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The Magic of Life : Cusco Peru

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I teared up when my Soul Sister, Jessica and her husband greeted me at the airport, we were waving our arms in the air like children and hugging like I was coming home, and I do feel at home here, though not a home like I have ever considered home before.

Cuzco, was never on my bucket list, but when I visited here 3 years ago the energy of the place and my experiences changed me at depth. I began to understand myself and life purpose in such a way I couldn't have known before my experience here.

This week upon arrival, outside my bedroom window there was an entire school yard of children playing and I felt so much joy in my heart listening to the squeals of their playfulness and freedom.  

Then as Jessica and I were exploring the city by foot and we happened upon the parade of the Festival of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The streets were overflowing with colorful dancers and traditional music filled the Plaza De Armas.

The Festival of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary is widely celebrated in Peru, with festivities beginning on September 1 and lasting for more than a week. 

Only three births are celebrated in the Christian calendar: the Virgin Mary's, September 8th, St. John's on June 24, ( St. John's Day), and Jesus Christ's on December 25 (Christmas). Although it is not known where the September 8 date of Mary's birth originated, it seems to have been established by the end of the seventh century. In the Coptic and Abyssinian churches, the first day of every month is celebrated as the birthday of the Virgin Mary.

There are a number of legends describing the Virgin Mary's birth. Most early works of art show Mary and her mother, Anne, surrounded by elaborate furnishings and ancient Hebrew decorations, with a choir of angels hovering overhead. There are more festivals in honor of Mary than of any other saint—among them the Feasts of the Immaculate Conception the Annunciation, the Purification or Candlemas, and the Visitation.

In northern Europe, the Feast of the Nativity of Our Lady functioned as a traditional harvest festival—a time to give thanks to Mary for the bounty of the fields and to ask her to protect the crops until they were harvested.

Native Americans in the United States often observe September 8 with traditional Indian harvest dances in Mary's honor, following mass in the local Roman Catholic mission church.

Source: Feast of the Nativity : Encyclopedia

An incredibly special synchronicity to have "run" into the parade celebrating the day of birth of the Virgin Mary, The Divine Feminine, on the day of my arrival as Jessica and I were making special plans for the women joining us on the spiritual pilgrimage in Cuzco & Machu Picchu, and you know I don't believe in coincidences! Smile...

People have been asking me, why Cusco? And the short answer to that question is: Cusco is a sacred place like no other. It is such a place of healing and life transformation. If you're feeling a strange yearning to make a change in your life but you're not sure what's next, I invite you to join us here in Cusco, either virtually as we will begin broadcasting A New Way of Knowing Program from Cusco, or in person on the journey October 9th-14th.  If you are considering coming on the journey the last day to sign up is Sept 7th, please book an appointment to speak with us, asap if you are considering joining this pilgrimage.

The Inca's understood that Cusco holds a unique high vibration resonance and its location is a huge energy portal to connect with the Spirit World and the Universe, our One Source. 

So excited to welcome you into this life changing experience.

 Join us in Peru!

Iglesia de la Compañía de Jesús Cuzco Peru

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