explore deeply


I feel less anxiety and more connection with myself and my relationships.

I feel clearer on my spiritual path than I have in years. I was able to resolve what was the underlying anxiety around my work. Now I feel way more connected to my partner and she has also made some huge shifts. I feel overall happier and reconnected to some old friends who I enjoy on a deep level. I still have anxiety around my work, but it has a different flavor and because I feel more connected to the rest of my life, the anxiety feels more manageable.

I feel new strengths that have developed from this work are more connection, trust, spiritual deepening and remembering, and I’m better at money management. I think it can be difficult to invest in ourselves both with time and money, but I believe the pay off has been well worth it.

I'm in a much better place in my life in a short 3 months working with Chloë. She really shows up for you during your call and holds a non-judgmental, caring, considerate, intuitive space. I always felt more grounded afterwards. The intuitive piece was really helpful especially when I needed some direct guidance and felt confused. It was more helpful than traditional therapy in that way because it was like having more of a guide who could see the way a little farther than I could and help me figure out which direction to take. — Jennifer B

I feel like a different person than the one who began the program...

Not necessarily different but really more like my true self which is a priceless feeling to have... The one on one healing work benefited me in so many ways that even my own family noticed that I felt better from having these weekly sessions.  I have always felt 100% supported, heard, loved and respected at all times in every single experience I have had with Chloë which means a tremendous amount to me since in the past I have had some experiences in spiritual programs that were not beneficial to me and in certain cases harmful. — Kerry W

I was afraid to live my highest truth, speak my heart and walk in self respect...

Before I met Chloë,  I seemed to wander aimlessly from one relationship to another, one job to another, one place to another.... never satisfied and afraid to simply be alone with myself. I was starving for that deep connection to Spirit that I once had in my early 20's but wasn't willing or able to access it at the time. I had realized my dream of career and had travelled the world, making a living from my work for the past 20 years. Yet, several times along that path, I continued to choose from the fear and belief that the 'safe' path was the easiest way, both in my personal relations and in my life work. This way led me to continue to follow old patterns that seemed easy but really ended up costing me everything.

Essentially, I was afraid to live my highest truth, speak my heart and walk in self respect, love, and compassion toward myself. Every cell in me was calling for a change!  Little did I know that I was being guided to a path and choice that would change my life forever.  As a result of going through the past 5 months of mentorship, what I know now, I cannot un-know or undo.

I am deeply grateful for the wisdom and your teachings that have been passed down to me and the energy that is with me and will always carry me forward. — Rob H

I did not want to take medication to fix my anxiety and depression after abusing alcohol, sex, and drugs to hide decades of emotional turmoil…

After a tumultuous breakup of a 7 year relationship, I was at a complete loss. I looked to traditional therapy to help me when my emotions of sadness, anger, blame, and loneliness were too much to cope with. I got answers from therapy, but I couldn’t figure out how to make sure I would never go through another failed relationship again. 

Where could I find the continued support and wisdom to make truly fundamental changes in my life? I needed hope. Direction. I needed an understanding of human kind and how to cope with loss without alcohol, drugs, sex, and an adrenaline lifestyle that I used to deal with my emotions since the age of 10. In addition, I needed to figure out my anger issues and learn how to have patience with life, from everything to slow moving vehicles to romantic relationships, and all the things in between. I also did not want to take medication to fix my anxieties and depression after abusing sex and drugs to hide decades of emotional turmoil. This was a very difficult decision to have to make because my entire existence and friendships was based in the social norms of having beers, smoking a joint, or being sexually promiscuous. Chloë and her 5 month program were discovered when looking toward alternative therapies that even my therapist said would work better than traditional methods.

No words can express how much relief and hope continues to come from this work. I wonder why didn’t I do this sooner. It was not easy, but by no means was it hard. Once I tapped into myself and began to express emotions and thoughts that were once untouchable for me my whole life, it was game on. It felt so unbelievably good. Chloë shows you tools for emotional longevity, and offers skills and coping mechanisms that are needed to surpass any difficulty that arises in life. She really teaches how to make things stick, and I believe this is the critical link to health and happiness. — Mark S

I started to understand my life...

