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The Spiritual Significance of Imbolc

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The Spiritual Significance of Imbolc

Finding Purpose & Inspiration in the In Between Times

May the stirring of life underground, stir new dreams into life within you.

May the flames of inspiration and new growth be ignited within your Being.
— Imbolc Blessing

Did you ever wonder if there was a spiritual significance behind Groundhog Day?

February 1st has been celebrated for time millenia as Imbolc, today in our western culture it is symbolically celebrated as Groundhog Day, and also known as Saint Brigid's Day in Christian religions.

In ancient Irish mythology Brigid was a fire goddess. Nowadays her canonization is celebrated with a perpetual flame at her shrine in Kildare. St. Brigid represents the Irish aspect of divine femininity in her role as patron Saint of babies. The Saint and the Goddess continue to intermingle into the present day.

Imbolc is one of the four major fire festivals that mark the spaces in between the Equinoxes and the Solstices. The other three festivals on the Celtic calendar are Beltane, Lughnasadh, and Samhain. The word Imbolc means literally "in the belly" in the old Irish Neolithic language, referring to the pregnancy of ewes. 

In the Northern Hemisphere we are about to transition into Spring. I know it might seem that we are in the midst of winter, and on the surface things seem dormant and dead, but under the ground the energy of the earth is stirring, the life force is awakening. 

Wherever you may find yourself, today can be a good day of reflection engaging with nature and the cycles of life. By acknowledging this transition we are symbolically honoring the space between the seasons.

In this way, we may honor the experiences within our own lives and timelines, the spaces in between. Where things seem dead and dormant on the surface; they may actually be the times when underneath things are stirring and the life force of new things are awakening within us.

Imbolc, the seeds of life are planted....

In the spaces of in between, there may feel an emptiness or loneliness, because what once was, is now gone, but what will be has yet to fully manifest or arrive.

This is a beautiful and necessary space for growth. In the spaces in between, all possibilities exist, and none have been chosen.

There’s a power that lives in the space ‘between,’ that subtle instant when something ends, and what follows next hasn’t yet begun.

The energies of the full Lunar eclipse this past January 21st will be amplified! Which represents another period of completion where we may lay down the old and empty ourselves for the new that is coming.

In order to make room in ourselves for the miraculous to take root, most of us need to uncover, examine and ultimately leave behind a deeply rooted fundamental insistence on a life of limitation. May you know your worthiness at the deepest level, today and every day, and feel your connection to the greater cycles of life that we are a part of.

I hope you are able to embrace this time of new beginnings and of change, because this is how your spirit grows and evolves, even when we feel uncomfortable or alone.

And in the beautiful, divine brilliance of nature, the growing energy of the season is supporting you in that powerful work.

Holy Spirit,
giving life to all life, moving all creatures,
root of all things,
washing them clean,
wiping out their mistakes,
healing their wounds,
you are our true life,
luminous, wonderful,
awakening the heart
from its ancient sleep.
— Hildegard of Bingen


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