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Stone Labyrinth : Healing Stones : Alternative Medicine to treat Anxiety Depression

Over 10,000 years ago, the ancestors of Native American tribes began offering stones to the body for natural healing and wellness. Stone Medicine applies these ancient traditions in ceremonies using healing stones, gem and crystal stones, and various animal 'medicines' or energies and herbal medicines to heal the spirit body, emotional & physical body.

Inyan Pejuta : Whole Body Wellness Shamanic Healing

In Native American belief, the Stone Nation have healing power and hold the ancient wisdom of the world. They see stones as our historians, for all of evolution is recorded in fossils and geological activity that is evidenced in the Stone Tribe.

The techniques of Stone Medicine help the body in self healing and are not just intended to return to the physical body to wellness, but the emotions and the spirit as well.

By clearing the body of negative energies and reconnecting it to the healing energies of the earth, the body's ability to heal itself is reestablished.

Most ancient healing traditions describe an energy field that surrounds the human body.

Modern science is beginning to study and discover the properties and effects of this morphogenetic field. It is within this field that the resonance patterns of our life experiences, beliefs, and inheritances from our ancestors, genetics and ways of thinking are stored.

These imprints or resonance patterns propel our life in a certain direction by attracting people, situations and experiences to us.

People often blame the circumstances of their birth for their current life. But we’ve seen, in countless public figures, the power to overcome their deep traumas and break through the odds into a life of wild success. It’s important to remember that those public figures were once just like us, ordinary people with struggles and dreams, facing obstacles.

Shamanic Healing

Deep in the jungles of the Southern continent the medicine people, for the past 500 years, have protected and carried on the knowledge of the power of certain energies and earth elements to heal disease and illness: emotional, physical, and inherited. 

These traditional native practices are used to help you heal and understand the meaning of your life.

In shamanic healing traditions emotions are viewed as energies and they are understood by the Shamans and used as powerful energies to accomplish many goals.

Emotions are valued as tools that are unique to humans, with which they can manifest new realities.

Both negative and positive emotions can be utilized. The experience of fear, for example, gives us an opportunity to confront, acknowledge, and transform our boundaries. And when we feel love we become powerful beyond measure. Those who feel love and give love are able to receive love in return and are able to accomplish any goal.

By releasing our negative patterns or emotions through Stone Medicine and Shamanic Practices and integrating new imprints, you will be able to break free of old patterns and consciously create your life from the place of clarity, fluidity, abundance, joy and fulfillment. 

Shamanic Healing is based in love and compassion and it works for our complete and total wellness: mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. When you recode the limiting patterns you’ve inherited or imprinted through negative experiences, you make way for new experiences, and open to positive, powerful outcomes.

Healing Hand : Native American Symbol: healing symbols

The spiral is a universally accepted symbol of eternity and in some traditions, it symbolizes the energy of all creation. When the solar spiral is used to the make the shape of a hand, the resulting figure is believed to be infused with therapeutic energy. The Healer's Hand or the Shaman's Hand, is an ancient symbol of healing and protection and it is considered to be representative of the curative powers of a Shaman.

You may have tried traditional therapy and not experienced the type of results that you were hoping for. You may find yourself stuck in the same self-defeating patterns year after year. Whether you are battling with depression, or being called to clear unhealthy patterns, and receive freedom from your past traumas, or you desire to be more fulfilled and bring your dreams into reality, shamanic practices have served our wellness for thousands of years.

The latest understanding in neuroscience, biology and functional medicine validate the profound and lasting results you can achieve with shamanic practices.

The Shamans believe there are two kinds of illnesses... some that are created by our daily behavior or habits and some that are family, environment or socially and spiritually related.

Most depressed and anxious people are more susceptible to illness & negative experiences, which can create a cyclical effect that feels never ending. Love, understanding and compassion are key for the successful healing of depression, disease, & illness: mental emotional, or physical.

Inspired by Native American Healing Arts where the wellness of body and soul intertwine, Inyan Pejuta offers a combination of therapies for the body, mind, soul and spirit.

