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Life offers you a thousand chances... all you have to do is take one.

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The world cracks open for those willing to take a risk.
— Frances Mayes

I was standing with my nose about ten inches from the glass on the picture framed in a tiny corner made by two standing walls, one large and white, the other, only big enough to hang this tiny picture that I'm standing too close to, but I can't help myself.

Someone at dinner had said to me,  "So, you're an artist." 

And I had fumbled around and managed to insecurely say "Yes" to that statement. This was the 3rd year in a row that one of my photography pieces had been selected for a juried show, each piece had been chosen by different jurors... and still, I felt like an imposter, in a world I wasn't worthy of.

That moment in the gallery —  a full body sensation came over me.

I let it wet me and crash to the ground.

What a wave. What a joy.

I feel feelings now, deeply, with my whole self.

I am happy.

I knew...

Art is….

Anything that moves me to feel something.... Music, poetry, painting, photography, video, sculpture, dance, food, making love.... 

Art is real. Love is real.

I felt immense gratefulness for being moved by that tiny piece of blue paint on the wall and simultaneously the live music that was being played by the band a few feet away... I felt thankful to be alive.

I could sense there is a place in the world for anything that elicits this type of emotion. There is a beautiful reason for anything that moves me to feel my own humanity.

Any arbitrary turning along the way and I would be elsewhere; I would be different.
— Frances Mayes, Under the Tuscan Sun
Like fanning through a deck of cards, my mind flashes on the thousand chances, trivial to profound, that converged to create this place. Any arbitrary turning along the way and I would be elsewhere; I would be different. Where did the expression “a place in the sun” first come from? My rational thought process cling always to the idea of free will, random event; my blood, however, streams easily along a current of fate.
Life offers you a thousand chances... all you have to do is take one.
— Frances Mayes, Under the Tuscan Sun
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