explore deeply


Everyone has a purpose.


Do you know yours?

Something brought you here today.

Maybe you were searching for the spiritual significance of a sign or perhaps you’ve been wondering about the meaning of your life. Or you’ve been moved by the state of the global environment and the uncertainty in the news, and you’re wondering what kind of legacy we’re going to leave the next generation.

You know that things can’t continue the way they are, and yet you don’t know what you can do to change or even where to begin….

If you're like me, you have probably wondered what it's going to take for humanity to finally awaken to the vast and beautiful and divine miracle that is life on earth. What would it be like to live in a world where we cannot help but express our true selves in healthy, sustainable, peaceful and prosperous careers, relationships, communities, and even countries?

Almost all of us have an intuition that we are living on the edge of a turning point in human history. We intuit a threshold, a line beyond which we will reveal ourselves to ourselves, and there is an unspoken fear that we might not like what we find, but there is also a sense that we may be forced to unearth inner resources previously unknown to us.

No longer is the old way of doing things a guarantee for success or happiness. It is essential to have a solid sense of yourself through your own inner knowing in order to feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment that your soul is calling for.

As part of our human journey, we are each contracted to experience numerous challenging cycles in life. We are here to learn something about ourselves as spiritual beings having a human experience. Thus, you are always about to enter or are in the process of a transformative cycle in some area of your life as part of the path of your unique destiny.

While such cycles are unavoidable and not necessarily a bad thing — the place from which you engage these cycles often determines how difficult it becomes, how long it lasts, and whether you transform the darkness of confusion and pain into the light of new potential and life.

Discover your Soul’s Path through the Wisdom of the Four Directions

Walking The Path Of Purpose Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship Positions OPEN Beginning January 2020—Fill out the Application & Contact Form Below

Very often, calling it drive and ambition, we become too focused on the tasks in front of us to realize the infinite possibilities that exist for us in each day. You may have accomplished many things and yet you find yourself longing for something greater in your life.

Learning to explore deeply is opening to the ultimate possibility that is your life. Your internal awakening opens the door to a truly unimaginable possibility. The potential of living a deeply awakened life is so magnificent and so far beyond most of what we see in the world that even when we taste it for ourselves, we often find it hard to accept that life could be this extraordinary.

In order to make room in ourselves for the miraculous to take root, most of us need to uncover, and ultimately leave behind a deeply rooted fundamental insistence on a life of limitation.

This deeply rooted and often unconscious limitation infects even the most dedicated of hard workers and subtly holds us back from taking the leap of trust required to truly experience our own personal freedom and a life we love living.

Uncertainty, the state of the world around us, it is the classroom in which the challenges and lessons that lead to our own personal power and wisdom emerge.

Clarity, trust, self-love and self-worth, discernment and detachment are the qualities we cultivate in order to support the growth of wisdom in our lives so that we may walk our path of purpose.

We all have dreams for our life and our future — desires within us that feel important and necessary to living a life of purpose. So why do so many people accept a life of unfulfillment?

Most people struggle in silence, fear slowly strangling their passions and drive to make changes in their personal and professional lives. Dreams of living your ideal life, the perfect fulfilling work, experiencing true intimacy with a partner and soulmate, and achieving flow and abundance in your life become muted  but, in your heart, you know these dreams can be realized, you just can't seem to figure out how, and where to begin...

Life is not random, your experiences are meaningful — even your painful experiences, all experiences are a call to the Soul’s Path…

Initiation experiences are deeply spiritual. They have been a part of the human journey for thousands of years. The initiation experience is a very specific journey meant to challenge you to discover the unknown resources of power within you. Extreme conditions are either chosen (as in going on a challenging Vision Quest), or brought upon you through unforeseen life events such as illness, accidents, death, divorce, or any other life circumstance that starts a person on this extraordinary experience. Most people do not even recognize that they having an initiatory experience, as it is a spiritual journey hidden within the pain and chaos of ordinary life.

Initiation experiences are transformational journeys of the Soul that have a sequence and natural progression to them. For one to bring their unique gift or medicine to the world they must go through an initiatory experience of wounding, losing themselves and finding themselves again before they can be a teacher of this wisdom.

With most injuries or wounds, we can seek help, including our emotional and mental wounds. The challenge of this wound is to heal yourself before you can heal others. You must confront your own weaknesses or be consumed by them. You can only come to believe in the power of your spirit — and the Spirit — by sourcing that power yourself to survive. Then you can speak about that power with respect and reverence, and the Spirit will assist you because you understand how to source your own divine wisdom.

Every journey transforms the initiate in some profound way. Each initiation has its own purpose, its own teaching, its own medicine. In this in-depth immersion program we will explore the many ways that your soul is attempting to get your attention and direct you to walk your unique path of purpose.