Before I started working with Chloë, I was depressed, lost, and out of hope. I didn’t believe that could ever change, but I was seeking.

In six weeks I had this new awareness that I couldn’t explain, things looked the same, but I felt different. I was shocked. I hit a rough patch after that, but Chloë told me that was normal, and things would get better.

Even though I still had bad days, I started to understand my life and who I had been all this time, and why.

I realized that I was unhappy because I wasn’t being the person I wanted to be. I’m not sure I could have had this breakthrough alone. I would have thought I was going crazy, but actually I was getting to know myself, my true self, for the first time in my life. — Paul S

Things have begun to fall into place in my life, that I never imagined were possible...

I’ve done a lot of self-help, self-development work on my own, but somehow I hadn’t ended up getting anywhere or feeling consistently happy. I was ok, but life just seemed to keep on going, one day to the next.

When I got hit with a big and unexpected life transition, I knew it was time for a change. But I had no idea what to do next.

Working with Chloë has given me a sense of security and strength in my life that I have never before possessed. I understand the truth of my existence at a deeper level and know how to source my inner strength. Things have begun to fall into place in my life, that I never imagined were possible for me, before my work with Chloë. —Lisa B

I feel inspired to be a bigger version of my true self...

I feel acknowledged, empowered and inspired ~ inspired to be a bigger and truer version of myself. Also, thankful that I have found new ways to serve. Chloë is an extraordinary mentor with uncanny intuition. She is entirely dedicated to the growth of her clients. Take advantage of working with Chloë if you have the opportunity. — Sylvia T

You are not required to be today who you were yesterday....

Some of my favorite insights and breakthroughs that have come to me during this time together are that you don’t have to demand something that can never be taken away. All someone can attempt to do is make it harder for you to believe what is already yours. You can choose to compromise on ideas that do not require a compromise on your morals and values. It’s okay to change your mind.

You are not required to be today who you were yesterday. Knowledge is personal power, personal power is for everyone (is everyone’s divine right). You are simply who you are. If you do not know who you are, you are either in a process of transformation or unaccepting of self. And lastly, I create my own success, I define what success is for me and I choose what is my success. — Gina S

I felt out of options. Traditional therapy had not provided me with the insights I was craving...

Once I was feeling disconnected, confused and adrift.  As a result of working one-on-one with Chloë, life feels more purposeful, anchored and alive.

Initially, I was hesitant to make the financial commitment to a coaching/healing program.  I was stuck in the story of scarcity and lack. However, I felt out of options. Traditional therapy had not provided me with the insights I was craving. The denial broke when I finally came to the conclusion that becoming the person I so longingly desired to be was dependent upon me being connected, grounded and tuned into my own self.  

Before working with Chloë, I was going through a geographical and emotional transition.  During that transition period, it was becoming clear that my “way of doing things” was not serving me any longer.  I had a tendency to focus on changing my external circumstances (i.e. travel, moving to new places) to fill an internal void, the novelty of which would inevitably wear off and disappoint. I was never quite content with being me in any given moment. Relationships would suffer and I would suffer. It was a maddening cycle. I was ready to honestly look at myself and the walls I had built around my heart. 

Saying yes to Walking the Path of Purpose Mentorship was a watershed moment.  It felt like I had finally committed to an internal exploration that I had been tirelessly searching outside of myself for my entire life.  As the saying goes, the most difficult journey is from our head to our heart. I have developed a deeper, more consistent daily meditation practice which allows me to continually tune in, ground and love more authentically.

After just the first one-on-one session with Chloë, I knew that this was different from all the other paths I had taken before. I felt deeply heard and energetically supported. 

