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Pleiades Art Gallery- When the Stars Align

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Photography & Design ©ChloeRain    Neon Art by :  Nate Sheaffer

Photography & Design ©ChloeRain    Neon Art by : Nate Sheaffer

[plee-uh-deez, plahy-]  plural noun
1. Classical Mythology: seven daughters of Atlas and half sisters of the Hyades, placed among the stars to save them from the pursuit of Orion. One of them (the Lost Pleiad,) hides, either from grief or shame.
2. Astronomy: a young conspicuous open star cluster approximately 370 light years away in the constellation Taurus, containing several thousand stars only six or seven of which are visible to the naked eye


/ˈplaɪəd/ noun 
1. A brilliant or talented group, especially one with seven members
Word Origin
C16: originally French Pléiade, name given by Pierre de Ronsard to himself and six other poets after a group of Alexandrian Greek poets who were called this after the Pleiades

When the stars align..... a few years ago I was invited to join a small group of women doing deep inner work. At the time, I nonchalantly blew off the invitation, a kind of pshaw moment,  I was on the fast track to enlightenment, too busy to slow down and build relationships with anyone else, even if they were on the same path. 

And then some how, some way I agreed to join. Those women are now invaluable irreplaceable persons in my inner circle, the most amazing witnesses, and lifetime friends along this journey, doing their own amazing things.

Two years ago, I was visiting my friends in Raleigh, NC where I used to reside, and my Artist friend was in the process of looking at real estate offerings to open an art gallery with her business partner and fellow artist.  I was super excited about my friend's courageous endeavor, I was an admirer of her work, and an admirer of her gumption to open her own gallery, and well, I felt like I was extra special to know someone so talented and a true artist. I invited myself along to look at gallery spaces with her..... and then, I remembered, that, oh yeah! I used to have a career in real estate development and I offered to look over their lease terms and give some free advice and negotiating points. My friend took me up on my offer, and within weeks had negotiated a new gallery space to house their vision to promote the beauty and mystery of visual art.

"Pleiades is a fine art gallery owned and operated by local artists who celebrate Durham’s rich, diverse cultural energy. "


Earlier this month, I attended an Artist Salon at the Pleiades Art Gallery along side my friend and 19 other artists that made up the show  “Pleiades Plus One” that kicked off their 2015 exhibition year.  

The last time I'd seen the storefront on Chapel Hill Street, two plus years ago, it was an empty white space with potential and good light.  This time, I was inspired by not only the art exhibited, but the Artist's vibrant visions each illuminated in their own expression. I felt invigorated by their shares, my experience of the art exponentially intensified by the Artist's talks and the energy that is Pleiades and lives in the white space now. 

2015 Exhibits will include Pleiades artists, shows featuring guest artists and guest curators, juried invitational shows, and a new exhibition area upstairs in the gallery for solo shows and more experimental work.  When in the research triangle park you must stop in here, and be inspired.....


109 E. Chapel Hill St.
Durham, NC 27701

Thurs: 12-7
Fri & Sat: 12-8
Sun - Wed: closed
Or by appointment

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