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Your Authentic Self : Guided Meditation [Free Audio Download]

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At your fullest potential...with no fears...

Who are you?

Listen to the guided meditation above, where you will connect deeply with your authentic self and receive renewed enthusiasm for being just who you truly are. (Less than 45 minutes in entirety.) You may also download the audio to listen on your own time and use the questions below for reflection.

May you be blessed with the peace of knowing your authentic self deeply.

Turn your attention inward...even more deeply inside...to connect with your authentic self.

What is most important to you in life? What do you value? What makes you happy? What makes you smile? Can you remember the last time you laughed?

Now consider what makes you who you are. Finding your authentic self involves learning who you truly are. Your authentic self is the real you, the person you are truly meant to be. Your authentic self is the person you are at your core, the person you can be if nothing holds you back.

Imagine the person you believe yourself to be right now. Now imagine you could strip away all the things that hold you back from your full potential. Imagine self-doubt dissolving...being replaced with confidence and self-assurance. Imagine all the things that get in the way of success...such as circumstances, lack of resources, lack of forgiveness, illness, baggage from the past...anything that is holding this person back in any way at all...

See these problems dissolving ... disappearing ... going away...

Now imagine yourself, standing in the empty room. What is left? Who are you when all those barriers are stripped away?

This person is you. Imagine who you are at the core...the pure character that is left when there is nothing to get in the way of complete self-expression.

Think of your desires...what motivates you? What drives you to get out of bed in the morning? What interests you and stirs your heart?

Think about your personality and your personal identity... think about the characteristics that are left when all barriers are removed and all fears have gone away.

At your fullest potential, your simplest form...with no fears...who are you?

Think about your energy...

Imagine something that makes you feel happy...what is it?

Think of some things you enjoy...things that you like to do...

Think about all the characteristics of the person who is left when all barriers and fears are removed.

Now create one final picture in your mind. Imagine, in as much detail as you can, the person you want to be. Imagine your ideal self...

How would this person behave? What does this person, your authentic self, value? What motivates this ideal self? What personal characteristics are present in this ideal version of you? Imagine all the details of the person you most want to be.

The image in your mind right now, of this ideal person, is YOU.

This is your authentic self. This is who you are. At the core, beneath all of life's getting in the way...this is you.

Now allow yourself to step inside this image, and fully become this person. Become who you are.

For this moment, just be...simply be your authentic self.

You have always been this person...you always will be your authentic self...a positive, confident person. Underneath the challenges, the baggage, the demands of living life...this is the real you that will always be with you.

Keep the image of your authentic self with you as you go about the rest of your day. Express this true self...and allow you to simply be you.

Thank you for being you. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

With Love,

Chloë Rain is the Founder of Explore Deeply and the Explore Deeply Movement.

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