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Inherit the Dust

Creative Feature, Inspiring, VideoChloë Rain

For many years, British photographer Nick Brandt has been documenting the wildlife, animals, landscapes, and the effects of human interaction in Africa. For the Inherit the Dust video, Brandt records the impact of man in places where animals used to roam, but no longer do. 

You can also see the stunning prints live and up close at an exhibition at Willas Contemporary gallery in Oslo, from 15 September to 12 November 2016. I also highly recommend the excellent book that includes many more images from this project.

This work is important and profound. Nick Brandt is an example of how living one's passion in awareness and getting involved can impact the lives of many, maybe even change the course of history. Please take the time to look and listen carefully.


WASTELAND WITH LION, 2015 © Nick Brandt

WASTELAND WITH LION, 2015 © Nick Brandt

See more of Nick Brandt's work and 16 more images from "Inherit the Dust".

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