The Wisdom of the Four Directions explains our relationship to the external world, but also explains how to live in the world…

The healing traditions & teachings of the Four Directions focus on our connection with nature and the nature of our true selves. Learning the wisdom of the Four Directions supports us to be in right relationship with others, our world, and ourselves, the teachings of the Four Directions is a complete and unparalleled framework for personal inquiry and growth as well as healing practices that have been shared for thousands of years between mentor and student.



The Gift is New Beginnings, Insight & Prosperity

Spring, Air, Self-Care, Soul Imprinting, Healing of Past Trauma and Wounding, Change, Rebirth

We all have a gift to bring to the world, a creative gift, through our own unique expression of who we are. What is our message to deliver, what is the medicine we bring to the world? What can our creative expression offer to the world, when we are engaging all of our gifts and talents?



The Gift is Knowledge & Maturity

Fall, Earth, Harvest, Dream Work, Shamanic Journeying for Wisdom & Vision on our Earth Walk, Manifestation, Maturity

We align ourselves with our Destiny and bring to the world what it is that we came to this life to do, it is the most generous thing that we can do, the most generous thing we can do is to live the life we came here to live.



The Gift is Passion & Strength

Summer, Fire, Growth, Courage, Action, Strength, Practices to bring forth more Vitality & Abundance

If you don’t know who you are, you don’t know much.  If you have answered the question — who am I — you understand a lot about your relationship to the Universe. You may be challenged by your own fear, while bringing your unique gift to the world but you must master this, this is your battle.



The Gift is Healing & Wisdom

Winter, Water, Healing, Great Mysteries, Wisdom, Wellbeing, Integration on the Physical Plane

The medicine of the North supports us to be in right relationship with others, our world, and ourselves. These energies helps us choose compassion over anger; connection over isolation; and empowers us to play a bigger role in the healing of ourselves, others, and our environment.



The Gift of the Center is Sovereignty, where you become aligned with your destiny.

Connection to the Above and Below, Earth and Center, Deep Integration at the Soul Level

The powers of presence, action and communication are the foundations of leadership. We will explore the principles and applications of personal and community leadership. The practices of Center help us show up, make positive contributions to our families and communities and avoid the abuses of power that plague our times.

Learn to Embody Your Unique Source of Power, Uncover Your Strengths, Break Free of Limiting Patterns, Learn to Heal Yourself and Be in Greater Service to the World


Walking the Path of Purpose: 5-Month One-on-One Apprenticeship, offers you the guidance and support needed to let go of the imposed doubt and limitation and step into a consciousness of unlimited possibility.

In this radical freedom from limitation, you will experience firsthand why exploring deeply is not only a powerful doorway to awakening, but one of the essential qualities of living a truly happy life.

This individualized mentorship program will give you tools to help you come into your own personal power, regain your sense of self and passion for life, and when you begin to experience breakthroughs, you’ll feel as though you’ve returned to your authentic self, with the promise you were born to realize.

We must learn to develop skills and engage in new capacities for healing — such as tapping into our unique gifts, and finding the link between our personal healing, our work, our spiritual work, and how to contribute to global transformation and human consciousness.

It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in following our internal guidance that was meant to serve our life purpose all along, for in listening to our heart there is life, and in this movement we fulfill our destiny.

Are you ready to go deep and discover your unique, soulful, intelligent, and meaningful place in the world?


Develop your abilities to hear your inner guidance, and learn to hone this knowledge to create and recreate your life

How do I find the purpose of my life

Discover your unique purpose for being alive at this time

How do I find the purpose of my life

Uncover how to be of greatest service to the world

Follow your Soul’s calling to contribute and serve in your own way, act with courage and love — and realize you are never alone.

The way I see it, most of our major problems, social and environmental, can be solved if enough people shift to a new way of being — and come into harmony with every living thing on planet earth, and the earth itself. We must understand how we may offer our gifts to the up leveling of human consciousness and through being true to our own unique reason for being alive at this time.

Do you feel a deep longing to be on purpose and in service to the world? Discover your Soul’s calling through the wisdom of the Four Directions.

Tap into the power of Mother Earth and use these ancient methods to wield the energy and power of nature in your daily life. When you are feeling dispassionate, disconnected, foggy, or unmotivated this signals a loss of personal power. Using ancient wisdom techniques and earth based methodologies we can regain our personal power and stop energy leaks from draining us.

You will learn earth based practices to heal yourself and the world. You will learn to self heal and shift at the cellular level, releasing deep imprints from the past, and this is when your external world will begin to re-organize around you, as your “new” vision comes into focus.

It’s Time to Reclaim Your Unique Vision

A vision is not a glimpse of what will be in the future — it’s an awareness of what is already true within you, here and now.

