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Why do we do things, when we know they're not good for us?

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Spiritual Enlightenment & Personal Freedom via The Law of the Twinkie

You Eat Twinkies and you know they're not Good For You : Deep Down Inside You Know .....

Deep down inside you know they're not good for you, but you like eating twinkies and so you stay for a while, or a long while in a state of confusion. You eat twinkies all the time. You think you love twinkies, twinkies make you feel satiated and comfortable.

But deep down inside you know, something's not right.

One day you're feeling particularly bad about your eating of the Twinkies and so you start to get curious.

You educate yourself on nutrition and you are aware that the combination of flour and sugar has no nutritional value and is high in calories, but you still eat the twinkies.

Then doing more research you become aware that in fact there are worse ingredients in the Twinkies and that you like to numb yourself by eating the twinkies and you feel addicted to the twinkies. But you still eat the Twinkies.

Then you become aware that you numb yourself with food and you feel out of control of your craving because there is an emotional response trigger to not feeling comfortable in your body, so you eat to numb yourself and feel shame around your eating.

But you still eat the twinkies. Then you become aware that you started eating to numb yourself because you were violated as a child and it wasn't safe or comfortable to be in your body, so over eating protects you from being seen, protects you from being violated, numbs you from feeling the emotions in your body.  

Awareness is the key to making a different choice. Having awareness is 90% of what is needed to make changes. It is what you do with the awareness is what makes the difference.
— Chloë Rain

Now every time you go to eat the twinkie you have a new insight about the choice you are making and you start to realize that its really not about the twinkie, its about how you feel inside your body and what emotions are attached to eating.

From this awareness, you can realize that the twinkie does not have power over you, the twinkie is not smarter than you, and you know that really what is occurring is an emotional trigger that you don't feel safe, you don't want to be seen, and you want to numb out in your body.  

From this place of awareness, you may still eat the twinkie.... the more you do the work the more clearing of the emotional trigger, the less and less the twinkie has power over your choices.

Then one day, it hits you. You no longer want the twinkie. You want to feel safe, you want to feel good in your body.  You start making different choices. You start to see the benefits of eating fruit instead of twinkies, one day you even realize you enjoy eating fruit more than you have ever enjoyed eating twinkies.

Twinkies don’t totally disappear from your life, and every time you come up against the twinkie you have to make the choice.
— The Law of the Twinkie

You start to feel better in your body. One choice at at time, you start to feel better. If one day you eat the twinkie, ok, no big deal, next time you have the opportunity to make an entirely new and fresh choice.

The key is that the twinkie no longer rules your life and your every decision. You are in control of your choices.

You start to trust yourself. 

Then One Day you laugh at how silly and insignificant the Twinkie really is, and how powerful you have become.

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