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Terms & Conditions

I understand this payment is nonrefundable and nontransferable. By pressing the pay button, I am agreeing to pay Chloë Rain doing business as EXPLORE DEEPLY.

BY MAKING PAYMENT FOR SERVICES THE CLIENT IS AGREEING TO THE FOLLOWING: Parties agree that the Program is in the nature of mentoring, coaching, and education. The scope of services rendered by (Company) Explore Deeply and service provider Chloë Rain pursuant to this contract shall be solely limited to those contained therein and provided for on Company's website as part of the offering. 

Company reserves the right to substitute services equal to or comparable to the Program for Client if the need arises. If client cancels attendance of the Program for any reason whatsoever, Client will receive no refund. All intuitive consultations must be scheduled within one year of purchase or session(s) will be forfeited.

SERVICES CONTRACT:  Acceptance of following Terms of Agreement and Release from Liability is a requirement for sessions with Chloë Rain doing business as Explore Deeply.

Nature of Relationship:  The Client enters into this agreement with the understanding that the services provided include intuitive information only and the Client is responsible for creating his or her own decisions and results. During the session, Chloë may give specific advice or suggestions; however, it is ultimately the Client’s responsibility for making his or her own decisions and determining the best course of action. Sessions with Chloë Rain are intended to provide insight on a spiritual level for making life improvements and are not intended to replace therapy or medical treatment or the Client’s own personal sense of what is right or wrong.

The client relationship is in no way to be construed as psychological counseling or any type of psychotherapy. Even though Chloë is an ordained Spiritual Advisor and trained as a professional coach, she is not acting as a mental health therapist and is not licensed as such, but as a Spiritual Mentor. In the event that the Client feels the need for professional counseling or therapy, it is the responsibility of the Client to seek a licensed professional. 

Any referral the Client may receive to another person, product or company is done without endorsement or warranty. The Client understands that due to individual differences in commitment and participation, results they may achieve from the services may differ from the results achieved by others. Chloë makes no EXPRESS or IMPLIED warranties of any type or nature whatsoever with respect to such services.

Confidentiality: Maintaining confidentiality and trust is essential in a mentorship relationship. Chloë promises the Client that all information provided during the session(s) will be kept strictly confidential, except in the case that where Chloë reserves the right to disclose such information as she believes is reasonably necessary to protect the client’s personal safety, the personal safety of another person, or as otherwise required by law. Any information shared by the client on Facebook or other social media platforms is considered public information and Chloë will not be held liable for maintaining confidentiality of that information.

Length of Contract:  The Client agrees to participation in the agreement of services outlined in the package being purchased. The payments are due as outlined in the purchase, to be paid through credit card or bank account. 

Release, Hold Harmless and Agreement Not to Sue: The Client realizes that the Chloë will assist the Client in identifying and achieving specific goals and that the Client is free to reject any advice, suggestions, or requests made by her at any time. The Client acknowledges that he/she is entering voluntarily into this Agreement with Chloë and hereby releases, holds harmless, and agrees not to sue her for any loss, damage, claim, action, liability, or demand whatsoever which may result, or fail to result, from the services delivered or decisions that the Client makes through the mentorship relationship.

I have read and voluntarily accept this waiver and release from liability, and further agree that no oral representatives, statements or inducements have been made to me in connection therewith.

Termination Policy: I understand I am responsible for the full cost of the entire session/program/package/course and even if I stop participating in the program I am still committed to making the rest of the payments in full.

Cancellation Policy: Please make all individual appointments/calls on time. If you need to reschedule an individual session please notify me as soon as you are aware of the change. All Session fees are due prior to the scheduled appointment and are non-refundable. Appointments that are canceled 48 hours or more prior to the appointment time may be rescheduled to a future date at no additional cost. Only one re-schedule will be allowed per client. Appointments cancelled 24 hours or less will be subject to a $50 transfer fee when rescheduled to a future date, otherwise cancellation fee is 100% of fees paid. Cancellation fee for no-shows is 100% of fees paid.

As the Client, you understand that mentorship is a comprehensive process that may involve all areas of your life, and is not to be used as a substitute for professional advice by legal, medical, financial, business, mental health or other qualified professionals. You acknowledge that deciding how to handle these issues, incorporating intuition into those areas, and implementing your choices is exclusively your responsibility.

DISCLAIMER OF GUARANTEE. Client accepts and agrees that she/he is 100% responsible for her/his progress and results from the Program. Client accepts and agrees that she/he is the one vital element to the Program's success and that Company cannot control Client.

Client understands that it takes time and a strong commitment to change habits of thinking and acting, and that Client is 100% committed to making a concentrated effort to his/her own progress and results from the program. Company makes no representations or guarantees verbally or in writing regarding performance of this Agreement other than those specifically enumerated herein.

Company and its affiliates disclaim the implied warranties of titles, merchantability, and fitness for a particular purpose. Company makes no guarantee or warranty that the Program will meet Client's requirements or that all clients will achieve the same results.

NO SUBSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL TREATMENT. Client agrees to be mindful of his/her own well-being during and seek medical treatment (including, but not limited to psychotherapy), if needed. Company does not provide medical, therapy, or psychotherapy services. Company is not responsible for any decisions made by Client as a result of the intuitive consulation or mentorship program and any consequences thereof.

I have read and fully understand the terms of this Agreement and I willingly accept all of the points above. By making this payment, I agree to the Terms of Agreement and Release from Liability.

By pressing the pay button, I am agreeing to pay Chloë Rain doing business as EXPLORE DEEPLY.