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Chloë Rain

Weathering by Fleur Adcock

Literally thin-skinned, I suppose, my face
catches the wind off the snow-line and flushes
with a flush that will never wholly settle.

that was a metropolitan vanity,
wanting to look young for ever, to pass.

I was never a pre-Raphaelite beauty,
nor anything but pretty enough to satisfy
men who need to be seen with passable women.

But now that I am in love with a place
which doesn't care how I look, or if I'm happy,

Happy is how I look, and that's all.

My hair will turn grey in any case,
my nails chip and flake, my waist thicken,
and the years work all their usual changes.

If my face is to be weather-beaten as well

That's little enough lost, a fair bargain
for a year among lakes and fells, when simply
to look out of my window at the high pass
makes me indifferent to mirrors and to what
my soul may wear over its new complexion.

images : Chloë Rain

images : Chloë Rain

Angels, FINE ART

If we have no peace it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. - Mother Teresa 

Svolvær, Lofoten Norway 

image Chloë Rain all rights reserved 

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Sometimes your idea of who you should be gets in the way of who you really are, FINE ART
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Sometimes your idea of who you should be gets in the way of who you really are.

"A man who drinks pink champagne with me, calls me an artist while he's lighting my cigarette, then tells me I'm a powerful woman. This is a man I will love forever. And when the sunlight comes out in Seattle and illuminates the brilliance of the mountains, I know that this is heaven on earth, and God has good taste." - Chloë Rain

Golden Gardens Beach, Artist Home Bonfire Series, Seattle Wa

image Chloë Rain all rights reserved

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Chloë Rain is the Founder of Explore Deeply and the Explore Deeply Movement.

She has had the pleasure of mentoring women and men all over the globe to learn to source their inner power, deepen their relationship to their own guidance, and experience greater love and fulfillment, so they can enjoy the happiness they have always wanted, and have confidence and joy in their lives.

Many of her clients find that their relationships and careers shift dramatically in new and exciting ways after doing this work, creating freedom and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives. To find out more about working with Chloë go → here.

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