The vision is not something you make up, it is who you were born to be. It’s your true power, your essence, your genius, and the source of your abundance.

When you are cut off from the truth of your essence, you don’t just fail to fulfill your potential, you experience many other side-effects. The challenges you face in other areas — health, work, relationships, prosperity — are often symptoms of a disconnection from this divine pattern in you. That’s why many attempts to solve those other problems don’t work — because they’re symptoms, not the cause.

When you rediscover your vision and begin to align with the forces of nature, you activate the latent power within you and begin to dissolve many of your problems. This is when miracles can happen.

Coming into your own personal power helps us choose inspiration over fear; compassion over anger; connection over isolation; and empowers us to play a bigger role in the healing of ourselves, others, and our environment.

You will learn to shift at the subconscious level, releasing deep imprints from the past, and this is when your external world will begin to re-organize around you, as your “new” vision comes into focus. The practices of self-love and worthiness help us show up, make positive contributions to our families, and communities, and avoid the abuses of power that plague our times.

This 5 month in-depth personalized program is a profound exploration of all that has changed the course of my life as well as many of my clients lives, forever. The core of this program will cleanse the frequency and vibration of your energy body upgrading the programming that informs your emotions and your consciousness. Anchoring in to your body your most authentic soul expression and greatest calling.

Energy healing practices are not only concerned with the health of the individual, but also with the health of the world. This includes all people, plants, animals and all of life. As we raise the vibration within our own body and life we help to heal the planet by raising the vibration of all. Learning to connect with sacred places on earth is an intrinsic part of ancient wisdom. By spending time in natural wonders, such as rivers, lakes, mountains and caves, we reawaken our Spirit and invigorate the energy of the land.

Ceremonies honor the Spirit of ourselves within and engage with the Spirits of nature to help promote harmony and balance. In becoming ceremony we beget relationship and engage in meaningful communication with something greater than ourselves.

Learning to connect with sacred places on earth is an intrinsic part of ancient wisdom. By spending time in natural wonders, such as rivers, lakes, mountains and caves, we reawaken our Spirit and invigorate the energy of the land.

Healing stems from the power of Nature itself.

Why am I alive

Discover How to Own Your Authentic Power


You will be guided through the process of uplifting your soul through daily practices and nature based experiences. Allow your soul's purpose to emerge from within you.


Begin to experience the healing power of Nature and build a direct relationship with the true nature of reality all around you.


Part of our life’s journey is to unify the aspects of Body, Mind, Heart & Spirit. This unity allows us to function naturally.


Transform your actions in order to bring healing to yourself, your relationships and your community. In this way, each step you take on the path of life becomes a healing process.

Each of us is born with a unique gift that we are here to share with the world. You are born with everything you need to bring this gift into the world, but as a result of societal and familial conditioning, life experiences and wounding this gift can be forgotten or remain hidden for decades.

Walking the Path of Purpose Apprenticeship goes above and beyond typical mentorship & healing programs, as it is custom designed specifically to help you in becoming the Master of your own life and relationships, your work, and life purpose.

A holistic approach to one-on-one mentorship including belief system reprogramming, also life strategy, and intuitive guidance for you in living your own unique life purpose and reason for being in the world.

Chloë facilitates transformational process with people who have struggled with dissatisfaction for years. These are smart and self aware people who have tried everything, followed all the rules, and yet happiness and fulfillment has eluded them.

When clients report that they feel more themselves than they ever have before and they no longer fear what had plagued them prior to engaging in this work, this is the highest praise.

You may have come to the place where you are seeking an answer to what is the meaning and purpose of your life. You may be feeling the heart ache of the soul’s longing to be fully expressed in this lifetime.

It is my deepest honor and joy to share the energy tools that will change the way you interface with the world, process challenging circumstances, and create a life you truly enjoy living, while giving back to the world. This apprenticeship is designed to offer a container of deep individual healing, along with help in how to integrate these new awarenesses in practical and real ways in your life for your specific path.

You will learn energy medicine and ancient wisdom techniques that combine modern neuroscience methodologies to create a life in alignment with your truest essence and purpose. 

Energy medicine techniques empower you to step beyond your mind and emotions, and then you will see how your life begins to re-organize around you, as your vision comes into focus.

  • Release and reprogram outdated patterns and beliefs

  • Uncover your unique divine plan

  • Develop your intuition and learn to trust your inner compass

  • Deepen your connection to abundance and flow

  • Discover your true source of unlimited power

  • Get unstuck & reclaim your true vision

  • Serve the world by healing yourself and learning to offer this healing to others


  • Anyone yearning to experience more in life

  • Anyone who wants to break free of negative patterns

  • Anyone wanting to feel passionate and purposeful on a daily basis

  • Anyone who wants to start a new career or re-invent themselves

  • Anyone wanting to break through to a new level of prosperity and flow

When you talk to people about your problems you may experience a temporary sense of relief and clarity. In this way you may learn reasons for disconnection and apathy, but still feel unable to breakthrough. That is because this type of teaching operates at a superficial level. Unfortunately, it does not fix the root cause at the soul purpose level. 