I was looking for way to develop my intuition and trust again my inner compass.  As a result, Chloë held space and offered several tools that have stayed with me ever since.  This energetic toolbox has become a part of my daily life allowing me to recalibrate, re-center and remember that everything that I need is already within me.  I feel energetically lighter and now take informed action, trusting in the path that is uniquely mine. Deep bow to the unfolding journey... — Marlee F

I found the encouragement and strength within myself to open new pathways...

Prior to working with Chloë, I was feeling lost in my direction in life with an overwhelming sense of anxiety and doubt that the attempts I was making to change my situation wasn't bringing forth momentum. I had forgotten who I was, as one might say.

During our sessions, I would take the time for myself that I needed and felt a weight lift off of me afterwards.  Through our time together I was able to go deep into the obstacles, feelings and habits that had been preventing me from arriving at a place that I desired. In time, I found the encouragement and strength within myself to open new pathways.

When I contacted Chloë I knew that I wanted to change my life path but I was unaware of the healing I needed or how to create this change. New perspectives and self-acceptance through this inner work has guided me to seek out the answers to the questions I've had.  This process has been transformative, healing and insightful.

One of the major breakthroughs during our time together was that I was able to quit my job which had been a source of stress, unhappiness and confusion.  I was able to discern patterns in my past that had manifested in the present and work through them head on until the fears subsided and I was ready to let go. — Regina R


The profound and permanent shifts that I have experienced with this work is truly amazing and absolutely life transforming. I am stronger, more confident, and clear about who I am and my purpose in life. — Cassy L


When I was going through a very difficult time, Chloë's wisdom and techniques helped me get back in touch with myself and trust in my ability to improve my life. Her teachings aren't about self-improvement but about finding the inner strength that has always been there.

You learn to see the circumstances of your life not as tragedies but as events propelling you to change and to bigger and better things. You will look at your life with more compassion and hope and believe in yourself again. — Erin H

Inspiration for living your own truth as well as pragmatically putting it into practice...

Working with Chloë has expanded what I thought could be possible in terms of building a business focused on serving people first so they can live their highest truth and be their best. 

As someone who is in their first year out of the corporate tech world (Microsoft/Zulily/Amazon), having a mentor like Chloë has made all the difference: being able to both speak to one's inner world and also help guide the practical steps to manifest this in their outer world. 

She constantly refreshes and reminds me of the authentic gift we can give to people when we create space for them to be present for what they want to create in their life as well as where their in-authenticities may lie.  It is such a privilege to be able to work with Chloë, who is an ever-present inspiration for living your own truth as well as pragmatically putting it to practice.  

Additionally, while building a start-up technology-based LGBTQ non-profit organization, Chloë has been the cheerleader at my side, reminding me that the work I'm doing has a much broader impact than even I can see at the moment.

For anyone who is still waiting... for that next opportunity, next job, the business they want to start, the impact they want to make in the world... take imperfect action and do it! — Victor O

I now possess priceless tools...

I constantly strive to be the greatest and most authentic version of myself and am grateful Chloë and I were able to share time together on our lives' paths. I was drawn to her kind yet honest, judgment free methods and am so abundantly grateful I trusted my intuition. Chloë is a positive and supportive conduit for intelligent, soulful change.

Once I set aside my fear of being vulnerable I was able to learn valuable tools and insights from Chloë that I now implement on a daily basis that enable me to focus on replenishing my soul energy; overcome fears and banish guilt and shame.

I now possess priceless tools that assist me to more effectively fulfill my dreams, life's purpose and replenish my energy and happiness. I can never express enough gratitude and am thankful for the Universe's gift that is Chloë.

— Shari M

I have the confidence and understanding how my life forever changes but my purpose is still the same.

I now live in each moment loving who I am, loving what I see, and loving what is! I was able to move forward, releasing the past, and onto the next part of my journey....

Finding Chloë through a link of a link, and liking her name, I read her offering. Reading her own personal story, which mirrored mine in many ways, I knew I desired to be supported by this amazing woman.

