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Intuitive Consultations & Life Path Readings


One-on-One Intuitive Analysis

Each individual has a specific reason and purpose for being alive at this time on the planet, Life Path Readings, whether focused on information or healing, aim at uncovering your true destiny and help you to access your personal power in order to walk your path of purpose.

As an Intuitive Guide, with more than nine years of experience with clients from all walks of life, I am highly skilled at perceiving the soul patterns at work in your current experiences. The power to change your life comes from within, all healing and creation starts from understanding the energies that are in the process of transforming your life, which will help inform you as to what is trying to emerge from your current life experiences— and how to engage with that dynamic process.

It is my primary task with each reading/consultation to intuitively help you see your life through the eyes of your Soul, so that you understand your true identity, remember your life path, and recognize your Soul’s contracts in this life time.

Each individual carries a specific destiny, which is easier to realize if you can perceive yourself through the eyes of the Divine. Your initial session may include a spiritual assessment, a description of your unique spiritual gifts and capabilities, and compass points for setting direction of your future life.

Perhaps the most powerful component of the reading is my capacity to help you see your life symbolically through the eyes of your Soul, for that’s where the power to change your life is truly found. I will help you to see the energies in effect in your life and help give you actions to take in order to move beyond your current limitations into a more expansive way of being. It is when we are truly embodying our Soul’s essence that life opens to us and we move more freely and in rhythm to the natural cycles of our lives.

Everyone I have done a reading for takes home a feeling of being validated and I present you with a lot to process and reflect upon afterward.


Individual Consultations with Chloë


In this 27-minute session get to the heart of what’s going on and unlock immediate solutions. This is an amazing service and gift to yourself! All intuitive consultations will consist of a private phone session and you will receive a link to download the recording after the consultation. Please note: Recordings for intuitive consultations are provided to clients as a courtesy and are not part of the consultation fee.

Chloë directs her intuitive senses to tune into your relationship, healing, or work matters. Trained in energy medicine and shamanism, her guidance will help you decide how to make practical changes to achieve your desires.

Caveat: The intuitive domain is an inexact science. I cannot provide you ‘all the answers’ or speak for the Divine, or foresee every aspect of your future. Destiny is shaped by the choices we make today. Instead, my gifts can help you open to your own abilities and encourage you to cultivate a personal relationship with Your Highest Guidance.


Follow-Up Consultations


A follow-up consultation lasts 27 minutes and is solely for clients Chloë has worked with previously in an intuitive consultation capacity. A follow-up can be shaped to fit your needs, and can include an in-depth look at one of the governing influences affecting you. Examples could be:

Relationship Consultations: If you are seeking insight or harmony in a particular relationship, you may want to consider focusing on the Soul patterns affecting the relationship dynamics.

Relocation Consultations: This is very helpful when looking at the possibility of relocating based on the Soul’s intent in the relocation itself.

Business Consultations: Whether you’re planning to start a new business, write a book, make a career transition, or develop a new work/life strategy, it can be of enormous importance to understand the cycles and energies surrounding such endeavors from both a personal and soul perspective.

How to arrange a consultation:

To arrange a session please use the check out form below. You will be guided to make payment and then you will be sent an email with a link to book your appointment through a scheduling system. You will receive instructions and the conference call number AFTER you have booked through the scheduling link. If you do not receive a link for scheduling your appointment after your payment is confirmed please email consultations@exploredeeply.com with your receipt and you will be contacted to schedule an appointment. Please note, Chloë is only letting people book a few weeks ahead right now because of the limited amount of time on her schedule. All consultations must be scheduled within one year of purchase or session(s) will be forfeited.

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