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Here's the catch....don't do something in order to get something....

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Those who don't believe in magic will never find it explore deeply chloe rain

A note on the "How to's" of aligning with your desires....

Here’s the catch to every time I’ve ever received “the thing that I wanted”… I wasn’t attached to it at the time.  It wasn’t that my desire had disappeared, but at the moment where the new wonderful thing was ushered into my life I wasn’t sitting around praying for it, having made a vision board and watching it intently until my vision came to fruition…. I was out living my life.

When I got the invite that took me to Paris for Christmas, my only plan had been to bake cookies during the holidays and I was totally content with that plan. But then I was in Paris ten days later in a flat with my own maid.... When I finally got myself to the Grand Canyon after wanting to go for 7 years, it was absolutely the most perfect moment in my life, when such a grand thing made a huge impact on the rest of life and I was never the same again… well worth the wait, and I Thank God the experience wasn't ruined by the travel companion I had “planned” to visit with so many times before.

Trust that you’re prayer has been heard and that it is being fulfilled in this very moment, just because it hasn’t arrived yet, does not mean it isn’t coming, and you don’t have to keep reminding God that you put your order in! Its on its way. Know that its on its way and go about your life.

There are of course some things we can do to help… like align ourselves with the kind of energy that would attract such perfect conditions in our lives… or to put it another way, become the kind of person that such great things happen to and ready ourselves to open and expect such big beautiful wonderful miracles in our lives… You know the difference between a small miracle and a big miracle? Nothing. 

Today I was thinking about a time when I was so in love with a guy I had been dating and on a Sunday he said he’d call me, but didn’t call me until 7pm. 

Meanwhile, I’d spent the entire day waiting for him to call, thinking we were going to go do something, and I’d gotten myself pretty upset by 4pm waiting for him, so by 6pm I was out with another boy.  

By the time I got that phone call at 7pm I was a few drinks in and angry as all hell and refused to pick up the multiple phone calls he made throughout the rest of the evening.  He even ended up driving my by house, to find me not at home and out with another boy.  

I tell you this story, because I think now how foolish and insecure I was at that time. If hours went by I would think, horrible things… but I was the one who always retaliated by doing something horrible. Eventually my going out with other boys seriously motivated the guy I was in love with to make me his girlfriend, but our relationship was not founded on the grounds of trust. Every time we got into a fight I would threaten going out and not to be found.

Eventually this wore on him, and he never trusted me to go out with friends and he didn't trust me around other boys.  I've come a long way from that insecure woman I once was, there were other ugly relationship dynamics that played out and I now know one can only take responsibility for their own happiness.

No person, place, or thing outside yourself can fix your happiness or make you whole. Your happiness is your responsibility.

Things I have learned:

I will wait for the perfect timing to be aligned.

I will wait for the perfect One.

I will not wait for the imperfect One to become perfect.

The moral to this story is, we can force certain things to happen in our lives… by making threats or doing something in the moment that temporarily makes us feel like we're in control…. but it tends not to end well for us in the long run. 

So best not to cling to our small minded ways on how we think something is going to turn out for us, or how we would like our desires to be fulfilled… only trust that the perfect solution, resolution, and experience has already been selected, and know that our dreams are already fulfilled. Our desires are just as unique as we are as individuals… the things we want, want us just as much…

Sometimes getting what we want can come in ways that were better fulfilled without us melding in our plans.  And though they might not arrive in the precise timing we had expected, the experience is not lessened by the delay in timing, in fact I’d argue ....

Most often, the surprise timing element of the fulfillment enhances the experience of receiving our desires.

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