The limitations in your life are a symptom of something deeper. Simply talking about it is not going to fix your underlying loss of connection to soul purpose, passion, and your abilities to feel deeply, which is how anything is manifested in our lives. We must be able to reclaim our power in order to experience the things we long for.

Trust in synchronicity and learn to live in sacred time, and allow the universe to conspire on your behalf.

Own that which makes you uncomfortable, and no longer hold anyone else responsible for your pain or happiness.

Get in touch with the voice of your inner guidance, You learn to source your own power and wisdom.

Embark on a sacred journey, see only opportunities, and step into your destiny.

Walking the Path of Purpose Apprenticeship includes — 5 months of one-on-one mentorship, including 1 & 1/2 hour weekly individual mentorship & teaching sessions including energy healing techniques with recordings, supplemental sound healing audios and guided meditations for your wellness library, a 200+ page resource manual with educational teachings and developmental exercises. As well as, personalized tools for individual vision work and clarity on your life's path.

In addition to the weekly individual teaching sessions and energy work offered to you during our sessions, I offer daily healing prayer for you where I channel insight and share wisdom that comes through for you during these transmissions. You will receive individually tailored energy healing and belief system reprogramming for your particular blocks and barriers to fulfillment and prosperity as well as personalized tools for wellness that you will use for the rest of your life.

  • 5 months of individual and personalized weekly teaching & mentorship sessions lasting an hour and a half, including guided meditations and weekly energy medicine healing sessions

  • Audio recordings of every session, so that you may review the meditations, teachings, and prayers offered during healing your individual healing sessions

  • 200+ page resource manual with teachings, methods, and exercises

  • 16 Specific processes and exercises that help train your mind, guide your emotions, and up-level your self awareness. These are processes you will use for the rest of your life.

  • 8 Meditation & resource audios for Apprentices only — including guided meditations, guided EFT (tapping) for anxiety and attachments, 3 guided journeys for personal power, and a few more surprises!

  • Personalized EFT instruction and tapping scripts

  • Learn how to create a personal sacred space and begin or bolster your own unique spiritual practice

  • Customized meditation and prayer techniques to serve your personal vision and goals

  • Personalized energy healing work and weekly support to deepen your relationship with Self, Your Higher Purpose, Life Purpose & Life Mastery; and your own unique connection to the Divine

  • Learn about the loss of passion and our inability to experience deep intimacy from a energy perspective and how to get your passion back

  • Receive individually tailored guided processes and exercises to help you to empower yourself and clear limiting patterns in your life

  • Learn unique methods and strategies for your specific work/life purpose

  • Learn about the 4 Energy Bodies and how they affect and shape your life, and how to heal traumas that keep you stuck in self defeating patterns

  • Learn energy medicine techniques to up-level your energy vibrations and rid yourself from patterns that are not serving your highest purpose

  • Learn about Divine illness and the role this plays in our initiation on the path of purpose

  • Learn how to Dream your life in to being, and how to use your visions to guide you on your path and for manifestation of a different reality

  • Learn the process of Journeying and how this can serve you in retrieving your power from places it is stuck, as well as journeying to receive medicine tools, insights, and bring future possibilities into awareness to inform your present decisions

  • Learn about Animal Medicine and how these energies may help you to understand your world, relationships in your life, and your relationship with the external world

  • Learn about the energies of Elementals and the Energies of Influence on Earth

  • Learn how the cycles of the Moon influence your energy and how to flow with this power in your daily life for positive outcomes

  • Receive two 21 Day self-guided programs, creating momentum and change deepening your Self-Love and also releasing and forgiving your debts to increase your prosperity mindset and welcome greater abundance

  • Daily healing prayer for your life purpose and clearing of limitations, blocks and barriers to happiness and prosperity

  • Unlimited email support and follow up support as needed throughout the entire program and beyond

  • Invitation to attend a private healing immersion with Chloë on her land in Virginia; a full healing retreat, including 2 nights and 2 days of personalized wellness treatments, Inyan Pejuta, an ancient Native American Healing Art, and guidance for life purpose and soul alignment

Walking the Path of Purpose: 5-Month Apprenticeship Program is for you if:

  • You feel in transition, but you're not sure what step to take next

  • You've tried a lot of things but nothing has given you the kind of deep fulfillment you've been seeking

  • You long for purpose and meaning in your life, and want to feel a greater connection to all things

  • You feel a strong calling to give back to the world

  • You feel a deep resonance with nature and want to do your part to protect our natural resources

Discover your soul’s true calling and experience 5 months of individual and customized teachings to embark on your meaningful path. As your Spiritual Guide & Mentor, I will help you in the creation of your own unique methods, strategies, and “jumping off plan" for your specific work—life purpose. This intensive development opportunity is designed to get results. Your program supports developmental, behavioral, and performance goals set by you.

