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I fell madly in love.....(Part 4 to ∞)

Chloë RainComment

I fell madly in love. .. aka, this changes everything...

You might have thought that my accident would have been the most cataclysmic event of my life (up to this point), but meeting my X, after my first surgery and before my second, was a ten on the ritcher scale of life impacting ground rippling effect.

A moment that would forever change the course of my personal life history. I fell madly in love...


You know, events, people, moments, decisions, irrevocably change... well.... everything. But not in the way you think.

When I reflect on my life, a series of events play out, turning points, each seemingly having nothing to do with the time or the place or the decision I made in the moment, seemingly having nothing to do with my decision making at all, and yet... there they are, life changing tid-bits with consequences beyond what any normal storyteller's imagination could come up with.  

Beautiful fabergé eggs, gilded with priceless jewels of experience, when opened, a magic mystical storyline unfolds before your eyes, with a crazy twist of ending that you never see coming.

That moment when....

Everything changes.

This particular night, I went out, with my arm braces on, wearing a red jacket, and my Von Dutch jeans with the red embroidery patch on the back.

Remember when those were cool? 

Having drunk several bottles of wine at dinner with my girlfriends, I was out to have a good time, we went to Magerks, a bar I would spend much of my late twenties and early thirties at, dollar beer night was every Thursday. This was my life.

I will never forget the jaw dropping sensation of seeing HIM for the first time. There we were in the bar, and I noticed him and it was like they show you in the movies, crowd parted, music stopped, and I dropped my beer. Well at least I dropped all of my common sense in that moment.  I stood there mouth gaping, staring at him. 

 "Dude, that girl is staring at you."

His friend would later tell me, they made fun of him because I was staring so intensely.  I don't know who said Hello first, but apparently I gave him my newly printed Interior Designer card and said "Call me." 

Later he told me, I was the first girl to ever walk away from him. And that's where I got him.  I can't really take credit for being that cool, because I left Magerks to go to the next bar with my friends and I was so drunk that I left my purse sitting at the bar in Magerks and so I came back. I was never really sure why he called me after that night.

But he did. 

The point is, that I remember that night and that feeling clearly to this day, though I couldn't have put it into words at that time, in my spiritual awareness, there's a certain particular experience that happens when you meet one of your teachers in this lifetime.

Most of the time the moment and the lesson that is unfolding is better understood in retrospect, but no denying, the sound of destiny knocking is jarring.  

There's magic in the mystery.  Sometimes the lessons are painful, and the sweetness is revealed in the healing.

This relationship was a catalyst that set me on the path of true self discovery.

In the end we both got we wanted. Just not in the way you would think.

The Sound of Destiny Knocking:

There was the time I wore a RED jacket to a bar in Baltimore and fell in love. 

There was the time I wore a RED jacket to a music show and met my best friend in Seattle.

There was the time I searched on the internet for a husband, and found a great teacher who introduced me to 3 women who would forever change my life and become my family. 

There was the time I quit my job, and on my last day of work I got a phone call that would take me to Paris 10 days later. I could never go back. 

There was the time I pulled up beside my neighbor, in my grey suit and she was in her yellow convertible with the top down and her leather hot pants, and I thought, what a *&$(% tramp!

There was this time that my neighbor with the yellow convertible and the leather hot pants helped me lug my 10 foot Christmas tree into my house while it was snowing and helped me put up my Christmas tree, neither of our boyfriends came home that night because "it was snowing", though later we found out that wasn't exactly the case, when one of them returned home with a basketball injury on his neck that looked strikingly like a hickey.

We became life long friends.

There was the time I got invited to my friend's beach house for a girls weekend and her best friend didn't like me because I had big boobs and I was encroaching on their friendship.

We became life long friends. 

There was this time, I was in Paris for Christmas and decided to buy myself the most expensive dinner of my entire life. I was sat next to an art dealer and his Russian girlfriend for dinner and later that night he would drive me around in his Aston Martin on a tour of the Paris Christmas lights, circling the Arc de Triomphe and blazing through the Hôtel Ritz plaza in full speed. Later he showed me his Andy Warhol and his Marilyn Monroe... but that's a story for another time.

There was the time that I turned on my computer at my desk at work and the BING picture of the day was of the arctic circle in Norway. I booked my plane ticket to Oslo and the Lofoten Islands two weeks later... and that's a story for another time.

There was this time I was in my office and my boss came in to chat casually about opening a west coast office, and I blurted out "Send me to the WEST COAST."  And I moved to Seattle 2 months later. 

There was this time in Paris that I stayed up all night and watched M.I.A. Bad Girls video on repeat, thinking I was a Badass and then I went out the next day and turned left out the doorway instead of right and I met a guy, and he kissed me on the stairs and that changed everything.

(see in the Spirit of our Encounter, or search blog for Paris.)

There was this time, today, that I was driving home in my car and M.I.A. Bad Girls was playing on the radio and it HIT me that I'm right where I should be, at the exact right time, seemingly no purpose at all,

but damn if it doesn't make a good story.  And bad girls do it well.

There was this time that I had an idea that seemed ridiculous, but then I had a another thought:

This changes everything. 

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