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That Was When Everything Changed

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When the clouds floated across the sky
passing by the sun,
which bestowed halos of light
around their edges,
showing me that if you move slowly, carefully,
it's possible to be near things that are capable
of inflicting pain

when the trees started their line dance,
swaying a little bit this way,
a little bit that way,
showing me that you can plant yourself in one place
and still move

when the blades of grass in the field
rose, stood, and bent as one
filling the air with a gentle, but persistent sound,
showing me that as a community
we have a voice

that's when the tracks clicked the other way
and I chose family
over money,
short-term happiness
over long-term work,
over colleagues. 
I chose myself.

By Sophia Cannizzaro, Grade 9, West Glover, Vermont
Photo by Kevin Huang, Grade 11, Burlington, Vermont


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