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Four Insights of the Shaman : Ways of Understanding our Modern Existence

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What can one do in these troubling times to embrace a dream of beauty, truth and peace?

The shaman holds a vision of the world beyond time and space. The shaman practices truth by speaking and acting in ayni—the tradition of right relationship between us and the world around us—and not getting caught up in stories of victimization and fear.

The shaman observes The Four Insights, specific practices that hold us outside of fear and helplessness:

The Way of the Hero enables us to turn wounds into sources of power and compassion by letting go of the concept of suffering, and focusing on the beauty to be found in all that surrounds us.

The Way of the Luminous Warrior puts us in touch with the power of fearlessness by recognizing the goodness within our fellow humans, and refusing to engage in violence.

The Way of the Seer allows us to enter the stillness of the soul by understanding that we have the power to create our own reality, and by choosing perfect harmony with creation.

The Way of the Sage allows us to become one with Spirit as we get in touch with the sage within, and embark on a sacred journey to explore the endless opportunities available to us.

As we embrace and understand these positive steps, we will find the headlines of the day less frightening. We will find the courage to take action in ways that meet our creativity and purpose.

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