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Aligning with Your Higher Self

What Your Higher Self Would Like You to Know

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Higher Self Communication

#1: Your mission is to become your truest essence, to know your own divinity

Your Higher Self has it's own goal for you. The purpose of all Higher Selves is to bring their "lower selves" (those in physical bodies on Earth like you) home to our Godly Sevles.

The primary means that your Higher Self has for accomplishing this goal is to keep you attached to the path of growth you have agreed to undertake in this lifetime. All of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues you experience in this life are designed to help you meet your life's contract and keep you on your path.

The truth is that you have agreed to all your life's lessons before you came here. Know that you can transcend them - if you choose to. As always, the choice is yours. Your Higher Self can help you to make the best choices - now forward.

#2: You are deeply loved and everything in the Universe wants you to know joy

The ultimate goal of all the experiences that your Higher Self is giving you is meant to bring you to a state of total joy. Joyful people are dreaming their life into being. That is the well spring of their peace and contentment.

Step back for a moment and recognize that a truly loving God would show that love for you by wanting you to be joyful all the time. Before you arrive at your final destination of joy, the journey can be (but does not have to be) quite painful at times. Remember you can learn from pleasure as well as pain and there is as much challenge in joy as in sorrow. As always, the choice is yours.

#3: Your higher self would like you to “hear your words” for yourself

Like all good healers, I am in the business of unemploying myself. That means instead of you coming to someone like me to connect with your Higher Self, my mission is to empower you to do that for yourself. Your Higher Self is the greatest use to you when you can "hear your own best wisdom" for yourself all time on every topic. Once you are open to the wisdom within you, the possibilities of what your Higher Self can do for you are even more limitless than your imagination.

#4: We’d like you to master creating and recreating life

Your Higher Self is the ultimate coach. Your Higher Self is able to see all who you have been, all who you are now, and all who you can be. Due to this expanded perspective, your Higher Self knows you more intimately than you know yourself.

With such expanded awareness, there are limitless possibilities of what your Higher Self can do to assist you in resolving your issues. Almost everything your Higher Self says is driven by their desire to show you how to master creating your life. Among other things, you are here on Earth to master your skills in creation.

#5: You are here to experience your own power & live in abundance

The true goal of all healing is to empower others to fully enjoy their birthright as Divine Beings. Over and over again, I hear Higher Selves tell people they must be open to "all possibilities" that are available in the Universe for them. Yet people cut themselves off from the infinity of all creation for three reasons.

First, because our common, "deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure" (Nelson Mandela/Marianne Williamson) - for if we claimed our power, we would fear how our life would change.
Second, because we do not believe we deserve it for "we are not worthy" (Wayne's World) - for if we were worthy, we would deserve to share in the abundance of the universe.
Third, we resist claiming abundance because it is so deeply ingrained in us that "the love of money is the root of all evil" - for if we could have money, it would allows you to be more of who you are and claim your power.

#6: You highest self would like you to achieve your highest potential

Consider these words of Cherie Huber's: "that which you are seeking is causing you to seek". This is an ancient principle of Buddhism that is as modern as it gets.

Huber explains in her book of the same name: "If we didn't already know the experience of what we're looking for, we would never (think to) look" for it. When "we begin to seek - where, what is that which we long for, our essence, our true nature, that which we really are? - and slowly, painstakingly, we begin to follow it home" to God. "Haltingly, fearfully, sometimes excitedly, joyfully, we begin to follow it back to itself, back to who we really are. What we are looking for is causing us to look" and that cause is our Higher Self.

"That's why we need not go anywhere, do anything, learn more, figure anything out, or worry about going wrong. We need only to stop, sit down, be still, and pay attention" to our Higher Self. For it is your Higher Self that will help you achieve your highest and greatest potential - right now.

#7: Love yourself more & forgive others more

When your body is filled with love, it will stay healthier, last longer, and be better able to provide you with quality of life. When your mind is filled with love, it able to attract better opportunities for relationships, work, and education that bring you joy and contentment. When your spirit is filled with love, you make all around you happy, including yourself. All this is what God and the universe intend for you. All you need to do is "forgive - love - live happy".

#8: You are never alone and you are never separate from your highest self

So often when people reach greater levels of spiritual advancement, they get so beaten up. Often they do not know how wonderful they are. Or they cannot see the things they are doing that, if done differently, could transform their lives.

Your Higher Self has been with you since the beginning and through the end of time. Your Higher Self knows you far better than you can know yourself - simply because it is the totality of all your selves: past, present, and future

Your Higher Self knows all, sees all, and has the greatest possible compassion for your personal situation right now. It is always with you: a few words from your Higher Self can get you seeing things in a new way... that could improve your life.

#9: It is safe to trust your inner guidance, ie your highest self is speaking to you all the time

Your Higher Self wants to you to feel good about the information you receive when you listen to your inner guidance. This way you will grow more comfortable over time with your own guidance as your trust level grows. The best way for your Higher Self to build trust with you is to establish a "track record" of success which flows from you following your own internal guidance.

It has been said that "God "writes straight with crooked lines". It is when you follow those crooked lines over an extended period of time and see that they were, in fact, for the best - that is when you truly learn to trust. Never forget that trust must always be earned: your Higher Self really is here to help you.

#10: Know the truth from a higher perspective

Your Higher Self sees your issues at deeper levels than you do. Many times you are unable to see the forest for the trees. Your Higher Self is much like a helicopter flying over the forest watching you make your way through the maze of trees below. It can see a better way for you to walk. It can even tell you why your forest was arranged the way it was: to better guide you on your life's journey.

There is one thing you always need to remember. You are the one on the ground: dodging the wild animals all around you, staying one step ahead of forest fires. You are the one feeling hunger when there is no food, cold when there is no shelter, and pain when you fall into a deep hole. Your Higher Self does not and cannot feel these types of pain: it does not even remember it. And sometimes there is no choice but to let you fall into the hole and get hurt.

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