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Be who you wantChloë RainComment

Something fierce has taken over me, I believe it is JOY.  

Once at Cold Mountain troubles cease— No more tangled, hung up mind. I idly scribble poems on the rock cliff, Taking whatever comes like a drifting boat.
— Han Shan

Lament : a self portrait 

You once loved me . you once 


hated me . you craved me . I

was your brain. you possessed

me -- a ripe grape  plucked 

and pressed  and now sipped 

will you consume me again ?

you remain stained in purple

hues forever : shattered

stemware dripping , cold wood 

floors --an emptiness

I once knew as innocence 


we adored in and out , out and in , in 

thought we never understood 

forever or daytime, how to stay leave 

stay, come back again.


on your horse I laugh a red lamp

over the hills and the hooves 

on the grass exalt : I love you,

I hate you, my saddle , my reins 

tight and leather, your lips, your breath

your eyes, your back stretched tanned 

and worn the pale glass shadows

Poet- Unknown

The more I allow myself to be me, the less energy I expend on hiding all the scary parts I didn't want anyone to see, the more and more love and friendship I receive.  - Chloë Rain

                                                                    Poeme a la glorie des etincelles : Poem to the glory of sparkles 

                                                                    Poeme a la glorie des etincelles : Poem to the glory of sparkles 

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