In the midst of my own transformational journey, because of working with Chloë,  a discovery was made that even though I believed I worked through my past events, it was evident it was still present and had me paralyzed.  Her techniques, ongoing support, and passion for purpose, helped me to move forward, releasing the past, and onto the next part of my journey,  for that I am grateful.

Chloë guided me to know that although I may slip back to my old ways and behaviors now and again, I will never go as deep as I once was.  In that, I find my strength everyday knowing this is true.

I now step out in confidence knowing the love for ME is stronger than anything I will ever experience. And, in addition, the love for my family – husband and two sons and a granddaughter– is the gold I am now mining on a daily bases growing deeper in love with all that is. — Melissa K

Big time internal house cleaning...

I found Chloë Rain quite by accident, if there is such a thing. I signed up and decided that any attention to my issues was doing more than no attention, so I entered with low expectations.  I could not have been more mistaken, the 21 days of Debt Release Program was powerful.  The first day I started experiencing changes...my dreams began to reflect the past circumstances which led to the issues I was working on...people and situations I had long forgotten, things I didn't connect to the issues, but yet, there they were.  Big time recapitulation, big internal 'house cleaning'.  After the program Chloë schedules a phone meeting, which is above and beyond, and offered me simple, doable, yet powerful tools for continued work and expansion.  HIGHLY recommend, very powerful, yet doable and gentle. — Eileen V

After a lifetime of depression, hope...

There is a little tiny voice way down deep inside saying, "You've got to be kidding me...you believe this line of stuff. You believe that something as good as what Chloe is telling you could just materialize after an entire lifetime of depression, guilt, shame, anger, jealousy and resentment?" Hesitantly I'm saying, "Yes, I deserve it." Thank you Chloe. — Judy H


In working with you my reward has been the freedom to discover who I am NOW, The ability to make mistakes, to not take myself so seriously. To approach this work with skepticism and work this through to freedom! Chloë not only gave me a meal, she taught me how to fish! — Laura L

I didn't always know that change was possible...

In the past, I have often wondered if someone can change so drastically in just a few short weeks, can anyone really change at all, and if so- can you expect the results to last? Not too long ago (only 2-3 weeks really), I was driving life with my foot on the brakes.  I am now at a point where I have experienced my power and feel its potential coursing through my veins.  I feel it in every step that I take.   It has already come back to me in small gestures, it is only a matter of moments that the physical floodgates open and the evidence becomes clear to the world of this change that I once had to wonder about being possible. — NK

I feel like I could move mountains...

Sometimes the work in our session seems very subtle and I don’t know if anything is happening. Then I go back and listen to our talks and I am always blown away. After re-listening and letting [what was said] sink in, I feel like I could move mountains. — AS

I know longer question if my decisions were mistakes...

When we were started our journey, I was convinced that the program would narrow down my direction in life and my the end of our time together I would have a clear understanding of what I was to do in this lifetime.  Instead, I've gotten to know myself more intimately and learned to accept myself. I never thought that I would go on a spiritual journey or let the Divine take the wheel.

I know longer question if I am alone in feeling the way I do or feeling like my decisions were mistakes.  I was able to go through my emotions, fears, anxiety, then dreams and goals and I was able to commit to leaving a job that was not only making me unhappy and affecting my health, but through this journey I realized that I just didn't want to keep pursuing the path I was on.  — RR

After session 3, I had a massive breakthrough...I learned to trust myself...

Prior to joining the program I struggled with feeling like I was alone in my journey, that I didn't have the love and support I needed from friends and family.

After session 3 with Chloë, I had a massive breakthrough that has stayed with me regarding trusting myself, my path and my hearts desires and not giving away power or control to others.

