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Many spiritual traditions describe an energy field that surrounds the human body.

Inuititive Healer: Shamanic Healing : Shamanic Practitioner Virginia

Modern science is beginning to study and discover the properties and effects of this morphogenetic field. It is within this field that the resonance patterns of our life experiences, beliefs, and inheritances from our ancestors, genetics and ways of thinking are stored.

These imprints or resonance patterns propel our life in a certain direction by attracting people, situations and experiences to us.

Unfortunately, many of us are running programs that were imprinted at a very young age, or even inherited from our ancestors. We can inherit patterns of fear from war, financial hardship such as The Depression, experiences as refugees, and other emotional events that shape our family histories. We can inherit their good experiences too. 

Negative emotional traumas can cause "fractures" in our resonance patterns or cause what we call “soul loss” in the shamanic wisdom teachings. Soul loss or fractures that cause negative patterning in our energy bodies are created by the events in our life that break our trust, leave us feeling betrayed, abandoned, unsupported or victimized.

These trauma imprints etch our energy field and compromise our physical DNA. They create blind spots, corrupt our potential in life and in relationships, or cause us to engage in unhealthy behaviors, and lead us to repeat unwanted and self sabotaging patterns. Left unrepaired, we find ourselves stuck in life.

People often blame the circumstances of their birth for their current life. But we’ve seen, in countless public figures, the power to overcome their deep traumas and break through the odds into a life of wild success. It’s important to remember that those public figures were once just like us, ordinary people with struggles and dreams, facing obstacles.

Emotions, in ancient traditions were understood by the Shamans and viewed as energies, that when wielded could be used as powerful channels to accomplish many goals. 

Emotions are valued as tools that were unique to humans, with which they could manifest new realities. Emotions can be separated into those that are pleasant and those that are unpleasant. Joy, fulfillment, love, and excitement are some of the pleasant ones, whereas fear, guilt , hate, anger, jealousy, shame, and frustration are unpleasant.

Both negative and positive emotions can be utilized. The experience of fear, for example, gives us an opportunity to confront, acknowledge, and transform our boundaries. And when we feel love we become powerful beyond measure. Those who feel love and give love are able to receive love in return and are able to accomplish any goal.

Deep in the jungles of the Southern continent the medicine people, for the past 500 years, have been using and carrying on the knowledge of the power of certain energies and earth elements to heal disease and illness: emotional, physical, and inherited. 

These ancient practices are used to help you heal and understand the meaning of your life. By releasing our negative patterns or emotions through energy healing or shamanic practices and integrating new imprints, you will be able to break free of old patterns and consciously create your life from the place of clarity, fluidity, abundance, joy and fulfillment. 

Energy Healing is based in love and compassion and it works for our complete and total wellness: mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. When you recode the limiting patterns you’ve inherited or imprinted through negative experiences, you make way for new experiences, and open to positive, powerful outcomes.

The Shamans believe there are two kinds of illnesses... some that are created by our daily behavior or habits and some that are family, environment or socially and spiritually related.

Most depressed and anxious people are more susceptible to illness & negative experiences, which can create a cyclical effect that feels never ending. Love, understanding and compassion are key for the successful healing of depression, disease, & illness: mental emotional, or physical.

Your Generational (Ancestors) Energetic Inheritances or Resonance Pattern

You inherit your Generational resonance patterns from your ancestors, with the direct lineage of 3 to 5 generations, sometimes as far as 7 generations, before you hold the strongest influence.

This ancestral resonance pattern is a result of their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, life experiences, and success and failure patterns around what's possible for you in your life, confidence in favorable outcomes, or lack of confidence.

Your Parental Energetic Resonance Pattern

Your parental energetic pattern is a direct result of what your parents experienced and passed down to you through your genes. It contains their thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, fear, worry, life experiences, success patterns, failure patterns, and lack, limitations or abundance around money and finances.

Your Environmental Energetic Resonance Pattern

Energy Healing Shamanic Practices

Your Environmental energetic resonance pattern is created during your childhood and young adulthood based on your interaction and experiences with those around you. It is made up of what you heard consciously or in the background during other people’s conversations, listening to arguments around politics, money or bills, other people commenting about the ways of life based on their belief systems (such as you have to work hard to earn a living) and the ideas your formed about success and failure from what you noticed around you. 