I believe for one to be a clear conduit of the Divine, we must have a deeply rooted awareness of the world around us and a spiritual practice that fits our unique soul path… and it’s the support one on one with a Spiritual Guide that truly makes a difference in creating this awareness and deepening, versus just a learning or educational level.

Your life purpose is to use your own personal transformation to help transform society. Once mentored by another, you will mentor others. Your gift to the world will be to create your unique place in the human chain of love built by people who came before you and the people who will follow you.

The real difficulty is to overcome how you think about yourself. If we don't do this work, we do not grow, or we grow small and hard and we never know the jewels that are waiting to be mined from our life experience.

Surely having never gone through this process we should never teach.

This format is ideal for those of you who prefer to be supported to do the deep inquiry and support to integrate and deeply embody the wisdom practices and energy healing tools that you will learn throughout the program.

The profound and permanent shifts that I have experienced with this work is truly amazing and absolutely life transforming. I am stronger, more confident, and clear about who I am and my purpose in life. — Cassy L

We are living in a time that the indigenous people prophesied as a major shift of human consciousness. These Visionaries spoke of this shift as a time to “remember who we are”, to turn your attention inward and live from your heart and truth; to understand your essential nature and the power you have to create great change in your life and on the planet.

The Eagle and the Condor is an ancient prophecy of the Amazon that speaks of human societies splitting into two paths - that of the Eagle, and that of the Condor.

The Eagle people are typically mind-oriented, industrial and related to masculine energy, often identified with science and technology. They have been the explorers, the colonists, and the aggressors in the records of history.

The Condor people are intuitive, creative, feeling, and related more to feminine energy. Indigenous people have usually identified with this path, as they prioritize the heart above the brain, and mysticism over rationalism in their cultures.

The prophecy says that for many years these two paths would not cross at all. Then, in the Fourth Pachakuti, they would come together and the Eagle would be so strong as to practically drive the Condor into extinction—but not quite. And we know that, following Columbus, this is what happened on many continents.

Each of us, and our culture, has these two aspects that have been referred to as the masculine and the feminine, or the Eagle and the Condor.

Most of us grew up in the Eagle culture. Now we are coming face to face with the Condor culture, which is represented by the indigenous people, in a dance that began in earnest in the 1990s. We have come through the technological revolution and are continuing to make progress in that area, but at the same time we’re in the process of creating an unsustainable economy, based on war, and also on raping and pillaging Mother Earth and destroying her resources. When we see the damage being done, our Condor side informs us that we know in our hearts we can no longer do this. It’s time to change. Time to create a Life Economy.

There has been and continues to be a desire on the part of the Eagle peoples to understand Condor peoples, and an interest on the part of Condor peoples to share their knowledge. The shamans have come forward, now willing to offer their wisdom. They are also very interested in learning more about the Eagle people and science. This mutual interest and education is a manifestation of the prophecy.

But, and this is so important, the legend says We the People need to make it happen, we need to keep pushing to have the Condor and Eagle mate and create a higher level of consciousness. It is not by any means an automatic process. It will take all of us on both sides of the path.

Isn't it time you answered the call of your heart? If you are ready to start living a life of purpose and meaning...

This program is all encompassing and each segment builds on the other creating momentum, support, and accountability, it is a powerful experience of combining intention and motivation to ignite transformation. By releasing our negative patterns or emotions through energy medicine and integrating new imprints, you will be able to break free of old patterns and consciously create your life from the place of clarity, fluidity, abundance, joy and fulfillment. In this framework you will be supported to clear decades of story and wounding, release ancestral and karmic inheritances, reclaim your passion and purpose and align with who you are truly meant to be.

Apprenticeship will begin January 2020—Fill out the Application & Contact Form Below

Please complete your application here:

APPRENTICESHIP POSITIONS ARE BY APPLICATION ONLY.  Please give 24 to 48 hours for your application to be reviewed and expect to be contacted by Chloë in order to set up an appointment to meet to discuss the program. Due to the nature of this work you must meet with Chloë first to determine if working together is a good fit. To begin the application process, please click the link above. If you have any questions pertaining to the application process, please don’t hesitate to contact Chloë directly via email at chloe@exploredeeply.com.

