receive all of the wisdom we will be transmitting from the sacred places we will be visiting.

And if you are feeling called to Peru to experience something unlike anything you've ever experienced before, please join us in Cusco and experience the magic of the places first hand, October 9th! Learn more about the program and the journey here.

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