If you're looking for emotional and spiritual support in your journey and you're ready to find the gold in the depths of your soul, please give yourself the gift of the Explore Deeply Process. — Maru I

To work with Chloë is to stand in front of the door to miracles… 

Retraining your mind is a delicate art and Chloë is a master artist.  Having started working with Chloë, I was really very curious. I know that doing the inner work is the prerequisite to seeing the physical manifestation of anything, and I am familiar with energy work…in my first session with Chloë I was blown away by the outpouring of her energy. 

Working with Chloë, has been like seeing and touching the door to miracles.   As literally as one can get, anyway. I love the tools she shares in her programs.  I love how much LOVE there is in every session.  I love her stories.  I love how relatable she is.

I love the curiosity her words inspire in me, and I love feeling the walls of my insecurities crumble and reveal the true gifts inside… what Chloë does is truly an inspired art. 

I find myself bolstering myself with the mantras she shares, and I truly do feel like I have been able to fast track a lot of my manifesting. —Natalina K

Feeling understood is so very important to me...

Working with Chloë has been an inspirational and freeing experience and my gratitude for meeting her knows no bounds! I have worked with a variety of globally renowned Mentors, each with their unique teaching styles and strengths, and I found Chloë to be an especially good fit for me. 

In addition to the qualities required in all top-notch Mentors (honesty, openness, authenticity, deep integrity and love) what I love about working with her is how she merges a down-to-earth quality with a deep spirituality in a way I hadn’t seen before and which really resonated with me.  She is also highly intelligent, has a great sense of humor (which was new for me in coaching) and really tells it like it is - providing a tangible sense of how inner spiritual practices can change our outer world.

Mentorship is a very personal experience, and feeling understood is so very important to me.  Coming from the corporate full-time work world, it was a great relief to find a spiritual teacher who has also been there and gone through the transition into a life of authentic creative expression. This isn’t to say that her work is geared specifically to those in transition from full-time job world to entrepreneur – this was just an important facet for me. In fact, her teachings speak to the human experience of life, finding one’s inner voice, and living a life of meaning and purpose, no matter what one’s background, profession or life transition may be.

I see Chloë as a mentor who has set her creative heart free and truly integrated her unique spirit into her one-of-a-kind spiritual practice. I am blessed to have met such a kindred spirit on this journey of life. — Amanda G

Far beyond coaching, she can see to the center of any issue...

Chloë is a mentor with a very special set of gifts. What she does goes far beyond coaching. She can see through appearances and discover what is at the center of any issue.

Her intuitive methods, sound advice and ways of supporting me have had a tremendous impact in my life. I am committed to my personal development and the growth of my business, therefore, there have been times in which I have had to face blocks right before moving to the next level of my development.

Chloë has excelled in providing the best transformational services I could have ever had and helping me with love and empathy break through the blocks. Having Chloë´s support is a huge blessing in my life and I will be forever grateful to her. —Jessica G

A new way to express myself through my work is a reality...

Today my new website and new way to express myself through my work is a reality! None of this would have happened without YOU, your guidance, and help. —Virginia S

You will find you are much more than you ever thought... 

Every day, I search to become a greater expression of who I am and how I show up in this world.  I also look for seriously talented women with massive hearts and a sharp mind to invite into my inner circle, for my life and in my professional development.  And then I met Chloë.. wow.  

On a personal level, I am eternally grateful for the soul that she is, and for the unique mix of brains, beauty and spiritual substance that she possesses.  During my work with Chloë so far, I have been able to uncover some blind spots in my personal expression and release a pattern that I had previously judged so harshly.  Through our in depth conversation, I felt Chloë had a deep understanding of not only my explanations, but of ME.  I cannot put a dollar value on that.  

I have no doubt that if you trust your intuition and feel inclined to work Chloë, you will be served beyond your expectations and you will find you are much more than you ever thought.  I highly recommend you invest in yourself, and invest in Chloë's transformational programs.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! —Melyssa M

When situations seem stuck, she can see beyond the obvious...