Applications will be considered on a first come basis, however, the enthusiasm of the applicant and their alignment with this work will be highly weighed in consideration of filling the Apprenticeship positions. Please understand you will meet with Chloë first to see if this program is right for you at this time of your life.

TUITION: Investment of $5000 due upon acceptance into the program. You may use your bank account or credit card to make payment, or you may apply for financing through PayPal Credit by choosing an option below.

FINANCING OPTION: You may choose to apply to PayPal Credit and make 6 monthly payments interest free. To pay with PayPal Credit Financing, please let me know you wish to choose this option and I will invoice you. Once you receive the invoice you can choose to pay with a credit or debit card, bank account, PayPal balance, or PayPal Credit financing. [1] PayPal Credit is subject to consumer credit approval, as determined by the lender, Comenity Capital Bank. Please note that eligibility is completely based on PayPal’s credit application qualifications — Explore Deeply nor Chloë Rain have zero bearing on acceptance into this financing program.

PAYMENT PLAN OPTION: Six monthly payments of $833.34. Pay with your bank account and receive a reduced bank processing fee of $5 per transaction. *Please note there is a 4% processing fee for credit cards only.*

I understand this dilemma and spent nearly a decade believing that my personal happiness would show up one day, and in the meantime I couldn't afford to get help until my circumstances changed. In fact, it wasn't until I invested in my personal wellness that my circumstances changed. The limiting belief of there's "never enough" along with the feeling that you aren't worth it, is often the direct result of childhood imprinting and inherited belief systems.

You are here for a reason. 

The belief systems of lack and limitation prevent opportunities from materializing and leave you stuck in the unhappiness of repeated self defeating patterns.

Investing in yourself and your soul's work is a sound life decision. Just like putting money into an investment account — you will reap the rewards of self development for years to come. These are personalized tools for your life, that you'll use over and over again. This is not another program but a way of life that will help you walk forward on your Path of Purpose.

In indigenous cultures, healing services with a Spiritual Guide & Mentor are highly regarded and well paid for. From time immemorial medicine people have been paid for their services, whether in the form of animals like goats, chickens, or cows; or goods like tobacco. Money is now common currency for service.

The rate of exchange respects the spiritual lineage of the Spiritual Guide as well as the client's own lineage, and is a symbol of taking your spiritual growth and healing seriously. I go to great lengths to support my clients and spend truly devoted time with each individual person's healing, and I charge a rate requisite with time spent as well as consideration of my expertise as an initiated Healer with respect to the medicine lineages and Ancestors who have passed their wisdom to me.

In these times when many people are calling themselves shamans, one should spend time researching and determining whether a Spiritual Teacher is the right fit for you. It is important to feel that your teacher is authentically honoring the ancestors and the healing lineage who trained and offered their wisdom. Only you can make the right decision for you.

A personal message from Chloë, Founder of Explore Deeply....

Chloë Rain, Spiritual Guide & Founder of Explore Deeply

Chloë Rain, Spiritual Guide & Founder of Explore Deeply

Many have asked, what makes this different from any other program? 

Quite frankly, this is not a program at all, as you walk the path of purpose you will receive wisdom that will serve you in being a whole, vital, and empowered human being for the rest of your life.  This wisdom will serve you no matter what path you choose.

You will learn to process challenging circumstances completely differently, learn to live from a place of your own personal power, all while giving back to the world and helping to heal the planet.

No matter what path you are walking right now, these tools will help you be more POWERFUL in your life, love, work, and prosperity. The work that I do with my clients is different than most because the outcome is that the individual has connected with their personal source, their own internal guidance & understands their unique compass points in order to direct the progress on their individual life path.

I don’t believe that one system or one program fits all. I do believe that once a person has identified their true source and has learned tools to empower themselves to act on this voice of inner guidance and integrated a spiritual relationship with money, they are a powerful human being able to wield the forces of life and experience true prosperity.

Many clients report positive results almost instantly. I don’t ask for this type of accolade, but I’m happy to know that receiving instant clarity and relief is possible for people who are suffering with high anxiety, confusion, and frustration.

I work in correlation with the physical and mental health programs that my clients are currently using. I’m not against medication, especially when you are in such a dark place that you can’t see your way out of it, however, having been there myself, I do know that thriving without medication is possible.

When I first began exploring energy medicine as a way to find my own healing, I could not fathom how this way of interacting with the natural world would be so natural to me, almost instinctual, as if it was a part of my DNA.

I realized that this was not an antiquated or sentimental way of viewing and experiencing the world. But a very real, very alive, highly evolved and intensely present, awake, and aware intelligence that is actively communicating with ALL of us in our modern world. In fact, trying to communicate with us, in order to engage in collaborative solutions to our twenty-first-century issues of pollution, illness, disease, war, and other plagues of humanity in our present-day environment.

