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I Want to Be Poetry

Chloë RainComment

I want to eat words like avocado on buttered toast. 

I want to drown in poetry

I want to dive deep into the sea of emotion and reach that point when I'm tossing in the waves

and getting rolled over in the salt water and the sand again and again and again

and find that moment of questioning whether or not you'll surface again before your air runs out...

You're unable to gasp for oxygen, wondering what it will feel like to give up and give in,


clawing at the absence of something to hold on to,

no buoy, no lifesaving device,

You can no longer discern which way is up to the sky, where there is air. 

I had a moment this week, sitting in a restaurant, by myself. I'd been there many times before.

I was looking out the big tall windows that line the front of the shop, huge windows, lots of looking space.... and it was night time but the street lights were on and the trees outside were blowing and swaying.

You know the look of trees when their leaves are being turned over by the wind and it's like silverlight?

I got this sensation and total utter dizziness

Like I'd created this entire scene for myself. 

Like my Universe had created this picture and these sensations for me because it knew that my soul would delight in the feeling of the moment...

My soul was delighting in the emotion and I felt home. 

When I went to wash the dishes in my sink, bubbles came out of the top of the soap dispenser and I laughed and longed for more bubbles.

This writing piece was inspired by the story of the picture "I want to be Poetry", the day this image was birthed into the world the emotional energy was intense, dramatic, and liberating.

I was walking furiously in the rain, trying to get a hold of myself, when the Divine tapped my on the shoulder and said,

"Look here."

In that moment I was caught in the reign my internal rage, and instantly brought to my knees by the juxtaposition of the exquisiteness and wonder of the external world.

My art Piece, "I Want to Be Poetry", was selected for the 7th Annual Juried Art Show, November 6th – December 18th , 2015


Thirty-five artists from across the Commonwealth of Virginia will be represented in the 7th Annual Juried Art Show at Riverviews Artspace. The opening reception will take place on First Friday November 6th from 5:30 – 8:00 pm. Juror Mary Holland of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts will give a gallery talk. The 7th Annual Juried Show will remain on view through December 18th. Craddock-Terry Gallery Hours are 12-5 pm Wednesday – Sunday or by appointment, free and open to the public.

About the Juror: Mary Holland is the Director of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Studio School, an educator and a visual artist. She also coordinates ONE/OFF Printmakers, a group of Virginia-based Artists who exhibit together nationally and internationally. She has juried numerous exhibitions throughout Virginia.

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