Chloë is a person with outstanding intuition, she is able to understand what is going beyond the obvious. She is someone to consult with when situations seem stuck or frustration creeps in. More than a motivator or a peep talker, she has the ability to listen for the hidden combination of the locker. —Jon V

Your ability to go into the dark with me and shine a powerful light is awe inspiring....

You and I met during the last throes of my dark night of the soul journey and you have been such a blessing as you walked with me and showed me that I was almost on the other side. You embraced me where I was in that moment in my life as I started to unravel and you made it clear … “I got you, Sister. Keep on unraveling … I can handle it and so can you.”

Your heart and own inner work makes you a miracle! A miracle in that you know this journey far too well as you have dove deep into all the familiar wounds and delicate ravines of the heart that cover our true essence and your ability to excavate the tender hidden treasures of gold and precious gems that lie longing to be honored and brought forth into the world is a profound clarion--a heavenly luminous trumpet. You named places that I wanted named with love and honesty and your ability to go into the dark with me, into the broken dreams and core wounds, and shine a powerful light is awe inspiring.

Your intuition is always spot on and filled with such gentleness and yet you didn’t let me hide and are lovingly relentless with your guidance. You listen fully to my herald  and longing to live in the land of miracles. In just a short time of working with you, I feel a wellspring emerging and I know that this is just the tip of the iceberg and cannot wait to work with you as together, we, live in the land of miracles. —Megan S

A powerful medicine woman ...

Chloë is a powerful medicine woman who has created programs from her own experiences and delivers them with so much love. She connects, understands, and supports the highs and lows with you, and rides out the waves all the while guiding you back…. to confidence in yourself! —MK

From money despair to true self love...

I have never allowed anybody to really help me until I met Chloë, because this would mean that I was weak and the worst of all somebody would be able to see me weak. I was so in despair and full of fears because I didn't have clients (I am a therapist) and as consequence no money to pay my bills. I kept it quiet because I was ashamed of my situation.

But one day, I was looking on the internet for something that could help me, I was so alone and I knew that I had created this situation but I did not know how to solve it, and I read a comment from a woman in a Facebook group, talking about her wonderful session with Chloë.

This was the beginning of a new state of being for me. I prayed that I could have a session with her and God, the Universe, the great everything granted me this wonderful gift. Every week I have her amazing energy with me, helping me to break all the barriers I have inside to receiving. She has worked with me in such a way that I could really hear my soul speaking to me, teaching me the lessons of every experience I had.

She helped me to release family patterns that  were holding me back in lack and shame for having money and continued to uncover the limited beliefs related to money that are so common in society. Every session with her I can feel her huge loving soul opening the door from my darkness to let the light in. I have great experiences with the homework she gives me, they help me understand that I am not alone and to see the great beings that we all are and how easily a small task can help you to discover new things about yourself that you weren't aware of.  Her guidance is a blessing for me and I can now FEEL that money it is not an issue of the outside world, it is an issue of my inside world. I have learned to BE OPEN TO REAL LOVE. I was not open to receive, I was just giving and giving, even when I had nothing to give…I couldn't do that any longer…. LOVE is not sacrifice, love is not taking the responsibility of other people on your shoulders, love is not dependency or attachment…LOVE IS SELF-LOVE, SELF-WORTH, TREAT YOURSELF RIGHT, EXPRESS YOURSELF, TRUST IN YOU, and BE OPEN TO RECEIVE. When you know this love you can really give. 

I am not afraid anymore of being broke because I know that source is truly abundant and I am part of this source. Every day I let go of my need to control the how…I know that it is not my business…My trust is growing everyday…and I know that my life is never ever going to be the same. A new way of being. WE ARE  REAL LOVE. 

There are no words to explain how grateful I am to Chloë,  just tears falling down my face, God bless her always, with good and more. —VS

A new way to relate to my mom...

