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What are Energetic Cords? And how to clear them...

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What are Energetic Cords And How to Clear Them

Energetic Cords

Cords are made of energy and connect two people’s energy bodies. They stretch between two people very much like an umbilical cord and transfer emotional energy and life force energy between the two people. It does not matter how far away the other person is, as the cord is not a physical substance and distance is irrelevant, so this connection can still be felt from the other side of the planet.

Energetic connections and cords have been documented in long distance healing studies, and it has been shown that thinking about another person or even being shown a picture of a perfect stranger will register in the other person's energy field. (You may also hear the energy field of a person called their luminous egg, or their luminous body.)

Cords can be created between any two people or even groups of people that have emotional relationships. Lovers, friends, workmates, ex-spouses, and even enemies can all have energetic cords between them.

However, the most commonly felt entanglements are the energetic attachments or cords between lovers. Each shares their energy with the other during sex but also emotional ties or feelings of love and sharing are often enough to build a cord. Often these cords are between the bellies, or the spiritual stomach, and the genital parts or sexual centers. But cord attachments can be in other areas like the heart or solar plexus.

Especially when one receives another sexually, a seed is planted in that person's sexual center and a cord is formed where energy can be drawn from one person to another. This is a very important awareness, whether heterosexual or same sex partners there is an exchange between the giving and receiving partner, ancient tantric wisdom indicates that the receiving partner's energy can be drawn upon by the penetrating partner for up to seven years after exchanging life force energy if the energetic cords are not actively released.

When two people have been in an emotional relationship for a time there is a good chance that the two people have a cord. Depending on the emotional issues of the two, the cord can become draining or can stay fairly clean and be a good thing which helps the two with emotional nurturing. If one partner is needy it is likely that they will drain the other which could eventually lead to resentment by the drained partner.

Fortunately all cords can be cleared. Though I would suggest for particularly painful or intense relationships you may need to do a cord cutting exercise more than once, there are also other methods that may be necessary for clearing intense emotional connections and energy entwinement. It only takes one of the persons to clear the cord and it will be cleared from the other.

Cutting Cords

The basic steps to cord cutting: Focus on the person that you wish to clear your energetic and emotional ties with. Allow yourself to call up the emotions that you still feel for this person, there’s no need to squash anything, no one has to know anything about your experience...

  • Close your eyes and using your imagination, see the other person standing in front of you, a few feet away.

  • See a cord of energy connecting your bellybutton to their bellybutton or your sexual center to theirs and either using your hand or imagine a bright silver sword or pair of scissors, cut the cord and allow it to release.

  • You may want to use a swift and chopping motion three times.

  • See the cords releasing and your cord returning back to you and their cord returning back to them…

  • You may want to recall memories into your mind’s eye that still hold emotion or energy around this person and see the cords of this experience being cut and released or dissolved

  • Do this for every cord you want to cut

You may also want to do this several times with a few days of space in between, or you may want to do this with multiple lovers and past attachments.

This is very important! After doing these types of energy cord cutting activities you must at wash with salt water, I highly recommend, in fact I regularly prescribe for my clients taking salt baths regularly.

Try not to use regular iodized table salt, rather natural sea salt is best, I used to go to Trader Joe's and buy the cheap but “pure” sea salt in bulk! You want to put about 2 cups into your bathwater.

Soak in the salt water bath for 20 minutes (I set a timer using Insight Timer App. I recommend this app for multiple reasons! I use the free version.)… When I’m doing this, I imagine that the energetic cords of my sexual or intimate experiences and the places I was touched by this person or persons are being drawn out of my body… like soaking a bruise or a sore muscle in an epsom salt bath. 

When the timer goes off, drain the tub, and imagine all of the energy all of the energetic cords being sucked down the drain and returned to Mother Earth.

If you do not have access to a bath, I suggest you wash your hands in saltwater, and make a salt water spritz using an empty container with a spray nozzle. (Make sure you clean out any harsh cleaning chemicals before making your salt water spritz. You can do this by rinsing it with soap and water and allowing it to dry for a few hours in direct sunlight.) Once you have make your mixture of salt water about 2 heaping teaspoons for every 2-3 cups of water, go outside and with your feet in the bare grass, spray your luminous energy body, or spray all around your physical body in a 5 ft diameter. Don't forget to get underneath your feet and also your back!

Be good to yourself, and take rest by yourself.

There are many energy medicine and healing techniques that can be used to help you to overcome past hurts and disappointments and free yourself from limiting patterns that keep you stuck in fear. You can learn to release yourself from unwanted patterns, so that you can begin living from a place of love, joy, and abundance.

Energy Medicine Practitioner Chloe Rain

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