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Season of Rebirth | Online Summit
to Dec 23

Season of Rebirth | Online Summit

Holding a Ball Christmas.jpg

The Season of Rebirth Online Summit:

Opt out of the craziness, reconnect with the true spirit of winter & the Holidays, and reclaim your soulful life!

Join me with 21 other wise, caring, and dedicated guest speakers who are all here to help you:

  • Be more present, grounded, peaceful
  • Feel more connected with your family
  • Deepen your Faith
  • Experience the true joy of the season!
  • Start your new year with MORE clarity, energy, peace, love and passion!  

Click below to register for this free online event....

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The Spiritually FulFilled Woman [ONLINE SUMMIT]
to Sep 23

The Spiritually FulFilled Woman [ONLINE SUMMIT]

The Spiritually Fulfilled Woman Online Summit Telesummit

When I was asked to participate in this summit and I heard the name of it —"The Spiritually Fulfilled Woman"— I could not say no! 😀 Tune in for my talk and sign up to receive all the expert interviews for this free online summit.

Begins September 1st!

You will have access to all the interviews for 72 hours after they are released, and of course receive a bunch of free gifts from the experts (like myself).

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INSPIRE! Connecting to your Soul's Work [ONLINE SUMMIT]
to Nov 7

INSPIRE! Connecting to your Soul's Work [ONLINE SUMMIT]

Connect to Your Soul's Work Telesummit Video Series

Experience 21 days of inspiration, insight and wisdom from 21 incredible experts.

When you register to attend the Inspire! Connecting to Your Soul’s Work summit, that’s what you will receive! Join me to learn the SECRETS to walking your divine path.

Step into your power.

It’s EASY!

I’m taking part in an amazing summit with a panel of 21 experts who will show you how to Live BIG.

Why are we doing this? Because we want to share with you how you too may discover who you are, what you are here to do, and impact lives in ways only you can!

Starting Oct 24th.

You will learn to tap into your purpose and power! 21 inspiring experts will share their stories, strategies and SECRETS. Learn about their tools and get FREE gifts to help you do the work you were created to do. Don’t miss this chance to Inspire! Connecting to Your Soul’s Work! You won’t want to miss this event. Register TODAY!

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Wild Creative & Confident Free Video Series
to Jun 9

Wild Creative & Confident Free Video Series

Wild Creative & Confident Telesummit : Creativity Free Video Series

This series was designed to inspire you, spark your creativity and set you into motion for creating your dream life and business.  

You will be able to hear our individual stories on set-backs, life's ups and downs, what truly drives us, our personal "why" and so much more.  

The series starts on May 30th and will provide you with 10 days of the most interesting and thought provoking conversations with authors, artists, designers and transformational coaches.

Please make sure you sign up to get the valuable information that my colleagues and I will be sharing on this fun adventure.  Best of all, it's totally FREE! 

This series is completely free, if you decide to purchase the series for $39.99 100% of the proceeds raised from the sales of this video series, is being donated to a wonderful charity: is a non-profit group that works non-stop to make a difference in the lives of dogs and cats (in the animal meat trade) in South Korea. 100% of our donation will be sent to Nami Kim and her team, who continue to be a voice for the voiceless dogs/ cats of the South Korean meat industry. 

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Design Your Creative Life [ONLINE SUMMIT]
to Apr 27

Design Your Creative Life [ONLINE SUMMIT]

Step into Your Soul’s Work, Reclaim Your Freedom, and Attract Your Rightful Living

Free online 14-day Master Workshop for our community of artists and creators.

“Design Your Creative Life:  Step into Your Soul’s Work, Reclaim Your Freedom, and Attract Your Rightful Living” is an interview series that will inspire creative individuals to get in touch with their innate desire to produce their work, to provide personal and physical space to birth their ideas, and to fully realize the possibilities of turning their work into a means to make a living.

Chloë will be a featured speaker of 21+ inspiring experts. 

Sign Up → HERE to receive all of the interviews- they will be live for 7 days!