Furthermore, I believe that by coming into our own personal power, learning to heal ourselves and regain our personal power, and then engaging in communication with this intelligence through energy medicine practices we may be able to solve the problems that we humans have created in our natural environment and help to bring healing and harmony to the planet.

I am offering deep one-on-one healing work with each individual who chooses to enter this Apprenticeship. It is my hope to give you as much of what I have learned along this path as possible, in a way that speaks to your heart, and gives you a framework that is helpful in gleaning understanding from your own experiences. I believe for one to be a teacher, we must have faced hardships and found the courage to transform our pain into wisdom for ourselves and for others.

I will offer you practical methods, tools, and spiritual direction that will create real life context and serve you in perceiving the meaning of your own experiences as well as others, as you walk your path. It is this kind of one on one support with a Spiritual Teacher that truly makes a difference in being transformed by the processes and ideas at the cellular level, versus surface learning at the level of the mind.

In love and service,

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No words can express how much relief and hope continues to come from this work. I wonder why I didn’t do this sooner?! It was not easy, but by no means was it hard. Once I tapped into myself and began to express emotions and thoughts that were once untouchable for me my whole life, it was game on. It felt so unbelievably good. Chloë shows you tools for emotional longevity, and offers skills and coping mechanisms that are needed to surpass any difficulty that arises in life. She really teaches how to make things stick, and I believe this is the critical link to health and happiness.

After a tumultuous breakup of a 7 year relationship, I was at a complete loss. I looked to traditional therapy to help me when my emotions of sadness, anger, blame, and loneliness were too much to cope with. I got answers from therapy, but I couldn’t figure out how to make sure I would never ever go through another failed relationship again. 

Where could I find the continued support and wisdom to make truly fundamental changes in my life? I needed hope. Direction. I needed an understanding of human kind and how to cope with loss without alcohol, drugs, sex, and an adrenaline lifestyle that I used to deal with my emotions since the age of 10.

In addition, I needed to figure out my anger issues and learn how to have patience with life, from everything to slow moving vehicles to romantic relationships, and all the things in between. I also did not want to take medication to fix my anxieties and depression after abusing sex and drugs to hide decades of emotional turmoil. This was a very difficult decision to have to make because my entire existence and friendships is based in the social norms of having beers, smoking a joint, or being sexually promiscuous.

Chloë and her purpose program were discovered when looking toward alternative therapies that even my therapist said would work better than traditional methods. — Mark S

I will NEVER self-abandon again! I am a more engaged co-creator of my life story. I take care to listen to my heart and inner wisdom more often. Throughout the past 5 months, so many things have changed for me! As I engaged month by month, I became deeply aware of the root patterns that had kept me from expressing who I truly am, allowing my highest potential and truth to live in this world. I became much more aware of the limiting beliefs and patterns that had kept me from being truly empowered. Perhaps the most fundamental of changes was the grounded day to day connection to Spirit and Heart-Centered Knowing that I had not experienced before. Through this work I know and feel the truth of being 'given back to myself'. I discovered how it is a choice to live in harmony and spirit connection to myself and all my relations, through prayer and in service to Creation. — Rob H

I am simply in awe and humbled by the deep effect that this work has had on how I view myself now. I am more loving and forgiving toward myself. I am less quick to anger and frustration over the petty problems in my daily life that I encounter. There is a clarity and deeper self-trust that my inner-knowing will never lead me astray and always guide me toward that which expresses my highest truth and nourishes my well-being. It has taken me a long time to recognize my own self-worth and this process has made me confront that issue at its very core! I see the greater wellspring of love, wealth and abundance within me... something that I now realize must first come within me in order for the world to respond back to me in kind.

The strength I have gained and the connection that I have with my own soul, is invaluable.

Knowing who I am as a soul, and being as connected as I could possibly be to my own spirit, I have gained what I would consider to be the ideal thing of what was missing in my life, in addition to being able to have real health, in my physical and emotional well being as well as in my relationships with my loved ones. — Kerry W

After working together I feel more resilient with some true grit! I have a more courageous, fearless spirit to give life all I've got regardless. Now I'm DOING and BEING!

Among the most relieving and encouraging strengths that have come out of this work together has been the awareness that I actually have something to give, to say, to do in this world. In my conversations with others now, I feel a deeper clarity of purpose that my Spirit is guiding me to. I no longer seem to feel the 'fog' of indecision or confusion in my mind. This gives me the feeling that I am developing a greater sense of knowingness through my heart-connected awareness and how that may interact with the world.

When I joined Walking the Path of Purpose Apprenticeship program, I was hoping to resolve some deeply held beliefs that I was not worthy and had nothing of value or worth sharing or giving to the world. Through the dedication, I began to see how important this work is to me for my own well-being and that of others around me.

