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Creative Vacation & Retreat : Memorial Day Weekend 2016

Learning to Love Yourself, Travel, Workshop, RetreatsChloë RainComment

We don't get our best ideas in work. We get them in play, in nature, in rest, and going within!

Creativity is the capacity to think and act beyond the boundaries of our current selves. To express ourselves creatively is to unlimit our joy and allow ourselves to open to flow.

Join Renee Leverty, Artist & Gallery Owner, and Chloë Rain, Life Artistry & Business Mentor, in Seattle for a Creative Vacation Memorial Day weekend May 27-30th.

Only 6 spaces available! First two reservations will receive a luxury room upgrade for free! Reserve your space before March 31st and 3 pay plan is available.

Go → here to reserve your space and find out all of the details. 


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