If you have adopted parents, their teachings, guidance, comments and experiences help shape your Environmental energetic resonance pattern.  When you go to school or college, your experience of other students coming from different family backgrounds, differing access to levels of educational institutions and your own judgment about self-value and worthiness play a big role in shaping your Environmental energetic resonance pattern.

Your Personal Energetic Resonance Pattern

Your Personal energetic resonance pattern is created based on your own life experience and patterns of relationships, failures and beliefs around money, success personal fulfillment and financial abundance, and worthiness.  Based on your achievements, you strengthen different parts of your Personal energetic resonance pattern.  Each time you miss accomplishing a task or a goal and doubt yourself, your Personal energetic resonance pattern gets weaker.  If you have more thoughts and feelings around lack and limitations than abundance and possibility; if you focus on things that are not working; if you review and replay in your head situations that did not work out for you, then you lower your abundance vibration and imprint that lack and limitation onto your Personal energetic resonance pattern.

  • How are some of these energetic patterns running your life?

  • Are you empowered or hurt by your Generational, Parental, Environmental or Personal resonance patterns?

  • Do you feel that you are doing all that you can but somehow not making progress?

  • How would your life change when you can rewrite some of these imprints and subconscious patterns, heal your core fractures and change your belief systems? 

  • How much better would you feel or how much more would you accomplish?

There are many alternative medicine and energy healing techniques that can be used to help you to overcome anxiety, fight depression naturally, and get unstuck so that you can begin living from a place of flow, joy, and abundance:

  • Soul Alignment for Life Purpose & Clarity

  • Sound Healing : Vibrational Therapy

  • Bioenergy Healing

  • Shamanic Drum Journey

  • Energy Therapy : such as EFT or NLP

  • Shamanic & Earth Based Energy Practices

  • Distance Healing & Healing Prayer

  • Healing Touch or Healing Hands

All of these energy healing techniques may be used for the clearing of cellular memory of the human energy field promoting health, balance and wellbeing. Energy healing methods are based on the concept of connection between the physical body, and the emotional, mental and spiritual realms and when these are brought into alignment through holistic healing methods, we experience clarity and flow in our lives.

We are at a critical moment in human history. As of now, we hold more potential than ever before. Our access to information and communication is unfathomable. The ability we have to change our lives and create what we are passionate about is unparalleled by any other time. 

As the wheel of time turns, we must recognize this chance we have to become better, more compassionate, more grateful than we have ever been. And in doing this we affect change in our lives and all around us.

This is an opportunity for all of us, at the global and individual level, to step up, move out of the past, and learn to create the future that we all know is possible.


Energy Healing Immersions offer you maps to navigate and tools to find the courage, strength and vision to explore and change the patterns and beliefs keeping you from living the life you desire. During intensive healing sessions we unwind a specific pattern or issue and create a new focus to propel you forward with clarity and purpose. 

You may benefit from this type of experience when....

  • You feel stuck and unmotivated

  • You experience a lot of self doubt and worry

  • You find yourself repeating unhealthy patterns

  • You find yourself reliving the past

  • You are living the "life of your dreams" and yet you aren't as happy as you expected to be

  • You are seeking clarity for life purpose and guidance while walking your path

  • You would like to awaken your greater potential

Energy healing techniques will help you:

  • Break the grip of past pains

  • Heal your family karma

  • Release yourself from fear

  • Believe in yourself again

  • Heal subconscious blocks to happiness

  • Receive clear sight and remove the filters of your perception to move forward

  • Reconnect to your heart's deepest knowing and anchor your visions into your body.

  • Learn to listen to your internal compass in order to guide you on the path that is right for you

  • Uncover unique keys to creating a life you love living

  • Overcome anxiety, fear & self doubt

  • Find meaning in your past failures

  • Unravel the stories and release the fears around difficult life transitions

  • Reprogram your energy field and brain pathways

Energy Healing Support Offerings & Mentorship Program: 

Energy Medicine sessions are available in person as well as remotely via Skype or phone, because the work is received on an energetic level, sessions are extremely effective even when performed at a distance.

As a Spiritual Guide & Visionary, I offer a combination of energy healing techniques for the body, mind, soul and spirit.

My goal is help teach you tools that you may use in your daily life and throughout your life so that your transformation is lasting, and leads to a more authentic, satisfying and joyful life. If you are concerned about falling into old, destructive patterns or cycles that keep you from trusting yourself or feeling content, mentorship can be a powerful conduit for transformation.