Pia Stone Medicine Layout.JPG

These healing immersions offer you maps to navigate and tools to find the courage, strength and vision to explore and change the patterns and beliefs keeping you from living the life you desire.

During the private intensive session we unwind a specific pattern or issue and create a new focus to propel you forward with clarity and purpose.

Unravel the stories and release the fears around difficult life transitions, receive clear sight and remove the filters of your perception to move forward. Reprogram your energy field and brain pathways. Reconnect to your heart's deepest knowing and anchor your visions into your body.

 Healing with Stones and plants is a tradition that is extremely elegant as well as empowering. I believe that is why these ancient ceremonies are now coming forth in our modern world as beneficial to our over all well being on this planet.

Healing with Stones and plants is a tradition that is extremely elegant as well as empowering. I believe that is why these ancient ceremonies are now coming forth in our modern world as beneficial to our over all well being on this planet.

Private healing retreats for difficult life transitions, clarity for life purpose, healing from grief,and prosperity and abundance rituals.

This type of  healing is helpful when:

  • You feel stuck and unmotivated
  • You experience a lot of self doubt and worry
  • You find yourself repeating unhealthy patterns
  • You find yourself reliving the past
  • You are seeking clarity for life purpose and guidance while walking your path
  • You would like to awaken your greater potential
 Receive the  healing symbols  of the Stones

Receive the healing symbols of the Stones


Explore Deeply Private Healing Retreats are an escape to the stunning mountains of Virginia on a 20-acre secluded sanctuary. The private retreat is customized and tailored to the needs of the individual and their wellness goals.

Inspired by traditional healing arts where wellness of body mind and soul intertwine, you will experience holistic therapies for the mind, soul, and spirit.

  • Healing Immersions offer you maps to navigate and tools to find the courage, strength and vision to explore and change the patterns and beliefs keeping you from living the life you desire.
  • A combination of Life Coaching for Soul Purpose Guidance and wellness treatments from the Native American Healing Arts traditions.

This retreat is your chance to sort out your own thoughts and feelings, away from the demands of work, friends and family. You’ll have the focused attention and powerful assistance of Chloë's transformational processes, in a landscape that will nurture your soul.

You will come away with new perspectives, new inspiration and a renewed passion for life. These retreats may also include personal ceremonies for life transitions, healing from grief, clarity for life purpose, and prosperity and abundance rituals.


Leave behind the normality of your everyday life and journey to a place of healing and discovery. Purge yourself of negativity and begin to receive and absorb positive energy from the natural world around you.


Be able to not just be in nature, but to connect with nature in a way that will allow you to experience healing and the wisdom of your intuitive sense, so that you will be more aware, connected, and conscious in your daily life.

Receive ancient wisdom teachings and experience shamanic practices that have served our well being for thousands of years. 

With shamanic practices you may receive healing and guidance so that you may live your most inspired life.  You will gain insight into your unconscious patterns and beliefs that stand in the way of your most authentic expression. Access the inner wisdom that will help to create a new map that is in alignment with your life purpose and bring clarity, joy, authenticity and fulfillment to your life.

  • Cleanse the mind, heal your body, mind, heart and spirit
  • Experience healing touch & emotional empowerment
  • Come home rested with a new perspective and with enthusiasm for living!
  • Gain clarity, open your heart & stimulate your creativity
  • Reconnect to your most authentic self
  • Consciously create the life you long for
  • Free yourself from the mental limitations that prevent the expression of your true self and purpose
  • Empower yourself with processes to uncover and clear hidden blocks
  • Learn how to move past your stories, integrate emotions in a health way, and release patterns that are holding you back

Private & Customized Healing Retreats

Powerfully transformative experiences offered in both full immersions with overnight stays or day only packages. These customized retreats provide the perfect set of experiences to help clear the past and move forward, empower yourself, and help you to feel connected, clear, and whole. I strive to harmoniously connect ancient traditions, shamanic healing techniques, and life coaching and practical tools to help navigate our modern world.

For those seeking a greater connection to the meaning of life and desiring wellness for the mind, body, and spirit I offer several options designed to inspire life changing experiences.

