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Along the way, I was constantly exploring and pushing my own comfort boundaries, and doing a lot of reading... reading to educate myself on healing my body and mind, and reading other peoples inspiring true stories. The more I read, the more guts I gained.

The more inspirational true stories I came across the more I came to know that there were regular people just like me in the world that had changed their lives in massive ways and were now living inspiring and fulfilling lives. 

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Below is a radio interview I did where I talk about where my inspiration comes from, and the answer is not what you think.  

I'm not constantly walking around with daisies in my hair, but I do constantly find inspiration in the people I surround myself with, the places I visit, and my spiritual practice.

I speak from a place of having walked the path of healing and have come to the other side completely transformed, my health, my mental and emotional well being, reinvigorated, and reborn with new vigor for life and love.

How may I inspire you to live the life of your dreams?

My passion is to help people uncover their blocks and beliefs that prevent them from breaking through, living the life of their dreams, being seen and heard in this world, experiencing real happiness and success …. this passion of mine sprung from my own internal struggles, then my undeniable burning desire to break through my own limitations, finally know myself, be myself, and experience real happiness. Mission accomplished. Yes! Smile.

What's possible for you?  How do you want your life to go?  

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