I looked forward to each week: learning about self improvement, methods to shield, sense, and protect my energy. It was good to share my story, ie. my life, and gain the insight and wisdom necessary for me to move forward on this wonderful wheel of life! We journeyed (shamanic journey with a drum), probably my favorite thing along with Stone Medicine. I filled up an entire journal with my experiences. We became ceremony together, and we even seemed to connect/synch so many times on upcoming lessons... We did so much! WOW! I had many major insights and breakthroughs during our journey together.

I thank you from the bottom of my soul for all that you've shared, for all that I've learned, and for all the beautiful things ahead as I leap back out into the world as myself again...and that is one of the greatest feelings...Ahhh-HO!

Some of my favorite insights and breakthroughs that have come to me during this time together are that you don’t have to demand something that can never be taken away.  All someone can attempt to do is make it harder for you to believe what is already yours. You can choose to compromise on ideas that do not require a compromise on your morals and values. It’s okay to change your mind. You are not required to be today who you were yesterday. Knowledge is personal power, personal power is for everyone (is everyone’s divine right). You are simply who you are.  If you do not know who you are, you are either in a process of transformation or unaccepting of self. And lastly, I create my own success, I define what success is for me and I choose what is my success.

Prior to working with Chloë, I was feeling lost in my direction in life with an overwhelming sense of anxiety and doubt that the attempts I was making to change my situation wasn't bringing forth momentum. I had forgotten who I was, as one might say. During our sessions, I would take the time for myself that I needed and felt a weight lift off of me afterwards. Through our time together I was able to go deep into the obstacles, feelings and habits that had been preventing me from arriving at a place that I desired. In time, I found the encouragement and strength within myself to open new pathways.

I no longer feel the need to 'take any shit' from anyone....most of all, from myself!  I no longer think I'm 'lazy' and as a result, I give myself the opportunity to begin again anew each day no matter what the day before was like.  If it does not serve my highest good or is not supportive or nourishing, then I do my best to kindly and lovingly walk away.  Among the most relieving and encouraging strengths that have come out of this work together has been the awareness that I actually have something to give, to say, to do in this world.

I have been continuously in awe of Chloë's passion and her truthful and grounded way of being in the world. Her dedication to wellness and the kind of presence she carries in her work with people is a huge inspiration. She is able to create a very safe, healing, and inspiring container for those she works with. This gave me an immediate sense of trust and the belief that I could become more and more self-empowered...in other words, more ME!

I was looking for way to develop my intuition and trust again my inner compass. As a result, Chloë held space and offered several tools that have stayed with me ever since. This energetic toolbox has become a part of my daily life allowing me to recalibrate, re-center and remember that everything that I need is already within me. I feel energetically lighter and now take informed action, trusting in the path that is uniquely mine. Deep bow to the unfolding journey... — Marlee F


On the path of Spiritual Guide & Healer there are many Medicine Paths according to the traditions of our ancestors. Each path can require a lifetime of in-depth learning to become a true Healer.

The Visionary lives in the realm between deep internal experience and the revelations of the outer world. There is no going back once this frontier has been reached; a new territory becomes visible and what is seen cannot be unseen.

True Healers must be able to face the most difficult of human experience and the darkest energies when working with clients. For this reason, the training is extremely hard and one must pass many tests.

My work as a Spiritual Guide and Mentor have been committed to rekindling each individual’s awareness of their personal connection to the natural world around them and their reason for being alive in the world at this time.

I tailor my work with each individual client to your personal goals and desires for wellness and fulfillment. The processes and tools I teach are based on a foundation of practical life experience, many years of training, multiple wellness certifications, and training under several Indigenous Medicine people. You may read more about my personal background → here. I understand at a deep and profound level.... that we must do the work, become a clear conduit of the Divine, and be the person who can hold the vision, in order to have the strength and courage to act on our inner guidance to bring the dream into reality.

Though my initiation into the realm of Spiritual Guide began in Peru in 2012, I was born in the mountains of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia in North America. At this moment in time, I am currently living in the Arctic Circle of Norway studying with the indigenous Sami people. My current location on the globe implies a mission, the Arctic and its unique causes, have personal significance for me, and I am here to contribute to the preservation of its natural and cultural resources. I hope to inspire more people to listen to their soul’s calling, and cause them to look a little closer at themselves, at the natural environment that surrounds them, and at other people and their beliefs of separation, race, culture, and religion.

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“Our purpose, the meaning of it all, is revealed to us one step along the journey at a time. If we’re confused, or feel stuck, or are frustrated because we don’t know what to do next, the thing for us to do is to take the next step, without knowing.”

— Chloë Rain