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Today Give yourself more credit- for all the things you've already done

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Today give yourself more credit for all the things you have done, for continuing to show up, for continuing to aspire to dream and to achieve.

In giving credit to yourself for what you’ve achieved and what you’ve worked through in order to get here, you change your relationship to "getting things done" and your perception of your ability to accomplish that which you set your mind to.

I'm going to suggest you set your HEART to it, instead....

It has been said by many of the Great Masters, that the things we do that light us up in side, the things we spend time doing where time and space appear to bend, and all other things begin to melt away are our greatest indications of "Who we are and what we're 'here to do'" in this lifetime.
You must listen to that soft voice within your heart that is gently guiding you to your happiness and along the way you are "accidentally" fulfilling your destiny.  These things we love or feel strangely drawn to are the bread crumbs that our Soul has left for us to to help decipher the treasure map of our lives and lead us to our buried treasure.   
Sometimes the hardest, yet simplest thing we can do to have that thing it is we so deeply desire IS TO GET CLEAR on how you want to FEEL when you've manifested that thing that it is you say you want and desire.  
Do you want to lose 30 pounds, or do you want to feel good in your body? It feels much more difficult to imagine how I'm going to lose 30 pounds, but I can easily imagine how good I want to feel in my body, and this is the ticket! GET REALLY CLEAR ON THE FEELING... try the feeling on to see if it fits you. Walk around in the feeling like a pair of shoes, see if you're comfortable in them.

All of a sudden you might realize that the thing you really want to feel is freedom, not necessarily that you want to manifest a million dollars.

All of a sudden you might realize that you want to feel passionate, not necessarily like you have to strive for everything in order to get it.

All of a sudden you might realize that you'd like to feel desired and supported in your relationship, not necessarily equal.

Whoa. Doesn't that feel different?  This kind of exercise incites a different kind of quality then what you thought you wanted before you got clear.

The qualities of passion, freedom, desire, and support are very different from striving, responsibility, and equality...  so what is it? What do you want to feel?

When you key into the FEELING and it fits you like a glove and you're clear on the feeling, and you magnetize the feeling by putting energy and intention into it..... THEN you're cooking with gas! When something catches your attention and you get that same sensation that you became clear on you, can trust that thing is leading you to your manifestation. Even if it doesn't seem logical, as long as you've become clear on how its going to feel, there's no need to attach to the HOW its going to come about.

Going back to the basics of manifesting and the feminine principles of life has brought me so much hope, freedom, and joy... I wanted to share with you, that even though you might have "tried that already", trust me when I say, if you get really honest with how you want to feel, and wear it like skin, life will begin to show up for you in ways that you couldn't have imagined.

explore deeply give yourself more credit chloe rain

Set your heart to it, instead.

It may just be the only way.

Get clear on what you're really meant to be doing in the world. 

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