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21 Days to Love Program- Full Moon Fire Ceremony Spiritual Significance of the Full Moon

21 Days of Powerful Healing Energy to Change Your Relationship to Love


This 21 Day program is designed as an easy to follow and easy to follow through guided journey to help you clear your inner world so that you can allow more love in your life.  By walking this journey, step by step, for 21 days you are learning to release whatever no longer serves you. The daily emails include helpful statements that are the magic elixir that will melt away old pains, attachments and disappointments and make room for greater levels of LOVE in your life, so that you may experience greater joy & health and experience deeper intimacy.

Tap Into Creation Energy: Self Love: Pure Love

Release past traumas, shame, guilt, painful memories, disappointments, attachment to past lovers, and allow more love in your life.

This is not just about allowing more love in your life, this is about transforming your current life circumstances in ways you could not imagine.

Our heart’s desires are divine impulses meant to motivate us, guide us and inspire us to become the greatest expressions of who we can be. For many of us, these deepest desires have become buried beneath the debris of painful experiences, negative interpretations, fear and resignation. We are often unable to hear, respond to and be fueled by their messages, nudges and prompts to step out of the comfort of the known and into our highest selves.

The 21 Day Detachment Cleanse is a lifestyle change, a journey into the most sacred and profound parts of yourself so that you may experience deeper love for yourself and greater intimacy in your relationships.

Love and desire are the most powerful and creative forces in the Universe.

It is said that our desires are the keys to unlock our unique destiny.

Beginning when you join this program, you will receive daily remote energy transmissions that will help open you up, gently, to all that you are—love, joy, harmony—and you will experience so much more in these powerful transmissions! These remote sessions are powerful catalysts for growth, healing, and self love.

Receive 21 Days of Emotional Detox, Detachment, & Consciousness Cleanse, to open to receive more LOVE in your life!

The program includes:

  • Daily blessings for your heart, health, body, mind, & spirit - that will actually change your relationship to Self LOVE and help you open to receive more LOVE....

  • Easy to follow through exercises to release emotional attachments and resistance that are keeping you stuck in old patterns

  • Daily emails with to help lift and inspire you for your internal healing practice

  • A FULL MOON FIRE CEREMONY for completion and transformation

Everything is Energy, and YOU have the POWER to change your life NOW!


Couples in Love

A Guided Journey to greater LOVE

As soon as you join this program you will begin receiving energy transmissions and prayers to open your heart, connect to all realms of your desires, feel a sense of purpose and a sense of joy that so many of us are missing in our lives, and create greater worthiness to receive our desires and experience greater intimacy.

When you enter the program you are included in Chloë's daily meditations & energy transmissions, Chloë will become your companion on this journey of incredible growth, expansion, and love, and at the end of your program you will be included in a FULL MOON CEREMONY, to burn up all of your energetic blocks to Love. 

Get Ready to participate in this fun and powerful vortex of manifestation.

Releasing and creating can happen more quickly with the power of an intuitive channel for Divine Love Energy.

The intention of this 21 Day course is to raise your vibration by releasing any lower energies of shame, guilt, unforgiveness, resentment, or attachment to any occurrence, event, person or persons, and furthermost Ourselves for any wrongdoing, betrayal, or disappointment either real or otherwise imagined.

The transmissions will help you clear your inner world so that you achieve the maximum impact of the Detox, Detachment, and Cleanse by clearing your internal world and releasing whatever no longer serves you. These statements are the magic elixir that will melt away the old pains and disappointments and make room for greater levels of LOVE in your life, so that you may experience deeper intimacy.

Our ability to receive Love and resonate the vibration of Love affects all parts of our life. In fact your external circumstances right now are a reflection of how worthy of Love you are available to receive and have in your life.

Love is life force energy pure and simple. If you find yourself struggling in any area of your life right now, whether it be relationships, romantic or otherwise, and even if your bank account is low on funds, this is a reflection of how much you value yourself. 

When you shift your internal energies and open up to more Love in your life all areas of your life improve, including your worthiness to receiving!

Areas to dedicate this practice of raising the vibration could be as follows (and not limited to): 

  • self-love

  • calling in love

  • improving relationships

  • releasing debts

  • increasing prosperity

  • receiving more cash and flow

  • happiness

  • freedom

  • life purpose

  • health

  • weight loss

  • worthiness

  • receiving

Of course all areas will benefit from this practice, as we raise our vibrations, all areas will resonate at higher vibrations!

Each day you will be sent a guided practice: To change your life in 21 days with email reminders and daily energy transmissions to lift and inspire you!

Why 21 Days?

21 Days to Love Course Explore Deeply Chloe Rain

The concept of 21 days is widely recognized as the minimum consecutive practice time necessary to establish a new pattern of thought or behavior. Also, the 21 day period is a spiritually significant time for transformation and integration.

Does this really work???

Studies have shown that your thought energy doesn't just affect you, but those you think about too.

