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Art for Art's Sake : Radio Show Interview about Creativity & Finding Yourself

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"Art for Art's Sake" a talk about creativity, the meaning of life, falling in love, finding yourself, and how creative expression may save your life.

We are all here to live out our deepest desires and utilize our born talents, our natural gifts are not just for us but for us to touch others and bring inspiration to the world.

In this radio interview I talk about intuition, our reluctance to express ourselves creatively, why I believe it's important to speak openly about my battle with depression so that others may know that healing and happiness are possible.

I have spoken my struggles and shame, in hopes to encourage and inspire, those of us who have quietly suffered with depression our entire lives, secretly contemplated suicide as the only way out... have taken prescription antidepressant drugs or otherwise tried to medicate our unhappiness with alcohol, substance abuse, or physical self sabotage.... only to find ourselves emotionless at the bottom of a rut in life still desperately seeking happiness.

There is life on the other side of self loathing, expressing yourself in any way you know how can be the key to saving the only life you can save, your own.

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