Why is a Customized Approach So Much Better than Anything Else Out There?

  • I spend time talking with you before you come, really connecting, to find out what’s happening in your life, so your retreat will provide you with insight that you can bring back to your daily life to make changes.
  • Your retreat will combine modern life coaching techniques and ancient Native American traditional healing arts, offering total wellness for mind, body, heart & spirit
  • You will be transformed and you’ll take home tools to continue to maintain and deepen your transformation.


Those who experience these ancient healing treatments and earth based techniques report increased levels of self-esteem, energy, and creativity, improved focus and concentration, and a greater overall sense of well-being.

Stone Medicine Explore Deeply Chloe Rain : Inyan Pejuta : Native American Healing Arts
  • Whole Person Wellness Treatments for Body, Mind, Spirit, & Soul : Inyan Pejuta and traditional Native American Healing Art
  • Life Purpose Shamanic Journeys: Drum Journeys for visioning

The most valuable investment we can make in life is on our personal and spiritual development. We live in a world where too many people have too little time away from the ubiquitous distractions of our smartphones, constant expectations of self, the demands of others, and reminders of our personal and professional goals.

When you create spaces for your true essence and creative spirit to show up, you open up the part of your brain that holds your most magnificent ideas.

Creative imagination is the capacity to think and act beyond the boundaries of our current selves. To allow ourselves space and time to express our souls creatively is to unlimit our joy and allow ourselves to open to flow.

Private Healing Retreat - Two Nights & Two Days (Customized healing Immersion)

The mission of this complete immersion experience is clear–to take you on an unforgettable journey of decompression and rejuvenation to reconnect you to your heart's deepest knowing. (Offered May through October).

While experiencing this two day healing immersion you will gain invaluable tools that provide lasting and sustainable change to live a joyful, abundant and purposeful life. You will learn how to consciously engage with your personal transformation and be empowered with techniques to reprogram outdated beliefs and install new patterns at the blueprint level of your being. You will receive healing and gain tangible tools to recreate your life from your most authentic and inspired expression.

Your personalized and customized private retreat will include a combination of Native American Healing Arts Stone Medicine treatments & Herbal Medicine treatments, as well life coaching and soul purpose guidance activities. This type of healing immersion offers you a "soul-map" to navigate your life's path and tools to find the courage, strength and vision to explore and change the patterns and beliefs keeping you from living the life you desire.

  • Come home rested with a new perspective and with enthusiasm for living! 
  • Gain clarity, open your heart & stimulate your creativity.
  • Free yourself from the mental limitations that prevent the expression of your true self and purpose.
  • Find the courage and vision to live the life of your dreams
  • Take home tangible tools for continued creation and to ride any storm

Inyan Pejuta or Stone Medicine is a Native American Healing Art combining traditional ceremonies, herbal medicines, and stone medicine treatments to help you reconnect with yourself and all things. This will aid in new beginnings and alignment with soul purpose, also will help to cleanse and detoxify the body, mind, spirit and soul.

One of the Ceremonies you will experience is called, Rainbath.  Rainbath is an ancient form of mind body wellness where herbal medicine is combined with healing stones, intended to rebalance the physical and emotional bodies through affecting the nervous system with plant oils and stones of various temperatures. This treatment is a very gentle and non-invasive method of alleviating stress and anxiety, helping restore balance to the body's chemistry and wellness of the mind.

A variety of emotional and physical ailments can be affected by the herbal medicines (energies) used during a Rainbath Detoxification Session. The Rainbath treatment protects, nurtures and enhances the immune system. This is a physical & neurological treatment that assists the body with detoxification, eloquently blending modern science with ancient shamanic practices and ceremonial traditions.

Unravel the stories and release the fears around difficult life transitions, receive clear sight and remove the filters of your perception to move forward. Reprogram your energy field and brain pathways. Reconnect to your heart's deepest knowing and anchor your visions into your body. Personal ceremonies for difficult life transitions, healing from grief, and gain clarity for life purpose.

$1500: Subject to scheduling availability, $500 non-refundable deposit required upon booking. If you have questions before booking, please make an appointment here.)