Sample Sessions for Self Growth:

  • Family Healing – Forgiveness/Boundaries/Connection

  • Relationship Healing – Divorce/Separation/Clarity

  • Soul Mate or Relationship Enhancement

  • Life Coaching – Find Your Purpose & Path

  • Emotional Cleansing – Depression/Anxiety

  • Personal Empowerment & Self-Love

Terms & Conditions

On the path of Spiritual Guide & Healer there are many medicine paths according to the traditions of our ancestors.

Chloë Rain on her land in the Shenandoah Valley Virginia.

Chloë Rain on her land in the Shenandoah Valley Virginia.

Each path can require a lifetime of in-depth learning to become a true Healer.

A Curandero is a true healer. In Shipibo, a curandero is called an Onanya — one who sees beyond the physical realms. True curanderos must be able to face the most difficult of human experience and the darkest energies when working with clients. For this reason, the training is extremely hard and one must pass many tests.

Though my initiation into the realm of Spiritual Guide began in Peru, I live in North America in the mountains of the Shenandoah Valley.  A few years ago I was given a vision to return to my birthplace of Virginia and begin offering healing retreats and immersions on my land for those seeking a greater connection to their own divinity and life purpose. 

I regularly lead sacred journeys to Peru, where we sit in sacred Ceremony with my Teachers, and also make pilgrimage to the many sacred places, the Andes Mountains, and Machu Picchu.

As a Spiritual Guide, my training has encompassed studies in energy medicine, shamanism, and ancient wisdom teachings across the world, taking me from the Peruvian high mountains, to the Stone Circles of Ireland, the Arctic Circle of Norway, the Amazon jungle, and other exciting places.

I have been trained in ceremonial practices from several living energy medicine traditions including the Inca Q’ero, Amazonian Shipibo, and Inyan Pejuta — a Native American Healing Art. As well as having ordination as a Spiritual Advisor and professional certifications as a life coach, trained in multiple healing modalities including EFT (tapping) and NLP (neuro linguistic programming), and meditation & yoga instructor certifications.

I utilize multiple healing modalities and types of treatments based in ancient earth wisdom and energy healing practices, as well as Spiritual Life Coaching techniques.

I tailor my work with each individual client to your personal goals and desires for wellness and fulfillment. The processes and tools I teach are based on a foundation of practical life experience, many years of training, multiple wellness certifications, and apprenticeship under several Indigenous Medicine people, specifically the Inca Q'ero and Amazonian Shipibo traditions, as well as certification as a Stone Walker under a Santee Sioux Native American Medicine Woman. You may read more about my personal journey → here.

Pilgrimage to Apu Ausangate, the most auspicious Mountain Spirit in the Andean cosmovision.

Pilgrimage to Apu Ausangate, the most auspicious Mountain Spirit in the Andean cosmovision.

Maestro Lorenzo and Maestro Juan Carlos, Thanksgiving Offering

Maestro Lorenzo and Maestro Juan Carlos, Thanksgiving Offering

Initiation Ceremony : Temple of the Moon, Cusco Peru

Initiation Ceremony : Temple of the Moon, Cusco Peru

Temple of the Moon, Cusco Peru : Mesa Ceremony

Temple of the Moon, Cusco Peru : Mesa Ceremony

Healing offerings in person or remotely via private conference line for international clients:    

  • Walking the Path Of Purpose Apprenticeship for those souls ready to fully heal their emotional and spiritual bodies and birth their Purposeful work into the world. Explore how you can transform your life, your work, your relationships, and your world in ways that empower you and promote health, life balance, and wellbeing. Step into your true life's purpose.

  • Healing Retreats, Creative Vacations, Spiritual Journeys, & Explore Deeply Immersions inspired by Native American Healing Arts

Blessing at the Altar of Pachamama in Machu Picchu

Blessing at the Altar of Pachamama in Machu Picchu

In person sessions offered on Chloë's land, Skywater Hollow Retreat, in Virginia off the beaten path, close to Mother Nature. The Skywater Hollow Retreat treatment setting is located in Fulks Run, Virginia, a lovely drive 'just down the road' from Lost River, West Virginia and Harrisonburg, Virginia. Located 2 hours from Washington DC and 3 from Baltimore, easily accessible from Pittsburgh PA, Richmond VA, & Charlottesville VA. Sessions are also offered via private conference line for remote or international clients.

