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The Truth about Healing & Finding Happiness

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Knowing Yourself is the beginning of all Wisdom

Maybe you've been doing this self help, self development thing for a while? Maybe you've spent some time in therapy, read a book, or 150 books on taking the leap of faith and how to leverage the Universe to create happiness.

But none of it has worked.

But how many years did you build on the old foundation?

Might it take a little time to instill this new foundation of who you really are in this lifetime and how you desire to be, act, and feel?

There is no secret cure all pill, there is no magic 8 ball with all the answers. Happiness is a constant choice and state of being regardless of your external circumstances.  This may be difficult to grasp at first, but once you understand that you are your own source of wisdom, life challenges take on new meaning.

In going within you can discover the insight of the answer that you already know within your heart and body.

But no one can make you act on that awareness. 

That is your choice and it is up to you to do the action.

You can learn what the Masters have taught for thousands of years and what thousands of people have practiced to reach happiness and fulfillment. 


There is one truth.

Only you can know the truth, only you can act on the truth, only you can make the choice.

As we have new awareness, new experiences become available to us. As we have new awareness we realize new opportunities to make different choices.

Learning our own wisdom is the greatest gift and most effective tool to fix, heal, create and recreate our lives. 

You can go to yoga class, you can be taught yoga, you can know the benefits of yogic practice, you can observe the changes that happen after years of practicing yoga.


No one can make you do yoga.

Well, maybe there is one person.


No one can make you have the benefits of yoga, unless you are the one engaging in the act of doing and being.

If I do yoga once a week, will I see some benefit? Maybe yes, maybe no.

Does this mean the teachings don't work and the teachers are lying to me?

If I practice yoga once a week for 10 years, 20 years, will I see the benefits of yoga?

What if I practice yoga everyday for 10 years, for 20 years? What do I imagine will happen then?

It always comes down to a choice. It is that simple and that complicated. 

Awareness is the key to making a different choice. What you do with the awareness is what makes the difference.   

You can sit at the feet of an Enlightened Master and be accepted as his student, and he can teach you Zen and the ways to enlightenment, but he cannot make you become enlightened.

That part you have to do on your own.

Everyone has to arrive on our own terms, by our own actions. This is the secret to enlightenment.

In creating a new daily practice based on your inner wisdom you are laying a new foundation for your life.

The most important journey you can ever take is from your head to your heart. It can be the most difficult and the longest, but once you get there you know who you are, and why you're here.

And that makes all the difference in the world.

Love and desire are the most powerful and creative forces in the Universe. We are made of Love and it is said that our desires are the keys to unlock our unique destiny. 

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To find out more, click the gateway above.

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