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What Is My Purpose in Life?

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One of the most frequently asked questions of those on the path of awakening is: What is my purpose in life?

I know only too well how frustrating it is to have this question burning unanswered within.

For the Empath it is doubly frustrating because we have this incredible gift and most do not know what it is for or what we are supposed to do with it.

I have often been asked questions such as: ‘how can I be of service to others?’ or ‘I want to help others but how should I do it?’ 

It is an inbred trait for Empaths to want to help others, especially if they are suffering. However, many of us have tried and failed when attempting to help others help themselves. It can be incredibly soul-destroying to see another suffering and not be able to help them.

I have come to understand that not all suffering is a bad thing. It is through suffering that humans begin to evolve, awaken and start looking for a new, better path in life. Suffering can also be an important rite of passage into spiritual consciousness.

Many of us feel like we are suffering when we don’t know our purpose in life.

We all need direction and purpose, no matter how evolved we are. And it is up to each of us to seek out that direction for ourselves.

In order to serve their life purpose, many Empaths believe they should be working directly with others. However, for many this just isn’t an option because of the getting ‘peopled’ factor.

The truth is, Empaths do not have to work ‘directly’ with others in order to be of service, we already do more for others than most will ever know. We transmute negative energy without even realising it. And by taking on and transmuting these energies we are being of huge service. 

Also, Empaths are great listeners! Simply listening to another is healing for the one being listened to (with the exception of energy vampires) and is being of service.

People rarely listen to others properly. Most are too busy thinking about their own story, or what they want to say next. Empaths do listen and they hear on many different levels. We also care. 

There are many other ways Empaths help without realising it, so do not worry too much about how you should be serving others, you already are.

The best way to find your purpose is by serving yourself (nurture mind, body and spirit), be true to yourself and simply follow your true passions and interests… the rest will follow.

Diane Kathrine at Just Be is an Empath and has spent the past 15 to 20 years ('since waking up') researching and learning ways to make life as an Empath easier. She has discovered many ways for the Empath to stay healthy and in balance and shares her findings on her blog "Tools to Empower the Empath".

This is part of a series of guest posts on the subject "Being an Empath" and how to cope in the world as an Empath.

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