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I am the Rain : I AM that I AM : I have stopped Wanting : I AM Being

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8: 8: 2015: The Lion's Gate

8 : 8 The day of my birth, I was born at home surrounded by family & friends.  Today we are hosting family & friends for my birthday party in my home that is only a half mile down the from where I was born. It has been incredibly healing on so many levels to return home and live so close to my parents & life long family friends.  For years, this would have been the last place on earth I would have seen myself living, and now it all makes such perfect sense in the big circle of life and love and BEING. How funny and strange, life. 

Today is my BIRTHDAY!

I wanted to write you all on my Birthday and say something profound, as I've been having a lot of profound stuff going on and there is a lot of profound evolution going on in the consciousness shift....

Alas! In preparing for my party today, things that "should have gotten done" just didn't! :) including my super profound blog post about life, and the celebration of it all, because its my birthday....

8 : 8 : 2015  = 2+0+1+5 = 8 = 8: 8: 8
Today is a special day, not only for me, but for you too: The Lion's Gate.

"The 8-8-8 Lion’s Gateway Portal opened July 26 to inspire new balance between your heart’s intelligence and your thinking mind, creating a connection that will become your new reality; a reality so deeply aligned with your soul that it provides a platform for a profound inner foundation of Love."  

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Yesterday, I was laying in bed in the morning, and the rain was coming down, it was beautiful music to my ears, I laid there listening, rain pouring, contemplating life... 

My name was given to me because there had been a drought the year I was born, a bad one, and the day I was born it rained... and so they named me Chloë Rain.

I was born at home surrounded by family & friends. Today, I am living just a half mile down the road from the place of my birth, across the stream from my parents.... this morning, laying in bed listening to the rain coming down and I thought about how everything I've ever wanted was "raining down upon me" that the rain was natural and all absolving and all the [things I am wanting] in my life were raining down upon me.

I heard the message:  YOU CAN

Stopping wanting.

Stop spending time and energy wanting. It is already done. 
Go live your life ALREADY!!!

You don't need to want anymore, you just need to live, everything you want is yours, (it is complete). (Stop wanting).




And the rain kept coming down.


I'm celebrating today with a big party with friends and family, and friends who are like family, and my parents who are like friends- all is well in the circle of life! There will be a bonfire and a cake and candles, and I will be making wishes and sending blessing to all of you, and life isn't perfect, ALMOST but NOT QUITE perfect,  but it's better than I have ever experienced before. I'm happier than I have ever been...

I keep living and breathing and loving and learning and everything keeps getting better.  

I am beginning another 21 days of energy transmissions and have two programs one for LOVE and one for PROSPERITY and FORGIVENESS.  

Sign up and experience the transformation that happens within this powerful energy vortex. Check out the programs, and see what people are saying about their experiences and the transformation that happens within this powerful energy vortex.

I will be transmitting for the next 21 days amazing energy work for anyone in either of these programs. I'm excited to invite you to join me in a brand new offering 21 Days of Debt Release to Create a New Prosperity Paradigm. 

Join me in this energy, the energy of no longer wanting what it is that we desire, but in BEING our greatest selves and having that what we've wanted for so long.

8: 8 : 2015

This is my birthday wish for you.

With so much love in my heart!!


8: 8: 1982

At home, the same stream that runs by my house today...

At home, the same stream that runs by my house today...

At home on the farm, now I live a half mile from my birthplace in a 118 year old cabin, across the stream from my parents home.  Life it's quite the journey.

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