Dr. Daniel J. Benor's summary of discovery on distance healing:

Daniel Benor, MD has been practicing psychotherapy for 35 years and developed an energy psychology method to help individuals to achieve emotional healing without prescribed medications. Distance healing is healing that is deliberately sent by one or more healers as an intent, wish, meditation, or prayer to a healee who may be in the healers' presence or may be far away. In Dr. Daniel Benor's summary of 61 controlled randomized studies of distance healing, healers could produce significant effects on electrodermal responses, finger blood volume, and heart rate. These studies confirm that measurable, highly significant distant healing effects can be produced repeatedly. They also suggest that healers' claims to produce relaxation are probably accurate, as electrodermal responses reflect relaxation. "Significant effects of distant healing have been demonstrated in controlled trials in humans, animals, plants, bacteria, yeasts, cells in the laboratory, and DNA. Distance, even thousands of miles, does not appear to limit the effects of healing."

Why a blessing over water?

Dr. Emoto’s water experiment:

Dr. Masaru Emoto projected different types of thoughts onto glasses of water, froze them, and examined the resulting water crystals under a microscope. What he found was that water crystals infused with higher vibrational thoughts like “love” or “joy” formed beautiful patterns, while those with negative thoughts like “hate” or “anger” were rough, opaque and in a state of chaos.

Now think about this: since 75 percent of your body is water, how could your thoughts be influencing your body and the energy field around you?

One Participant had to say this about the blessing over water:  

"I used to drink water casually during the day. Now I am making efforts to be mindful so that every time I drink water or use water I express gratitude and say blessings. This has a ripple effect to other activities. It is one spiritual path. I think this alone could be called a complete spiritual path..."

As we raise our vibration in togetherness, we reflect our unique light from within, our combined light will radiate 1000 times brighter and stronger so that others may see the light, and be the light.  

What participants are saying 21 Days to Love

"I feel like now I'm just working to open myself up completely to receive what is mine by divine right - my career/calling and having the most amazing life partner to walk alongside me. This was also a great way to end my 30's and enter 40 feeling energized, light and ready for nothing but goodness."

"During the 21 days the daily transmissions and exercises brought out emotions and thoughts that had been deeply buried.  They came up for healing."

"I found the perspective to witness my experiences more compassionately and see how [my Xs} behavior was a reflection of what was happening within themselves and not a statement about me."

"I think 2 of the biggest things I was able to let go was this man I've been holding on to in the hopes that he would change his mind and decide to make a commitment to a long-lasting relationship.  It's actually so liberating to finally let him go and realize that he was not meant for me and be able to do without any hard feelings. And I feel that my heart is expanding even more to finally receive the one who is divinely mine.”

Remember: Everything is Energy, and YOU have the POWER to change your life NOW!

21 Days to Love Explore Deeply Chloe Rain
The big kicker was how my relationship to Self Love changed. It was amazing.
I didn’t realize my attachments are and have been such a part of me for so long, and I was able to let them go.
I feel lighter! The blame and shame are gone. The experience was really very easy.
It was if a veil had been lifted off me and when anything would come up I’d think “am I feeling shame right now” and most times it was ‘perhaps! but I’m releasing that feeling now’.
I love the idea that what we want, wants us just as much!!!!!!
I would say the Cleanse was very effective, even though I had so much resistance around doing it at first - and I wanted to do it perfectly. Funny, it didn’t seem as though anything was working during the 21 days, but after the 21st day things started to show up differently because of the release of shame.
I was able to release my parents story from mine, and it doesn’t have the stronghold it always has had on me and I can finally start to live my life. I realized how so much of my ideas about myself and life came from them and now I’m beginning to really own what I’ve always envisioned my life to be and it feels so amazing and freeing to dream big.
During the 21 days, I experienced some very interesting things around my love life, including on the 20th day I found out an X, I used to live with was dating someone else, and I was OK with it.

The DAY AFTER the cleanse, I ran into my most recent X, the one I was trying to release my attachment to, and we had complete closure.

Not to mention I’ve been on two new dates, and a whole lot of up-leveling in my perspective on what it is I actually desire in the love department.
At the beginning I would rate [my worthiness] around a 0-1 and after this work I’d say my number jumped significantly, more of a 5-6!
I had a lot of resistance in the beginning and then I changed my story and made new agreements. Each day the water blessing was helpful - and making myself wrong was no longer my focus. That was really helpful in reaching the tipping point. When day 21 arrived I was thinking I was “done” with that (yeah!) then I realized I wasn’t. I still had a desire to bless my water and drink in the goodness of that vibration.
Taking just a few minutes a day to read your email and bless my water was quick, simple, and easy (all the ways I like to have things done)
Your support was truly powerful even when we were not in communication. I could feel you and sense your presence many times during this work together.......so rich with love.
Originally I put my number of worthiness to Love at a 3 or 4 from day to day, now I’d put my number at a 6 or a 7, which is why it feels good to go into this process again and go deeper.

When you enter the program, you are included in Chloë's daily meditations & energy transmissions, and at the end of your program you are included in the upcoming FULL MOON CEREMONY, to burn up all of your energetic blocks to Love.

Fire is the element that creates the fastest transformation.

Fire transforms energy and information from one form to another form.