*Please note that full payment is required 14 days prior to the date of your retreat. The deposit is nonrefundable. If you need to cancel your retreat you will not receive a refund of your deposit amount, however, if notice of cancellation is provided 14 days prior to your scheduled arrival time, you may reschedule your healing retreat at another time with no additional fees.

*Please note rustic camping, tent and bedding, is provided at Skywater Hollow Retreat and access to bathroom and shower facilities. All meals are provided while on retreat. The meals are freshly prepared with love, and mostly vegetarian, using ingredients from our organic garden.

*If you would like to stay in luxury accommodations, you have the option of booking your nights stay in the local bed and breakfast down the road from Skywater Hollow Retreat. Please budget for $180 per night for this option (this is not included in the cost of the retreat.)

Skywater Hollow Retreat is located approximately, two hours from the main airports of Washington DC, or a 3 hour drive from Baltimore International Airport and easily accessible from Pittsburgh PA, Richmond VA, Harrisonburg & Charlottesville VA.

Even in seemingly dormant times, we are in transition. Losses and gains are in constant play. We are the change-agent, and we are changed. Even without toil, we transform. So, wisdom advises us to open our hearts to transition; to honor fully what is passing, to learn from all that unfolds, and to welcome what arrives at our door each day with courage and curiosity.


"After the retreat I currently don't feel stuck . Before I did not have the courage to move forward. I need to keep moving forward, and stop procrastinating. Things may come up as a set back, but I will prevail. I am moving forward. Even though, I am not totally sure of where I am going, I am certain it is in the right direction." — Vickie L

"I’ve done a lot of self-help, self-development work on my own, but somehow I hadn’t ended up getting anywhere or feeling consistently happy. I was ok, but life just seemed to keep on going, one day to the next.

When I got hit with a big and unexpected life transition, I knew it was time for a change. But I had no idea what to do next.

Working with Chloë has given me a sense of security and strength in my life that I have never before possessed. I understand the truth of my existence at a deeper level and know how to source my inner strength. Things have begun to fall into place in my life, that I never imagined were possible for me, before my work with Chloë." — Lisa B

"My two favorite experiences were receiving stone medicine and journeying by drum/rattle and your guidance.  With the stones, I felt awakened and opened to receiving what was needed, and possibly missing.  It's a bit difficult to explain...but I liken it to chakra opening and patching auric voids.  Working one-on-one and having the opportunity for real-time guided journeys was so beneficial in that the experience was very real...it definitely felt more authentic and helped me very much." — Gina S

"An invaluable aspect was the opportunity to experience the magical land of Skywater Hollow and receive Stone Medicine.  After my retreat, I experienced a profound healing, release and shift around belief systems and patterning that was showing up in my marriage.  After receiving Bury the Soul [Stone Medicine | Inyan Pejuta] I chose life and to live from the place of my soul's calling." — Marlee F

"Before I started working with Chloë, I was depressed, lost, and out of hope. I didn’t believe that could ever change, but I was seeking. In six weeks I had this new awareness that I couldn’t explain, things looked the same, but I felt different. I was shocked.

Even though I still had bad days, I started to understand my life and who I had been all this time, and why.

I realized that I was unhappy because I wasn’t being the person I wanted to be. I was getting to know myself, my true self, for the first time in my life." — Paul S

If you'd like to see pictures taken by retreat participants check out Chloë's personal facebook album here.

More testimonials...

Contact Information | Appointment Scheduling

Call +1 540 208 1796 to schedule your service.

Skywater Hollow Retreat setting is located in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, a lovely drive 'just down the road' from Lost River, West Virginia and Harrisonburg, Virginia. Located 2 hours from Washington DC and 3 from Baltimore, easily accessible from Pittsburgh PA, Richmond VA, & Charlottesville VA. Sessions are also offered via private conference line for remote or international clients, because the work is received on an energetic level, long distance sessions are extremely effective.

Email info@exploredeeply.com for appointment scheduling or to ask any questions that you may have or book a consultation with Chloë before registering for your service. 

Are you unable to meet in person but would like phone sessions and support?

