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Chloë Rain

We all have our stories, right. …..

Learning to fall in love with your life and ALL of yourself, isn't some convenient inspirational message, it can be some serious do or die work.  

Sometimes you find yourself wishing for death, and questioning everything you stand for. It's heart breaking and emotional. 

CREATIVE DREAMS, is what its about for me.

Art for ARTS sake.

Music, poetry, painting, vulnerable desires connected to your deepest fears, to put a beautifully mastered piece of art out there in the world.

What I'm learning about DREAMS and creativity and being a 'successful' creative....  YOU DO NOT GIVE UP, EVER.

Dreams and desires even if you repress them, suppress them, give up on them, bury them, hide them, scream at them and tell them to get the fuck out of your life. Don't die.

Your purpose doesn't die, even left unfilled, it doesn't disappear.

But one day you will, and it will suck when the lights go out if you're still wondering what if I'd just tried a little harder, what if I had just done ONE more thing?

As I came out of the closet with the truth of who I really wanted to be, I was confronted with heart crushing blows from people I did not expect. 

It crushed me, but it didn't destroy me. As I kept going, the greater experience has been the outpouring of love from perfect strangers who have come across my work and and are re-inspired with hope to keep going for their dreams, or maybe just to begin.

Those who have found the courage to stand up against their depression and stare down their fear & anxiety.

My hope is that I am contributing to the greater movement at hand: the liberation of our minds and souls through creation, sharing our gifts with the world through exchange and business, healing and receiving healing, and following our hearts to wholeness.

Do you find yourself wondering- There's gotta be more to life than this?  Now is the time to reconnect to the longings of our souls.

I had been treading water for longer than I could count, there was the part of me that could keep going, the automatic kicking and kicking, arms swirling in figure eight motion, but there was a greater desire to let go, stop treading, movements silenced. A dropping down, sinking. A final prayer, I give up, I succumb to the drowning of all my desires. And in this final moment of letting go, of drowning, of hopelessness. I was saved.
— Chloë Rain

My friend Naomi Wachira just busted her Kickstarter goal by over $1000 with 3 days left, and she will be releasing her first full length album in December!!! All because of sharing and community. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

Chloë Rain is the Founder of Explore Deeply and the Explore Deeply Movement.

She has had the pleasure of mentoring women and men all over the globe to learn to source their inner power, deepen their relationship to their own guidance, and experience greater love and fulfillment, so they can enjoy the happiness they have always wanted, and have confidence and joy in their lives.

Many of her clients find that their relationships and careers shift dramatically in new and exciting ways after doing this work, creating freedom and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives. To find out more about working with Chloë go → here.

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