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The Elegant, Empowered, & Enlightened Woman [ONLINE SUMMIT]
to Apr 1

The Elegant, Empowered, & Enlightened Woman [ONLINE SUMMIT]

How to Embrace Your Feminine Essence and become Beautiful from the Inside Out

Free Online TeleSummit: Elegant, Empowered, Enlightened, and inspiring women, creatives, authors, coaches and leaders, will share simple effective techniques, insights and methods, and to provide our audience with actionable steps and strategies from successful change makers.

21 Inspiring Women From Around The World Sharing Authentic Personal Wisdom! 

This video-summit is all about women discovering their brilliance and embracing their divine essence in today's world!

Catch my interview on MARCH 17th!!! Sign up now to receive it in your inbox on Saint Patty's Day!

Register for free & receive 2 interviews in your inbox per day.

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Her Terms Telesummit
to Mar 27

Her Terms Telesummit



her terms telesummit

Beginning on the Spring Equinox and ending one week later

This is an amazing event, is designed to act as a shamanic journey through the stages of a woman reclaiming her Sacred Feminine power, ending with a Sacred Inca Fire Ceremony March 27.

March 20 - 27 Join me and 20 other Spiritual Successful Female Entrepreneurs as we share the wisdom of reclaiming the FEMININE.

My talk will air Monday March 23rd:
"The ONE MYTH that is BLOCKING you from the LIFE YOU WANT".

Have you been trying so hard to make things work in your life? But the results you desire just don’t seem to come? You may be putting a lot of effort towards your dreams & desires as a woman.

But it almost seems like something is blocking you from having what you want. This may have led you to a crisis- perhaps even more than once!

Burn out.  Chronic fatigue.  Weight problems. Women’s health issues.  Financial struggles. Work-life balance.  The wrong men.  Or perhaps just a relationship that’s dead inside?

The truth is, as women, we can be so deeply conditioned to live against our own natural rhythms, cycles, intuition & Feminine Power...

That we often have these wake up calls that remind us the wisdom we seek lies within. An ancient path.  A sacred intuitive way of being...

Reclaiming our Feminine Power is the secret to fulfilling our destinies as women.

And a vitally necessary part of bringing balance & healing to our world.

That’s why I’m honored to announce that I’ll be speaking on a very special telesummit, specifically devoted to helping women reclaim their Feminine Power to do life, business, body and relationships on their terms.

The Her Terms Telesummit: Taking Back Wealth, Wisdom & the Way of the Goddess in Life and Business

Kara Gilligan of Waking Beauty, has put together this amazing journey for awakening women...

And it’s truly a telesummit like no other.

Featuring 21 experts, over 8 days, starting on the Spring Equinox and ending with a global Google Goddess Ceremony 1 week later...

The Her Terms Summit will help you:

  • Ignite your creativity as woman
  • Understand how to stop pushing & start allowing your life & business to work for you
  • Balance your mind, body, heart & relationships
  • Heal hormonal health, weight, & other women’s health issues
  • Effortlessly integrate the diverse roles modern awakening women have to manage- (as mothers, wives, business owners, leaders, friends, spiritual agents, mentors, priestesses of transformation, and much more!)
  • Learn how to create deeply fulfilling sacred partnerships & new paradigm families
  • Manifest the massive amount of support you need- (money, high frequency friendships, spiritual community, diet, team, lifestyle, recreation, supportive family & time for yourself) to truly step into your power as a woman
  • Understand the most radical intuitive business strategies that modern awakening women are using to work less, earn more, and make a big impact in the world
  • Tap the power of your sexuality in ways you’ve never before dreamed of... (life-altering, liberating, God-awakening ways)
  • Embody the beauty of your unique soul as a woman- (in every area of your business & life!)

This is the pre-eminent event of 2015 that modern awakening women MUST attend to effectively learn how to integrate the energy of the future.

Are you ready? Then come partake in this powerful journey with me and thousands of awakening women across the globe.

This is the pre-eminent event of 2015 that modern awakening women MUST attend to effectively learn how to integrate the energy of the future.

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