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With love from Ireland...

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Hello loves! I've got so many stories to tell and I know that you've been anxiously awaiting hearing from me in the land of the lucky.  But.... what I'm finding in Ireland is that whereas, every place has wifi, none of it works like I'm used to. I've totally taken for granted being able to upload, download, click, respond, and have 15 pages open at the same time on our high speed internet highways. I'm finding the internet in Ireland is much like their highways compared to ours, it will get you there, but maybe not very fast, and along the way you could run into a few herd of sheep that may slow you down, or come face to face with a petrol truck barreling down around you in a corner with no where to go except into a steep rock wall or under the front axel of the truck.

All that to say : please follow me on facebook and youtube if you don't already. I will be publishing my stories when I return to the states but for the time being I can occasionally upload photos and videos here and there on social media.  Links below! Smile.

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