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Temple of the Moon Cuzco Peru

Where Fear Ends and Life Begins

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Temple of the Moon Cuzco Peru

Archeological site below Temple of the Moon, Cuzco Peru

Archeological site below Temple of the Moon, Cuzco Peru

So far along the journey... my thoughts continuously swarm and swirl as I philosophize and attempt to make sense out of everything, and find the meaning in everything.

This is at the same time, a curse and a blessing.

I.... in my own world, left to my own thoughts and feelings, don't always have immediate concise clarity and insight on "what I'm here for?" and "what does it all mean?"

"Who am I?"

My three most favorite questions.

And now, I know to trust that all of the answers reveal themselves in good time...

The beauty of life's ironies, that being a conduit for clarity and insight for others, and at the same time a complete and utter confused human being. I guess this is what helps me to be grounded and able to help others. I get it. I have compassion for myself and for others. Life is confusing, scary, at times, difficult. 

It's also beautiful, and magical, and the challenges can be purposeful.

I am here in Peru, through a series of synchronistic events all "making so much sense" and bringing me back to this place where I received much wisdom and answers to my three favorite questions. "Who am I? What am I doing here? and What does it all mean?"

On top of the Mountain, the Temple of the Moon is a cave within this mountain.

This time however, in being here, it has occurred to me that this spiritual journey, on a personal level, has much more in store for me than I imagined.

Perhaps what's in store for me on this trip is something I couldn't have imagined or planned, because I wouldn't have thought it's what I wanted or needed, because I've been so focused on other things.

And this is how life goes, isn't it? Our purpose, the meaning of it all, is revealed to us one step along the journey at a time. If we're confused, or feel stuck, or are frustrated because we don't know what to do next, the thing for us to do is to take the next step, without knowing.

Follow your own foot steps
Learn from the rivers
The trees and the rocks.
Honor the Christ
The Buddha.
Your brothers and sisters.
Honor your Earth Mother
and the Great Spirit.
Honor yourself and
all of creation.
Look with the eyes
of your Soul and
engage the essential.
— The Inca Q'ero

I have much more to share on my experience so far, in less than a week I have participated in two sacred ceremonies, invoking the Spirit of the Mountains, and have received a second initiation in the Pampamesayok lineage.

In love and service,


The view of the city of Cuzco on the walk down from the Moon Temple.

Monkey's Temple, near Temple of the Moon.

My dear friend Q'orianka Gallegos: Inka High Prietess, on top of the Temple of the Moon.

My dear friend Q'orianka Gallegos: Inka High Prietess, on top of the Temple of the Moon.

Q'orianka and her husband Peter, both are initiates of the Inka Spiritual Lineage.

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