Book a complimentary consultation with Chloë before registering for your service or email info@exploredeeply.com for appointment scheduling or to ask any questions that you may have call +1 540 208 1796 to schedule your service.

What people are saying…

I’ve done a lot of self-help, self-development work on my own, but somehow I hadn’t ended up getting anywhere or feeling consistently happy.

I was ok, but life just seemed to keep on going, one day to the next.

When I got hit with a big and unexpected life transition, I knew it was time for a change. But I had no idea what to do next.

Working with Chloë has given me a sense of security and strength in my life that I have never before possessed. I understand the truth of my existence at a deeper level and know how to source my inner strength. Things have begun to fall into place in my life, that I never imagined were possible for me, before my work with Chloë. — Lisa B

Before I started working with Chloë, I was depressed, lost, and out of hope. I didn’t believe that could ever change, but I was seeking.

In six weeks I had this new awareness that I couldn’t explain, things looked the same, but I felt different. I was shocked.

Even though I still had bad days, I started to understand my life and who I had been all this time, and why.

I realized that I was unhappy because I wasn’t being the person I wanted to be. I was getting to know myself, my true self, for the first time in my life. — Paul S

I felt out of options. Traditional therapy had not provided me with the insights I was craving...

Once I was feeling disconnected, confused and adrift.  As a result of working one-on-one with Chloë, life feels more purposeful, anchored and alive.

Initially, I was hesitant to make the financial commitment to a coaching/healing program.  I was stuck in the story of scarcity and competition.  

However, I felt out of options. Traditional therapy had not provided me with the insights I was craving.  The denial broke when I finally came to the conclusion that becoming the person I so longingly desired to be was dependent upon me being connected, grounded and tuned into my own self.

Only then could I even begin to have the life experience I desired; "life artistry" sounded exactly like what I had been looking for.

Before working with Chloë, I was going through a geographical and emotional transition.  During that transition period, it was becoming clear that my “way of doing things” was not serving me any longer.  I had a tendency to focus on changing my external circumstances (i.e. travel, moving to new places) to fill an internal void, the novelty of which would inevitably wear off and disappoint. I was never quite content with being me in any given moment. Relationships would suffer and I would suffer. It was a maddening cycle.  I was ready to honestly look at myself and the walls I had built around my heart. 

Saying Yes to Walking the Path Of Purpose Apprenticeship was a watershed moment.  It felt like I had finally committed to an internal exploration that I had been tirelessly searching outside of myself for my entire life.  As the saying goes, the most difficult journey is from our head to our heart. I have developed a deeper, more consistent daily meditation practice which allows me to continually tune in, ground and love more authentically.

After just the first one-on-one session with Chloë, I knew that this was different from all the other paths I had taken before.  I felt deeply heard and energetically supported. 

I was looking for way to develop my intuition and trust again my inner compass.  As a result, Chloë held space and offered several tools that have stayed with me ever since.  This energetic toolbox has become a part of my daily life allowing me to recalibrate, re-center and remember that everything that I need is already within me.  I feel energetically lighter and now take informed action, trusting in the path that is uniquely mine. Deep bow to the unfolding journey... — Marlee F

See more testimonials →

Chloë Rain is a Spiritual Guide & Visionary. She has received professional certifications as a Life Coach and Spiritual Mentor, as well as being certified in Inyan Pejuta a Native American Healing Art, and an initiate of the Pampamesayok Lineage of Andean Energy Medicine. 

As well as trained in multiple energy healing modalities, such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing). She has received Yoga Instructor & Meditation Instructor certifications and is trained in several other alternative medicine techniques for self healing and personal growth.  Chloë offers one-on-one coaching, healing retreats, and workshops and classes throughout the year, please join the newsletter to receive announcements and details of classes, retreats, and other offerings.

The Heart Rock of Pachamama : Temple of the Monkey Peru

The Heart Rock of Pachamama : Temple of the Monkey Peru

The Stone Nation, Inyan Oyate, continue to teach me, as I walk in beauty on Turtle Island. The Apus, Spirit of the Mountains, speak to me and offer their wisdom on this path... you can read more about the Native American Prophecy and the prophecy of the Medicine people of the south returning the medicine ways to the Eagle people of the North: Condor & the Eagle Prophecy.

Chloë is a powerful medicine woman who has created programs from her own experiences and delivers them with so much love. She connects, understands, and supports the highs and lows with you, and rides out the waves all the while guiding you back…. to confidence in yourself!
— Melissa K