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We use the word suffering way too much

Chloë RainComment

I rarely, rarely publish anything that I don't write, or photographs that I do not take personally, but this documentary is so inspiring I had to share it, and quote Kyle Dempster. 

Watch. Get goosebumps. Be inspired.   

He got me at 5:50 through 6:28... then I had to watch the entire thing.... IN-JOY! 

We use the word suffering way too much,

every adventure has both the light, the dark, 

the toil and the reward

to experience that alone is to become absorbed by an activity, by a place, and by its people

the wall of daily noise, the modern 

trappings that define our identities

finally give way

you no longer know where you end 

and where the world begins

we become raw


I'm pretty scared

but I've gotten myself into a situation 

Yah, I'm pretty scared

I just want to let everyone know that if something shitty happens

I love you all an incredible amount

I want you to know that if I die

I was definitely doing something that I'm totally psyched on

I'm loving life for sure right now

Fear is an okay emotion

and I have a lot of it

I'm just acknowledging that

Real adventure is not polished

its not the result of some marketing budget

there's no hash tag for it

It exists in all of us 

It exists at the intersection of imagination and the ridiculous

You have to have faith

it will find you there

and when it does, remember there's just one question

In this life when the road comes to an end 

will you keep pedaling?


-Kyle Dempster



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