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Chloë Rain

Happy Thanksgiving Day!


Though today is a uniquely American Holiday, the tradition of Thanksgiving is one dear to my heart, and I share my love and warmth with you today. The past few days have been packed with fruits of a healthy harvest and enjoyed in the warmth of our family kitchen sweet from baking.  

I baked four pies, two apple and two pumpkin, and then Dylan & Mom made pumpkin soup with roasted chestnuts, from this year's harvest off the land. Today both of our families will come together to share a magical meal. I have lots to be Thankful for this year. 

Thanksgiving is a time of remembrance, a celebration of abundance, both of sustenance and of love, a time for friends and family gathering, and a time to pause to take note of all that we are grateful for.

My winter writer's porch, with my Valentine.

My winter writer's porch, with my Valentine.

First snow of the season, November 26, 2014. The view in first morning's light....

First snow of the season, November 26, 2014. The view in first morning's light....

First snow of the season, Novermber 26, 2014.

May warmth and love and spirit be carried to your heart on waves and wafts of sweet sentiment and joy. May your home be filled with the scents affection and the sounds of rejoicing.

In love and gratitude,

Happy Thanksgiving Day Chloe Rain
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