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I'm the Mad Hatter : Going Down the Rabbit Hole

PoetryChloë Rain

Well everyone's a writer..................................................................... 

But it's your image burnt into my mind

James Blake


I'm the Mad Hatter: Going Down the Rabbit Hole

by Chloë Rain

Last nights fantastical dream,

I woke up in a panic to the reality of you laying in bed next to me.   

I flash back to the

Passion, Thunder,

Lightning bolts,

Outside, inside.  

What was quaking? Was it the sky or my thighs?

Was that my heart pounding or the rain outside?  


Our love comes back in the middle of the night

And its right on time


What did you say as you were on your way over?

"Wasn't I always on my way?" 

And I responded




You said you'd bring something for the light.

And I wanted to lay with you in the darkness, but not with my eyes closed. 

Not this time. My eyes are wide open,  my senses heightened 

My guard down. 

And I ran to the door and swung open the hinges when you arrived

As you stepped into my world, 

I wanted to swallow you in that moment


It is thundering outside

Do you want to come over and pretend like we never knew the rain? 



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