I want to share with you, that thanks to the work with Chloë, I am discovering the huge love that my being is, and finding a new way to relate with my mom, a healthy way. It is amazing to listen to her and how she sees deeper into my soul. It is been great healing work for my soul and the energy that I feel after working with her....I have no words to describe it....I feel a sensation...like experiencing a warm water bath when you are so cold and tired...that makes you feel so alive and cared for. Thank you Chloë, actually no words of thank you can express how blessed I feel to have found you!  —  GV

She saw things in me that I didn't know were possible... 

I am so grateful for the person I have become as a result of working with Chloë. She is an inspirational and amazing Mentor that compassionately guided me closer to myself and my dreams. She saw things in me that I didn't know were possible and helped me to believe in myself again. — KA

My whole being is radiating...

I had a sacred energy session with Chloë, she used her God given gifts to bless me, empower me and clear old patterns that I have been holding on to. During the first 20 mins in session I was able to feel a huge shift in my subtle body, my beliefs and my vibration! My whole being is radiating with the unexplainable energy tingling through me. Chloë is a channel for transformation. I am so honored and blessed to have her in my life. — KB

Harness your confidence...

Chloë's energy and presence ignites transformation in the people she works with. She helps expose your true essence and desires. Then walks you through transformational healing processes that help you to harness the confidence and resources needed to make your dreams a reality. —  JT

The promise of true self love...

Chloe juxtaposes the exquisitely tranquil scenes of nature upon the ragged, wrenching rage of a "darkest night of the soul", In her signature virtuosity with image and color and poetry she describes relinquishing a failed system called "relationship, " and ultimately rising to, listening to, and following the Inner Whispered promise of True Self Love. —  HO

I feel less alone...

Thank you, Chloë Rain, for putting your story on the page. . . it feels familiar, like it belongs not just to you, but to so many of us. Thank you for your courage in sharing. I feel less alone. . . — MB

Immensely valuable nuggets of wisdom...

Chloë, your remarkable ability to condense experience and hard-won insights into glowing, immensely valuable nuggets of wisdom, and then to express them with words that leap off the page and into the heart is a source of constant amazement and joy! — BS 

Resonates with so much of life itself...

Chloe, your story is such a beautiful story, and it resonates so much with what life itself is. It's awesome. — SM



Many clients report positive results almost instantly. I don’t ask for this type of accolade, but I’m happy to know that receiving instant relief is possible for people who are suffering with high anxiety or depression and confusion. When clients report that they feel more themselves than they ever have and they no longer fear what had plagued them prior to our work, this is the highest praise.

I facilitate deep work with persons who have battled with depression and anxiety for years. Smart and self aware people who have tried everything, followed all the rules, and yet happiness and security has eluded them. They may suffer from heartbreak, financial hardship, or complicated family dynamics. They have come to the place where they are seeking a spiritual answer to what ails them and are ready to experience permanent transformation in their lives.

I work in correlation with the physical and mental health programs that my clients are currently using. I’m not against medication, especially when you are in such a dark place that you can’t see your way out of it, however, having been there myself, I do know that thriving without medication is possible.

The work that I do with my clients is different than most programs because the outcome is that the individual has connected with their own Inner Wisdom and Guidance, not someone else’s. I don’t believe that one system or one program fits all. I do believe that once a person has identified their true essence and has learned tools to empower themselves to act on this voice of inner guidance and integrated a spiritual relationship with money, they are a powerful human being able to wield the forces of life and experience true prosperity.

My passion is to help people uncover their blocks and beliefs that prevent them from breaking through, living life they truly love living, and experiencing real happiness and prosperity …this passion of mine sprung from my own internal struggles, then my undeniable burning desire to break through my own limitations, know myself, be myself, and experience real happiness.

If you are interested in working with me please check out my mentorship offerings or email me at chloe@exploredeeply.com to request information. Many blessings to you!

I am so deeply grateful for Chloë’s presence and work. If my internal wilderness was a mountain range, it feels as though she’s been helping me traverse the Himalayas! Oxygen at the ready!
— MF