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Watch out for the labels, they can set you up for disappointment and failure : The NEW SUPERWOMAN PODCAST INTERVIEW

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The New Superwoman Entrepreneur PODCAST: Your Authentic Self & Overcoming Labels with Chloë Rain, Founder of Explore Deeply

It’s easy to get trapped in your own head, in your own perspective.

When that happens it becomes more and more difficult to discern what’s really going on in your own heart and mind as you strive to create your life. Chloë Rain recommends that you find a trusted, 3rd party to help you navigate those types of issues.

You need someone who’s outside the scope of your normal life and career, someone who can hear the struggles and challenges you’re facing and tell you, “That’s normal.” “It’s alright.” or “Here are some things you can do that might help.” That sort of resource could be the exact thing you need to keep you moving forward in a healthy way as you walk your superwoman journey.

Have you hit a place in your life where you’re not really happy?

That’s the exact place Chloë Rain found herself even though she’d been very successful in her career. There were things nagging at her deep down that told her that what she was experiencing wasn’t all there is, wasn’t what she was truly looking for.

In this episode of the New Superwoman Entrepreneur, Maribel chats with Chloë about that time in her life and the two share the things that came out of that season and how Chloë found herself and began moving into a more authentic, aligned, powerful place as a woman.

You’ll want to hear this one.

On today’s episode Maribel is chatting with Chloë Rain, an author, photographer, blogger, and entrepreneur who has made her way in the Spiritual Life Coaching realm as well. She considers herself a modern day Shaman – she’s trained in both Native American traditions and the Q’ero Pampamesayok Shaman Lineage of Andean Energy Medicine.

Chloe has walked in both worlds and understands the complexity of our Western World, and the simplicity of our hearts desires. In this conversation you’ll get a good look into the mind and and heart of this successful Superwoman entrepreneur, so set aside some time to listen.

Outline of this episode…

  • Chloë’s mission and the ways she benefits those she works with.
  • The things that influenced Chloë to become an entrepreneur.
  • A “Blessing in Disguise” moment that Chloë Rain values.
  • Chloë’s business model: the ways she generates revenue.
  • How the obvious things in life can go unnoticed and how you can learn to look beyond what you normally see.
  • Chloë’s top tips for women entrepreneurs who are trying to move their business forward.
  • Some of the best tools Chloë uses to maximize her time and productivity.
  • The best advice Chloë ever received.
  • Who is it that inspires Chloë the most?
  • A book recommendation from Chloë.
  • Chloë’s personal mantra.

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Chloë Rain is the Founder of Explore Deeply and the Explore Deeply Movement.

She has had the pleasure of mentoring women and men all over the globe to learn to source their inner power, deepen their relationship to their own guidance, and experience greater love and fulfillment, so they can enjoy the happiness they have always wanted, and have confidence and joy in their lives.

Many of her clients find that their relationships and careers shift dramatically in new and exciting ways after doing this work, creating freedom and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives. To find out more about working with Chloë go → here.

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