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ode to the man in the park with the cuffed blue jeans and the black cowboy boots

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Blue jeans, rolled cuffs, black cowboy boots laying in the grass, you're barefoot in the sunshine. 

You've got an artsy tattoo of 1969 on your right tricep, I wonder if that's the year you were born, you're wearing a sliver ring with a tiger eye stone shaped in a heart on your right ring finger.  

Typically I don't like tiger eye, but I dig it that you're wearing a heart shaped ring.

Seattle GasWorks Park - Ode to the Man in the Park with the cuffed Blue Jeans

We're sitting in the grass in silence, I've just come from yoga and instead of going home I went to lay in the grass in the park in the sunshine.  Your phone rings breaking the silence, a few banjo notes plays as your ring tone.   "I'm sorry", you say. "For disturbing the silence."

I laugh and say "I liked it." Meaning your ring tone.

What I was really thinking is, I like you.

And I'd like to disturb this silence by rolling around in the daisies on top of you.

I imagine us tussling and laughing, our bare feet touching in the sunshine.

What does one say in this situation?  

"Do you live around here?"

"I like your ring."

"I like your tattoo."


I say nothing. Sitting crossed legged in the sun in my yoga pants,  I close my eyes, so that you don't catch me staring at you as you prepare to leave.

Your hair and beard are natural dirty blonde, admiring the back of your neck I see your long hair is tucked under your grey cap. I want you to turn and face me with your cap off. 

I watch you put your boots on to leave.  And you linger a bit longer in the sunshine, sitting in the grass with your boots on now. I wonder if you're wondering about me as much as I'm wondering about you.

Of all the days I decide to throw on my 1999 J-Crew butterfly flip flops, today had to be the day I'm laying in the grass next to the hippest guy ever?

You get on your bicycle, with the wooden box tied to the back and a pair of antlers attached at the handle bars and slowly pedal away. I watch you go until I can't see you any longer, playfully you are pedaling standing and slowly swerving back and forth on the sidewalk.  

I imagine throwing one of my flip flops to catch your attention and gesture for you to come to me.

To the man in the park with the cuffed blue jeans and the black cowboy boots, with the banjo ringtone, find me, call me, we'll go about disturbing the silence.

Fancy a roll in the daisies with me?

I want to practice making babies with you.

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