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Dithyramb of a Happy Woman

Chloë RainComment
A flame is foaming, Oceans of glare

Dithyramb of a Happy Woman: by Anna Swir

Song of excess,

strength, mighty tenderness,

pliant ecstasy.


lovingly dancing.

I quiver as a body in rapture,

I quiver as a wing,

I am an explosion,

I overstep myself,

I am a fountain,

I have its resilience.


a thousand excesses,


song of gushing strength.

There are gifts in me,

flowerings of abundance,

curls of light are sobbing,

a flame is foaming, its lofty ripeness

is ripening.

Oceans of glare,

rosy as the palate

of a big mouth in ecstasy.

I am astonished

up to my nostrils, I snort,

a snorting universe of astonishment

inundates me.

I am gulping excess, I am choking with fullness,

I am impossible as reality.

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