No problem! My goal is help teach you tools that you may use in your daily life and throughout your life so that your transformation is lasting, and leads to a more authentic, satisfying and joyful life. If you concerned about falling into old, destructive patterns or cycles that keep you from trusting yourself or feeling content, phone sessions can be a good option for support. Healing sessions are available remotely via Skype or private phone conference line.


    Walking the Path Of Purpose Mentorship Program for those souls ready to fully heal their emotional and spiritual bodies and birth their Purposeful work into the world. Explore how you can transform your life, your work, your relationships, and your world in ways that empower you and promote health, life balance, and wellbeing. Step into your true life's purpose.

    Spiritual Journey to Machu Picchu


    Journey into the Miracle of Your Awakened Awareness

     Chloë Rain, Founder Explore Deeply, Maestro Juan Carlos Shipibo Curandero, Q'orianka Cornejo Inka Priestess, Peter Bermejo Inka Priest

    Chloë Rain, Founder Explore Deeply, Maestro Juan Carlos Shipibo Curandero, Q'orianka Cornejo Inka Priestess, Peter Bermejo Inka Priest

     Initiation Ceremony : Cusco Peru, Chloë Rain & Maestro Lorenzo Inka Priest

    Initiation Ceremony : Cusco Peru, Chloë Rain & Maestro Lorenzo Inka Priest

    On the journey to become a Healer there are Twelve Medicine Paths according to the traditions of our ancestors. Each path can require a lifetime of in-depth learning to become a master. 

    I am certified as a Stone Walker of Inyan Pejuta, a Native American Healing Art, trained under a Santee Sioux Medicine Woman, as well as an initiate of the Pampmesayok Lineage of the Inca Q'ero Andean Energy Medicine, and a Spiritual Guide of the Amazonian Shipibo plant healing plant traditions.

    Though my initiation into the realm of Healer began in Peru, I live in North America in the mountains of the Shenandoah Valley. A few years ago I was given a vision to return to my birthplace of Virginia and begin offering healing retreats and immersions on my land for those seeking a greater connection to their own divinity and life purpose.

    I regularly lead journeys to Peru, where we sit in sacred Ceremony with my Teachers, and also make pilgrimage to Machu Picchu.

    I am a certified in multiple healing modalities, as well as a professionally trained Life Coach, and have received professional accreditation in such methods as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing), & as well as Yoga Instructor & Meditation Instructor certifications.

    I utilize multiple healing modalities and types of treatments based in earth based practices and energy healing, with a foundation of practical life experience, and many years of one-on-one mentorship. I tailor each healing session to the client's needs and desires for their personal wellness.

     The Heart Rock of Pachamama : Temple of the Monkey Peru

    The Heart Rock of Pachamama : Temple of the Monkey Peru

    The Heart Rock of Pachamama, Temple of the Monkey, Cusco Peru: this rock is said to connect to the heart of Pachamama, a place to give offerings to Mother Earth and give and receive blessings. The Stone Nation, Inyan Oyate, continue to teach me, as I walk in beauty on Turtle Island. The Apus, Spirit of the Mountains, speak to me and offer their wisdom on this path.

    "When you know who you are; when your mission is clear and you burn with the inner fire of unbreakable will; no cold can touch your heart; no deluge can dampen your purpose. You know that you are alive." — Chief Seattle, Duwamish


    Chloë Rain is a Spiritual Guide & Healer. She is a Certified Native American Healing Arts Practitioner, an initiate of the Pampamesayok Lineage of Q'ero Andean Energy Medicine, as well as apprentice under a Curandero of the Shipibo Tribe, learning the ancient plant healing traditions of the Amazonian Shipibo.

    She is trained in multiple healing modalities, such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing) and has received Yoga Instructor & Meditation Instructor certifications and is certified in several other alternative medicine techniques for self healing and personal growth.  

    Chloë offers one-on-one mentorship, healing retreats, and leads Spiritual Journeys to places like Machu Picchu throughout the year. Please join the newsletter to receive healing resources and announcements of programs, retreats, and spiritual journeys.