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Learning to Trust the Signs and Follow Your Inner Compass

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It is said that the soul's journey is to whatever creates more love, or a greater capacity for love and to love and of love...

With each step on the path of purpose and new wave of experiences, I feel that to be true, I continue to love more fully and deeply than I knew was possible or that I was ever capable of....

I am excited to share with you that I will be moving to Norway in July. More specifically to the Arctic Circle of Norway, to the city of Tromsø.

My new location on the globe implies a mission, the Arctic and its unique causes, have personal significance for me, and to be able to contribute to the preservation and promotion of its natural and cultural resources is an opportunity of a lifetime.

It was an auspicious day in April 2010, when I saw a picture of the Lofoten Islands in the Arctic Circle of Norway, that I became completely lit up by the idea of visiting those distant mountains and experiencing the magic of the midnight sun. What I knew was that I had to go there and to write.

Less than two weeks later I booked a plane ticket taking me all the way to the Arctic Circle. I became obsessed with this feeling and desire to go there and never come back, I declared to my friends that "I am moving to Norway" and I repeated "I'm moving to Norway, I’m moving to Norway!" it as if it were a mantra and the repetition of it, would compel my life to reflect what I felt in my heart.

Granted, there were a lot of things afoot in my life at that time, which I have a better understanding of now; my heart could no longer manage the constant longing and heartache and my soul was calling out to be heard. Some part of me knew I had to change my life or die, and so I began to make drastic changes.

That trip to the Arctic Circle of Norway in 2010 set me firmly on the path of internal and external transformation. Nothing short of a spiritual awakening.

Norway Boat off of FB2.jpg

When I returned from Norway that summer— I moved to Seattle, Washington. Landing in a place that felt and appeared about as close to Norway as one could find themselves in the United States. Later, I resided in Ballard, a Seattle neighborhood with deep Nordic roots, where homes fly the Norwegian flag, and each year they throw a 17th of May Celebration, in honor of Norway's Constitution Day that ends in Bergen Place Park. I always felt that my dream had been fulfilled in ways that I couldn’t have planned.

The Olympic and Cascade Mountains, as well as Mount Rainier and Mount Baker, the Puget Sound, the Pacific Northwest Ocean, the San Juan Islands, and Seattle would have much medicine for me.

Though, life had in store another turn of events, ones I couldn’t have fathomed, and I returned to the place of my birth in Virginia and once again the Shenandoah Mountains became my home. Here I have experienced a different kind of medicine, one that could not have been received at a distance or worked through in theory. An experience of coming back to my roots, reconnecting to my spiritual home, healing of my past and familia relationships at a deep and transformative level, and ultimately integrating the whole of who I am—in this lifetime.

Nine years later, the dream of the Arctic Circle never left me. Occasionally I would have dreams of the Mountains there, or be visited by the Spirit of Whale, and have visions of the Spirit of the Glacier living inside my heart.

Honestly, the thought of being alone in a foreign country, learning a new language, going weeks without seeing the sun, and living with constant cold temperatures — frightens me a bit.

And yet here I go....

Norway Boat off of FB.jpg

When I return from Peru in June, I will be packing up my home and moving to Tromsø, a beautiful city about 200 miles into the Arctic Circle, famous for its spectacular Northern Lights, and venturing out from there— bringing my cross country skis with me as my only form of personal transportation.

Exploring deeply, and experiences in nature are essential to my work with others and keep me inspired and hopeful as a human being. I relish being out of doors, and I experience nature as a kind of medicine.

The years of working one on one with clients as a mentor have been committed to rekindling each individual’s awareness of their personal connection to the natural world around them and their reason for being alive in the world at this time. I help them to see what is already within them, but not easily perceived through our modern lens of individualism and consumerism.

With this dream becoming manifest in my own life, I understand at a deep and profound level.... that we must do the work, become a clear conduit of the Divine, and be the person who can hold the vision, in order to have the strength and courage to act on our inner guidance to bring the dream into reality.

In my next phase of work, I hope to inspire more people to listen to their soul’s calling, and cause them to look a little closer at themselves, at the natural environment that surrounds them, and at other people and their beliefs of separation, race, culture, and religion. I will continue working one-on-one with clients in Mentorship capacity, as I dive deeper into the ancient wisdoms and study of the light. There are apprenticeship positions beginning in June. Please go ➳ to the link and apply if you are interested. 

Our life purpose is to use our own personal transformation to help transform society. In exploring deeply our own divinity and purposeful gifts, one can find the guidance and resources to bring to life the most extraordinary of dreams.

I understand this is just the beginning... not the end destination, but a whole new journey—with different vehicles, different mountains, different medicine to learn and to receive— a new road enlightened by all the bright insights that have come to pass on this part of the journey...

May you find the courage to listen to your soul's calling and the strength to walk your path of purpose.


Much love to you as you walk your path of purpose!!!

                              In love and service,


I will begin leading spiritual journeys to the Arctic to experience the medicine of this land as soon as 2020 and I will continue to lead spiritual journeys to Peru to sit in sacred Ceremony once a year, next Peru Ceremonial Immersion scheduled tentatively for June 2020.

Chloë Rain is the Founder of Explore Deeply and the Explore Deeply Movement.

She has had the pleasure of mentoring women and men all over the globe to learn to source their inner power, deepen their relationship to their own guidance, and experience greater love and fulfillment, so they can enjoy the happiness they have always wanted, and have confidence and joy in their lives.

Many of her clients find that their relationships and careers shift dramatically in new and exciting ways after doing this work, creating freedom and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives. To find out more about working with Chloë go → here.

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