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One space open for the 2017 journey!

Either male or female are welcome on this spiritual pilgrimage. This remains an intimate group of like minded souls. You will join 5 other companions for the journey of a lifetime. Meet with the indigenous Shamans of Peru and experience the awe and wonder of Machu Picchu amongst other sacred places in the land of the Inca.

Spiritual Journeys to Machu Picchu : Shamanic Healing

An experience of a lifetime, sacred pilgrimage to Cusco and Machu Picchu Peru.

October 28-November 4th 2017

This is a small and intimate pilgrimage for people interested in experiencing deep sacred communion with their inner truth on the land of the Incas. This spiritual journey is open to both women and men seeking to experience a deep inner knowing of themselves and their life purpose. This Spiritual Pilgrimage will include several sacred Ceremonies and multiple trips to sacred sites, travel to Machu Picchu being only one of the sacred temples we will visit and make pilgrimage for healing.

This is a very personalized experience to visit and connect with the ancient spiritual energies that exist at some of the most important Sacred Sites in the world. The travel itinerary is infused with spiritual connections with my personal mentors and sacred resources in Cusco.

I have designed the itinerary and included sacred Inca Rites, Cleansing Ceremony, Sacred Grandmother Teacher Plant Ceremony, and Thanksgiving Ceremony with my Teachers, Indigenous Shamans, to create a container of deep spiritual cleansing and integration. I will make sure that you have the support to integrate your deep personal awakenings. This pilgrimage will be nothing short of life changing.

In the realm of spirituality, there is a tendency to read books on the subject for years and years and years. But, can you feel the rain on your face when you read about it on your mobile device?

The fastest and most profound way to know your Divinity is to experience it yourself.

Participating in Grandmother Teacher Plant Ceremony on the land of Peru is a rare opportunity to deepen and clarify your personal healing and spiritual evolution. Sacred Ceremony is not just an opportunity to experience Grandmother Ayahuasca. We are receiving the Teacher Plants and drinking Ayahuasca as medicine, where the Vine becomes a sacred conduit to help us understand the reality of who we are. As you navigate the profundity of becoming Ceremony and receiving the Medicine, you will have the opportunity to see and know the Inner World of Your Own Divinity.

Due to the special nature of this offering please let me know if you are curious about attending this retreat by sending an email to chloe@exploredeeply.com, so that we may schedule a time to meet and talk about the details. If you have questions about the ceremonies please make an appointment to meet with me. Please see itinerary below. 

Thanksgiving Ceremony, my Teachers, Maestro Lorenzo and Maestro Juan Carlos in the sacred Valley, Cusco Peru.

Thanksgiving Ceremony, my Teachers, Maestro Lorenzo and Maestro Juan Carlos in the sacred Valley, Cusco Peru.

Receiving the blessings of Pachamama.

Receiving the blessings of Pachamama.

Join us this fall for a once in a lifetime experience.

Join us this fall for a once in a lifetime experience.

The beautiful city of Cusco, Peru


Day 1 (Oct. 28)

Arrival to Cusco

  • Welcome, introduction
  • Day to explore historical downtown Cusco
  • Intention Ceremony

Day 2 (Oct. 29)

Sacred Valley Cusco Peru

Opening Ceremony in sacred Inca site: Cusco, Peru

  • Cleansing Ceremony & Healing Circle
  • Afternoon of sightseeing and shopping for magical things

Day 3 (Oct. 30)

  • Fasting, day of meditation, prayer, and journaling
  • Sacred Grandmother Teacher Plant Ceremony

Day 4 (Oct. 31)

  • Integration ceremony and consultation with Shaman
  • Offering to Mother Earth- Thanksgiving Ceremony


Day 5 (Nov. 1)

  • Departure to Sacred Valley - lunch in Ollantaytambo
  • Trip from Cusco city to Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu village) includes a train ride with scenic views of the Sacred Valley
  • Night Stay in Aguas Calientes

Machu Picchu

Sacred Journey to Peru Machu Picchu Cusco

Day 6 (Nov. 2)

Machu Picchu,  (Aguas Calientes)

  • Customized guided visit of Machu Picchu with emphasis on Inca´s cosmic vision and spirituality
  • Guided spiritual connection with the Inca ancestors
  • Lunch buffet at the Machu Picchu Mountain Lodge

