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What would you be doing if you were living your life on your own terms?

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What would you be doing if you knew you could not fail? Where would you be right now if you were living your life on your own terms?

What is that dream you used to dream?

The one that haunts you to this day... when did you give it up? Where was it that you lost it?

Perhaps you have buried it so deep that you don't dare even speak of it to yourself.

How much time is it going to take you to have that wake up call?

How much time do you think you have? 5 years? 10 years?

How much longer are you going to keep telling yourself this is OK, I'm fine, this is as good as it gets?

What would you be doing if you knew you could not fail?

Think about it.

I felt inspired to take a little trip this past weekend and made some silly snippets for your viewing enjoyment.  What's your flavor of happy? Mine is traveling, adventuring, and living my life on my own terms.  How do you want your life to go? 

Today, I shared two powerful moments I had this week, after my DONE with DEPRESSION declaration.

This is the field I was standing in when I had the sensation that I felt like I would be Ok if I died in that moment because I felt real happiness in my bones and in my cells. I thought "I'm fixed! I'm not broken anymore!" and then I realized that this is what God means for us to feel in this lifetime.

Sometimes you just know that life is calling you to take a leap of faith and change your current circumstances, but you just don't know how.

You might know exactly what it is you're meant to do in this lifetime, or you might not. 

Sometimes this feeling of being stuck begins to feel like a life crisis, and your fear becomes so strong you lose sight of what’s right for you.

If you feel its time to make a change, or move to the next level, but you just don’t know where to go from here, I have a special offer for you...

Anything is possible once we find our own unique way of connecting with our divine source. Once you find your own connection to your heart and your creative imagination the change you experience becomes visible, the internal shift creates external effects.

You look different, you feel different, you think different. The doors fly open.

If you are ready to birth your big beautiful life purpose into the world this program is for you.

Go here.

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