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Where to find your Winter Zest for Life: Getting High Naturally

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Whitegrass Ski Touring Center: Nordic skiing and its mental and physical benefits.

Whitegrass Ski Touring Center

Happy Winter, y'all!

Where being outside in below zero degree weather is a pleasure and a joy.

You've never really been to a place like this before, cause there's really no other place quite like this....

White Grass Ski Touring Center is the life blood and passion of Chip Chase and Laurie Little and a few serious founding members whose lifelong dedication has created a magical place to experience the benefits of nordic skiing.

The benefits of nordic skiing go far beyond the total body workout and seriously high calorie burning aerobic exercise.

It is stated that every major muscle group is used to propel the skier forward on nordic skis, including using skills you didn't know you had to balance and maintain your upright momentum... but what isn't said as frequently, is no matter what your skill level or athletic ability, or complete an utter lack thereof, nordic skiing is good for your SOUL and it's endorphin dosing impact on your body chemistry is an extra-ordinary anti-depressant.

The surprising and slightly less known fact about nordic skiing is that YOU WILL HAVE FUN and feel happy while stumbling uphill and hanging outside in the great outdoors in subzero weather, while sweating through your layers and communing with nature in piles of snow.

Last year, I found myself back in West Virginia again after a twenty year hiatus, strapping on cross country skis in negative degree temps, and climbing up snow covered mountains all the while, somehow overcome with joy and gratitude for being in nature in winter time and loving the shit out of struggling up hills on snow covered trails.  

I am one of those lucky children whose parents put her on skis at the age of two, but it had been a good ten years since I'd skied regularly and in decent snow. 

I used to be a damn good alpine skier, even spent a season on the racing team in my youth. But I'm not a very good cross country skier.  And...

I love it.

Cross country skiing, or nordic skiing, is a sport anyone can pick up at any time in their life and enjoy it, without being very good at it. As you age and the more time you spend cross country skiing the more your skill will improve and the stronger you will become. 

And the happier you will be! (Scientifically proven.)

I'd never experienced the natural high my running and biking friends swore was a real thing, but last winter in the woods, when I would have thought to complain because of the icicles forming on my eye lashes, I found myself joyfully huffing and puffing up a mountain away from the warmth of shelter into the snow covered trees.

Turns out this experience of bliss and joy is a real and repeatable experience, of the natural high of nordic skiing, for anyone out there who dare put on a pair of cross country skis and shuffle about for long enough to get warm in the cold outdoors.

Cross country skiing is for everyone looking for an antidote for the downward decline of health and mobility feared of aging, and all of us non-athletes seeking the natural endorphin high and full body strength of a bad-ass teenager or maybe just the true form of our natural selves.

White Grass Cross Country Ski Touring Center.....Where I'll be spending my weekends....

Check out Whitegrass Ski Touring Center {directions, events, and good vibes on the daily report}....

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#ExploreMore #Life #Love #Followme

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