Day 7 (Nov. 3)

In the Sacred Valley – Sacred Inca site:

  • Group Thanksgiving Ceremony
  • Celebration dinner in Cusco

Day 8 (Nov 4)

Group meets at breakfast to say goodbye before your return flight home

  • Closing Integration Ceremony


  • Cleansing Ceremony, Sacred Inca Rites, Sacred Grandmother Plant Ceremony, and Thanksgiving Ceremony with Indigenous Shamans
  • Transportation to hotel in Cusco on arrival from airport
  • Transportation to/from sacred sites
  • Entrance Tickets to sacred sites
  • Hotel accommodations in Cusco and Aguas Calientes 
  • All set meals 90% organic and vegitarian as per itinerary from Day 2 to Day 8 breakfast.
  • Interpreter English/Spanish
  • Personalized support and help with integration, and attention to all details of your experience
  • Organization and cultural liaison from the moment we meet you until your departure
  • Customized Guided Spiritual Experience of Machu Picchu
  • Transportation to/from accommodation in Aguas Calientes
  • Train ticket and bus tickets to Machu Picchu
  • Entrance tickets to Machu Picchu
  • Guided meditation in Machu Picchu
  • Integration & healing circle as per itinerary


*Note: You will need to book your flight through Lima Peru to Cusco Peru. I have flown LAN Airlines because they have a change of planes and are most direct from the United States. If you have questions or would like help getting to Cusco please ask me when we meet. 

*Please book your return international flight in the afternoon preferably departure after 2:00 p.m. or later is even better to have sufficient time for flight connections and international flight check in. If you would like to arrive in Cusco before Oct 28th or stay later than Nov 4th, let me know and I can make arrangements or suggest places to stay for your duration.

$4000 Total

The Spiritual Pilgrimage is all inclusive, and the itinerary is designed so that you may experience a deep and personal pilgrimage that includes individual and personalized attention for Spiritual Integration, all Ceremonies with Indigenous Shamans, transportation to and from sacred sites, as well as entrance fees, and almost all meals while on pilgrimage, and all lodging, (please expect same sex shared accommodations unless single room accommodation is reserved in advance per confirmation with Chloë).

Due the intimate and deep spiritual work on this journey, the group is limited to a very small number of participants. We will experience the rare gift of becoming Ceremony in an almost one to one setting with the Shamans. Have questions? Please contact me at chloe@exploredeeply.com. Because of timing and the nature of this pilgrimage, payment plans and payment options are no longer available. Price is $4000 and after Sept 1st, 2017 spaces are limited to availability. Pricing for 2018 Pilgrimage will be $5000. Check or money orders preferred. Please send checks addressed to Chloë Rain Cunningham, 15584 Yankeetown Rd, Fulks Run, Virginia 22830. To pay with credit card please select below, note there is credit card processing fee when paying via credit or debit card.

Please make an appointment to talk to Chloë about the Pilgrimage to ask questions to determine if this trip is the Spiritual adventure that your soul has been seeking.

"For millennia, the cry in the heart for embarking upon a meaningful journey has been answered by pilgrimage, a transformative journey to a sacred center. It calls for a journey to a holy site associated with Gods, saints, or heroes, or to a natural setting imbued with spiritual power, or to a revered temple to seek counsel. To people the world over, pilgrimage is a spiritual exercise, an act of devotion to find a source of healing, or even to perform a penance. Always, it is a journey of risk and renewal. For a journey without challenge has no meaning; one without purpose has no soul...

The object of pilgrimage is not rest and recreation — or to get away from it all.

To set out on a pilgrimage is to throw down a challenge to everyday life.

Nothing matters now but this adventure. Travelers jostle each other to board the train [bus, plane] where they crowd together for a journey that may last several days. After that there is a stony road to climb on foot — a rough, wild path in a landscape where everything is new.

The naked glitter of the sacred mountain stirs the imagination; the adventure of self-conquest has begun...."

Phil Cousineau, The Art of Pilgrimage: Conari Press, Berkeley, CA. 1998


Healing Stones set on the PachaMama Altar in Machu Picchu to receive blessings.