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What if I am not Creative? What if I have lost my inner MOJO? {Vlog}

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I hear this a lot... I've felt this myself... "I'm not creative."

"I lost my mojo."

"I don't feel... anything. Especially not motivated to create something."

Then.... "What If I'M NOT CREATIVE?"

Simply... this is impossible. You are creative, because you exist. Your breath is the most unique expression of your existence, and no one else breathes your breath like you... your exhale is an expression of your inherent divinity. 

Crazy, huh? Could it be as simple as giving yourself credit for your every breath?! What happens if you allow yourself to give yourself credit for being creative, without having to DO something or BE something.

See, the thing is we tend to deny or push aside our creative impulses and desires, and so, after time we create energetic blockages and we don't feel creative and we don't feel motivated... but this doesn't mean we are not creative.

Today I invite you to allow yourself to start thinking of yourself as creative, and give yourself permission to explore your impulses.... what happens then?

When you create spaces for your your inner artist to show up, you open up the part of your brain that holds your most magnificent ideas. Join Renee Leverty, Artist & Co-Owner of Pleiades Gallery, & Chloë Rain, Life Artistry & Business Mentor in Seattle on Memorial Day weekend for an amazing adventure into creativity & passion.

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