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Debt Release

21 Days of Debt Release : Program for Releasing Debt & Welcoming New Prosperity

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Break the chains that keep you bound in DEBT: Open to Receive More : Create a New Consciousness to Welcome Prosperity

The Attainment Of Prosperity, Happiness, "Real Wealth", and Freedom begins with a new consciousness and awareness of all the beliefs that created your current circumstances. Prosperity and true freedom are acquired through forgiveness, and consciously focused intention and feelings.

Simply stated, the more good feelings you feel and radiate out into the world the more things you will receive to feel good about.

When you shift your internal energies and begin to forgive and release your attention to all the wrongs in your life all areas of your external circumstances improve, including your money vibration & worthiness to receiving!

This program is about breaking the chains that bind you in debt, lack, and the state of owing, not having enough, and transforms your state of being to a new prosperity consciousness, that magnetizes and transforms your current life circumstances in ways you could not imagine.

In this 21 Day Process we will begin liberating ourselves from our debt, the energetic ties that bind us from being truly free and abundant. 

40 Years of data and research from 63 countries and 420,000 individuals, have shown that MONEY cannot buy happiness. But it affords us greater independence and freedom which is what we are seeking when we want more money in our lives.

Researchers examined national levels of well-being (in 63 countries) by looking at psychological health, anxiety and burnout. They compared these measures with calculations of wealth (GDP) and autonomy (the feeling of being independent).

Across all measures, autonomy (FREEDOM) had a larger and more consistent effect on well-being than wealth. In fact, wealth only affected well-being via autonomy: money could not buy happiness, but it gives us the freedom and greater independence that increases our well-being and happiness. The KEY is to drop the HOWs and flow into the NOWs! Remember: Everything is Energy, and YOU ARE the ENERGY and YOU HAVE the POWER to change your life !

Chloë Rain is the Founder of Explore Deeply and the Explore Deeply Movement.

She has had the pleasure of mentoring women and men all over the globe to learn to source their inner power, deepen their relationship to their own guidance, and experience greater love and fulfillment, so they can enjoy the happiness they have always wanted, and have confidence and joy in their lives.

Many of her clients find that their relationships and careers shift dramatically in new and exciting ways after doing this work, creating freedom and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives. To find out more about working with Chloë go → here.

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