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Opening to a New Possibility

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Opening to the New

Imagine you have internal tides just like the sea.

Most of us, live our lives so disconnected from our internal guidance that when the pull of our hearts becomes so strong, and the voice inside has been muffled for so long, the feeling that arises within us feels more like a life crisis than an emergence into something more beautiful. 

Its difficult to trust that you will be provided for, that in fact the Universe does have a master plan and included you in this plan and you in fact do play an important role in the Universe.

We do live on Earth after all and are made up of 75% water, so imagine that you are influenced by all the amazing forces at work here in our Universe, even the ones we have yet to understand or have the awareness to see. You experience cycles just like the Earth and the moon, though most of us do not realize how our internal states of being are influenced by the energies at hand. Often we feel confused, restless, stuck, or even powerless to change our mindset and state of being.

The Full Moon tonight provides us with an opportunity to take the time to release our fears and surrender into new intentions for ourselves. This past weekend we experienced the Summer Solstice (June 20-21), physically we are experiencing more *light*  right now and since the beginning of time, our ancestors have marked this period with ritual and celebration. As you know, there are thousands of ancient sites created around solstices and equinoxes that were built to honor our connection to the Sun as the source of our light and life force.

Now is a time of celebrating the fullness of life and of taking the time to raise our energy to regenerate abundance and manifest our dreams, because in the visions of our dreams is the guidance of our Master plan.

Connecting with our deeper desires, does not involve knowing the answers to all of our questions, because it's only in not knowing that we can be truly receptive and it's only in being receptive that we can truly discover, learn, and evolve.

When we shift into wonder and curiosity, there is an opening to a deeper wisdom. Our feminine power, is a shift from the masculine energy, where not knowing could be seen as weakness or being powerless, to our feminine way of being, where wonder and curiosity are the ultimate source of power and strength. 

In sharing our vulnerability, and learning the practice of unknowing and non-attachment to the outcome we are allowing a new possibility of feminine energy and natural flow into our lives.

I would invite you to do something symbolic to honor your life in the next few days, perhaps, light a candle and say a blessing for your life and the life force living in your body.  Make a commitment to go within and be silent each day to let your internal guidance know that you are listening and intend to have open lines of communication from here on out. Let your Inner Voice know that she in fact has a very important role in your life and you're going to be listening a lot more and intend to be IN-joy.  

Do something fun, be playful. Invite in your own Divine Spirit to come a play for a while. Its summer time after all.....

Knowing yourself is the the beginning of all wisdom.

You may find yourself asking "Where do I start? How do I begin?" Begin with answering the call within, listening to the voice of your Inner Guidance.

Fear of change is normal, but there are ways to learn to overcome your fears and start acting on the guidance within that will lead you to your happiest life and natural way of being in the world.

This is the time you do something amazing.

Move from mundane to extraordinary. 

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Rather than be confronted with an overwhelming proof of the limitations of our understanding, we accuse our dreams of not making sense.
— Erich Fromm
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